Author: Athea (
Series: Man from UNCLE, sequel to Ghosts in the Castle Affair
Date: 14 May 2000
The Moving In Affair
Part two

Illya leaned his head tiredly against the back of the old claw foot bathtub. While it wasn't as big as the one in the B&B, it was still much nicer than the one in his former apartment. It felt so good to finally stop moving. He hoped that the others hadn't noticed that he wasn't pulling his own weight. He knew that Napoleon's eagle eye had spotted his slowness and the one grimace he'd made when he bumped into the handrail after he almost slipped with the heavy bed frame.

"I don't suppose that it's big enough for both of us." Napoleon's voice came from the doorway.

"Is April gone?" Illya slowly turned his head to meet the heated gaze. "I think two would fit if they were very friendly."

"Mark is walking her home and I told them that we were turning in." Shutting the door behind him, he peeled off his sweatshirt. "I can be very friendly."

"I wonder how the acoustics are here. Put another towel on the counter." Illya watch in fascination at the still amazing sight of Napoleon's skin being revealed inch by inch.

"I think perhaps Mark heard something earlier. He couldn't meet my eyes when I went down to say thank you." Napoleon finished removing his socks and reached for a second towel to lay on top of Illya's.

"Do you think there will be a problem?" Illya asked hesitantly. It was too soon to have to worry about being 'outed'; he had heard it called.

"Probably not. April is on our side and I expect she'll work on him." He stepped in between his legs and slowly sank backwards into the hot water, coming to rest with his back against Illya's chest.

Illya kissed the ear closest to him and ran the wash cloth over the almost hairless chest. "How do you know that April knows and is all right with us?"

Napoleon turned his head on Illya's shoulder just far enough to reach his lips. They kissed tenderly, enjoying the spices of their earlier meal. When they separated, Illya tried to find the soap but found it bobbing just out of reach. Napoleon obligingly caught it for him and handed it back before answering.

"She winked at me just before they left. If I know her, she probably knew before we did. She's a good friend." He wiggled just a little when Illya soaped his groin.

"Why look, something is growing in our bathtub." Illya said smilingly. "Hm-m, it looks like it needs deflating."

"Deflating!" Napoleon surged around and ended up nose to nose with him. "I'll have you know that he's quite happy the way he is. Oh look, something's come up."

Illya chortled happily while they washed each other haphazardly; both of them kneeling up to reach all available skin. Rinsing off, Napoleon pulled the drain plug and stepped out onto the bath mat. Illya stayed where he was, watching with bated breath the graceful movements of his partner.

"Come out, Illyusha. You'll get all wrinkled like a prune." Napoleon held out his hand and Illya let him help him out. "Damn, that's a nasty bruise above your hip. Was it the railing?"

"Probably, Pasha. Perhaps you would like to rub it with Tiger's Balm?" Illya wrapped the yellow towel around his hips and hung up the wrung out wash cloth. He hated to leave the bathroom untidy.

"How about a massage all over?" Napoleon pulled off Illya's towel and hung it up neatly by his. "Which bed are we sleeping in tonight?"

"We slept in mine last night but this one is my new bed so we should christen it, yes?" Illya strolled out and down the hall to his new door. Skirting the boxes of still unopened books, he pulled back the cover and slid into bed. He knew that Napoleon would quickly join him since they had not been apart for even a night since the village outside of Lucerne.

Warm skin slid next to him and he turned into Napoleon's arms. That still had the power to amaze him and he searched the brown eyes for a clue as to why he was being so very loving. Which Napoleon gave him, "Because you deserve to be loved and I love you with all my heart?"

Illya sighed and closed his eyes for the kiss that he knew was waiting for him. Sliding one arm over Napoleon's hip, he stroked the satin skin at the base of his spine and enjoyed the arch of his body. He still hadn't explored every square inch of his partner but that would come with time and he was beginning to think that they would have the time they needed.

When Napoleon broke away and reached for the massage oil he'd brought with him from the bathroom, Illya moved the pillow to the floor so he could lay on his stomach. At the first touch of the oil warmed by gentle friction, he sighed and relaxed all over. Napoleon straddled his narrow hips and started with his shoulders.

"Pasha, do you think that Mr. Waverly knows about us?"

"Perhaps, Illya. If he does, he approves and if he doesn't, he still managed to put us right where we wanted to be. I like living under one roof with you. Your shoulders are in knots."

"That feels so very good, my friend." Illya arched up just a bit and wiggled his hips in enjoyment.


"Decadent American."


"I never tease, Napasha. Everything I have is yours. Any part of me you want, you need only ask." Illya sighed as the strong hands moved further down his back. Napoleon slid back a little further and Illya felt his cock begin to stir at the strokes over his lower back that slid over his buttocks.

"I want all of you, Illyusha. And I need to give you all of me. Soon, love." Gentle hands smoothed over his downy cheeks and a single finger traced his cleft, leaving behind the warm oil to trickle a drop or two inside of him.

He tried not to tense but the memories of the last time rose up to tear away his composure. Napoleon's breath was warm on the backs of his thighs. "Nothing you don't want, Illya. Never anything that would hurt you."

"Oh, Pasha, I wish to not be frightened or to flinch from you. I know you could never hurt me." His voice shook and he wished with all his heart that he had come to terms with his rape many years before.

"Love, turn over." His hands moved him around so he could look up. "How very beautiful you are, Illya. Sometimes I can't believe that you want me in your bed."

"Always, Pasha, I always want you in all parts of my life. Make the bad memories go away and replace them with good ones." Illya slid his hands up the long arms that rested at his waist, tugging him down so they could kiss again. He never tired of kissing Napoleon because each one was special and different.

And this one was delicious. Some of the honey from the cannoli lingered on Napoleon's lips and Illya licked at them to make sure he got it all. The whimper that resounded by his ear made him smile and redouble his efforts. Their tongues tangled together and stroked skin to skin. Hands moved slowly over flesh suddenly sensitive.

"Illya, I need to finish your massage. Oh yes." Napoleon tilted his head and sighed at the soft caress to his throat. "I don't want you to be in pain."

Lifting his hips a fraction to encourage the matching of their groins, Illya thrust gently. He sucked lightly at the base of Napoleon's throat and felt him shiver. His hands slid down the long muscles to the base of his partner's spine and the reaction was all he could have asked for.

Napoleon rolled them again so that Illya lay on top of him, moving his legs to each side so he cradled his partner's body and matched them groin to groin. "Now, I can finish your massage."

Illya laughed as strong hands kneaded his lower back. "You have a one track mind, Pasha. Oh, there." He wriggled in ecstasy and felt both their cocks harden a little further. Moving his lips lower, he traced Napoleon's collarbone and followed with a wet tongue. The salty flesh was addicting and he settled in to indulge himself.

Remembering what Napoleon had told him the week before, he ventured a gentle suckle of the left nipple. The reaction was satisfactory so he nibbled a bit and listened with satisfaction to the muffled moan. He was so intent on his suckling that he almost missed the tantalizing caress of a finger down his crease. But the nerve endings there enjoyed the stimulation and he thought for a moment before relaxing completely and letting Napoleon do as he wished.

A slick finger rubbed against the nerve rich area and Illya shivered before moving back up to claim Napoleon's mouth. This kiss was a little more urgent and an oily hand slid around their hips between them to oil both cocks. They began thrusting against each other more quickly, sliding together in gathering friction. Illya felt his breath go short and he began to pant.

"That's it, my Illyusha. Feel how much you turn me on. Just touching you, tasting you and hearing those little moans makes me harder than I've ever been." He encouraged Illya to bear down while he thrust up.

"Pasha!" Illya let go the last of his controls and began to pulse out onto Napoleon's stomach.

"Yes!" Napoleon moaned and joined him. "So good, so very, very good."

Illya tucked his head into the curve of Napoleon's shoulder and throat. "It's never been this good, Pasha. Never, ever felt like this."

"It's your doing, Illyusha. No one is as sexy as you." Napoleon kissed the ear closest to him.

"You are the expert, Napasha. But I never found this feeling of ... freedom before when I tried to fumble my way through an affair. It was easier to just not even try." Illya sighed and wondered if he should get up to get a washcloth to clean them up.

"It's very selfish of me, Illya but I'm rather glad about that." Napoleon chuckled and rolled them over so they were face to face but now on their sides. "It means that you won't be too critical of my lovemaking."

Illya smiled at the relaxed face on the pillow facing him. "I can not be critical of someone who gives me so much pleasure. So long as I am enough for you. You must tell me if I am too slow."

"Never too slow, love. We have a smorgasbord of pleasure in front of us and we're going to savor every morsel." He smoothed the bangs from Illya's forehead. "I love you more each day."

"I love you, too, Napasha. I promise to enjoy everything we do." Illya nodded and smiled sleepily at his lover.

"Rest, love. I'll get something to clean us up." Napoleon rolled away and got to his feet, heading for the bathroom. "I'll be right back."

Illya lay there and dragged a finger through the wetness on his stomach. Bringing it to his lips, he tasted the combination of his and Napoleon's seed. Salty and slightly bitter, he thought he might become addicted to the flavor.

"That is the most erotic thing I have ever seen." Napoleon's voice from the doorway brought Illya's gaze to him, his finger still in his mouth.

He smiled and pulled out his finger with a 'pop'. "I think I'm looking at the most erotic man I've ever seen."

"Not hardly, Illya." Napoleon knelt on the bed and cleaned his stomach. "I think we'll have to just agree that we find each other irresistible. And that is God's honest truth."

"Yes, Pasha. Completely irresistible." Illya hid a yawn beneath his hand. "I'm sorry to be sleepy so early."

Napoleon slid in beside him and pulled the covers up around their chins. "I am too, love. So go to sleep and dream of me because I'll be dreaming of you."

"Good night, Napoleon. I think I shall like living with you." Illya nestled in.

"Me too, Illya." Napoleon settled his arm over Illya's stomach, giving him the comforting feeling of being anchored.


The next morning, Illya found himself cooking breakfast for both Napoleon and Mark. The blond agent had tried to tell him that he never ate breakfast but Illya was able to point to a mission in London where he'd eaten heartily every morning. So, he'd put him to work juicing the fresh oranges they'd brought with them from Illya's apartment.

When Napoleon came down, impeccably dressed in the brown silk suit that Illya loved, he was set to watching the toaster while Illya finished the scrambled eggs. When they all sat down at the breakfast table, he watched from the corner of his eye while Mark raised his forkful of eggs and began to chew.

"Wow, what's in these? They taste great." He said around his mouthful.

"I crumble feta cheese, a teaspoon of dill and finely minced onion in about three minutes before the eggs are done. No salt though, Napoleon's blood pressure is high enough as it is." Illya smiled and finished spreading the raspberry preserves on his whole-wheat toast.

"Well, they're just right. Feta is salty enough that you wouldn't need more." Mark happily dug in to the rest of his eggs.

"You see, Napoleon, Mark agrees with me." Illya teased his partner.

"I gave in, didn't I? But I'm not giving up butter and salt on my popcorn." He pouted so delightfully that Illya was hard pressed to keep his expression neutral.

Mark was surprised into a laugh that almost sprayed his eggs across the table. "You guys should have your own comedy act. Thanks, Illya, I promise I won't try to skip breakfast again."

"It is the most important meal of the day, Mark. At least that is what my Grandmother used to say." Illya spoke of his family with trepidation, wondering what Mark would make of it.

"Yeah, I have to admit that my Grandmama said exactly the same thing. She had a way with a wooden spoon applied to the seat of my pants that reinforced it, too." Mark grimaced comically and surprised Illya into a chuckle.

"My Nana was the same way. It must be a grandmother thing." Napoleon said with a pleased smile.

Illya hoped the peace at their breakfast table would spill out into the rest of their living together. And perhaps even the rest of personnel at UNCLE headquarters would respond with kindness to the side of himself that he'd hidden for so long. He could only hope that no one found out about he and his partner's changed status. It seemed he was wishing for an awful lot lately.

But watching Napoleon's expressive face while he and Mark debated the use of cinnamon in pancakes, he felt the joy that had been his since Switzerland. This special man had given him so much that he was truly blessed. If showing a part of himself that he'd kept private would smooth their path then he would do so. Not too much of course, that might prove too shocking to their co-workers.

He smiled while they put their dishes in the dishwasher, still arguing about maple syrup versus strawberry jam. He could see that pancakes were in their near future. They carefully locked the front door and split up. Napoleon and he had to return the rental truck while Mark said he had a mission briefing at nine.

They were on their way before Napoleon noticed his smile. "You look like you swallowed a tickle bug, as my Nana would say."

Illya laughed out loud. "That is exactly what it feels like, Pasha. I feel like there is laughter inside of me that wants to come out. Do you think it will shock the people in my lab?"

"Yep, and I wish I could be there to see it. But Mr. Waverly has me down for some kind of conference on new personnel. Change is in the air, my friend. Why should we be any different?"

"Perhaps all wishes are coming true, Napasha." Illya said wistfully.

"Ours did. And I thank God every day for you." Napoleon's hand reached over to hold his.

"Me too, Pasha." Illya squeezed back. "Me too."

End part two