Author: Athea (
Series: Man from Uncle, sequel to Moving In
Date: 17 June 2000
Life's a Picnic Affair
Part two

Illya sprang into bed and prepared to be tickled. Napoleon didn't waste any time in joining him, his fingers going unerringly to his sides. They wrestled tenderly, drying themselves on the comforter and Illya ended up on top of his lover while laughing uncontrollably. Slowly, Napoleon gentled his tickling to stroking and this time their shortness of breath was for very different reasons.

He'd never known that laughter could be a part of passion but Napoleon was constantly teaching him new things. For a moment, he wondered how he'd gotten here. What had he done to be so blessed? "Pasha, what are we doing?"

"We're making love, Illyusha. Something that you're teaching me every day."

"I'm teaching you?" He frowned and Napoleon smiled ruefully, his dark hair disheveled against the white linen pillowcase.

"I knew plenty about sex, love, but this is so far beyond that ... I'm not sure what to call it. You make me feel ten feet tall and empowered with godlike capabilities." He cupped Illya's jaw and ran his thumb over his lips.

"Oh, I thought I was the only one who thought that." He nipped the salty skin and watched Napoleon's eyes darken.

"Nope, we're in this together and that's just the way I like it." Napoleon hugged him closer and let his hands wander lower and lower until they rested on the skin at the base of his spine. "There are about a million nerve endings here. And if I could, I would tease every ... single ... one into aching arousal. Your skin is so soft and there's the slightest hint of down beneath my fingertips."

His fingers ghosted down Illya's cleft and his legs fell naturally to either side of Napoleon's, their cocks nestled together only half-hard at the moment. "Do you remember how it felt when I licked you all over? Hm-m-m, do you?"

"Oh yes, Pasha, I remember." Illya had to blush at the memory. Napoleon hadn't done it again and he'd thought that perhaps he'd regretted it.

"It's called rimming and the only reason I haven't done it again is because there was so much else to do that there hasn't been time. But tonight, I want to do it again. May I, lover? May I touch you and taste you wherever I want?"
Illya couldn't have said a word if his life depended on it. He just nodded and gave over control to his partner. Napoleon kissed him again, a long wet kiss that involved significant tongue. He'd grown to love all the varieties of kisses that his lover was introducing him to. Sergei hadn't taught him to kiss and he'd never known that men could.

And when Napoleon rolled him onto his back and began to trail his kisses lower, he enjoyed the teasing laps at his nipples and the tickling prickles of his evening beard against his navel. The strong steady sucks of his cock brought him to a pleasing hardness that Napoleon drew out for long moments before moving lower still to gently take his balls into his mouth and roll them back and forth.

By now, Illya was babbling in Russian again and the first lick against his opening sent him into silence. The world narrowed to Napoleon's tongue and the wicked jabs that softened and opened him up for his lover. Once he could feel the opening spasming open and shut, a wet finger slid into him at the same moment Napoleon's mouth took his balls in again. He was trembling uncontrollably and thrashing his head back and forth on the pillow.

"Oh, love, you are so beautiful in your passion. Come for me, Illya. Show me how much you love me." Napoleon's mouth descended on his cock at the same time his finger found that gland inside of him, stroking within and sliding all the way down so he was encased in his throat.

The tight, hot, wet throat that was swallowing him again and again until he had to let go. Let go and come into Napoleon's safe keeping. He felt as if his spine had melted and all of his muscles had lost their elasticity. Gentle murmurs kept him conscious, that and the tender licking of skin too numbed to really feel it.

"Napoleon. Come up here." He finally managed to whisper.

His lover slid up and took him in his arms. "You are delicious everywhere, Illyusha. Thank you for letting me play."

"Oh, the pleasure was all mine, Pasha. What can I do for you?"

Napoleon's cock was drilling a hole in his hip. "Well, are you up to playing a little more?"

Illya looked at him. "What did you have in mind?"

Letting go of him, Napoleon sat up and opened the bedside table drawer. He drew out several items that Illya didn't recognize. One was a tube of something, perhaps a cream but the other was slender and slightly curved. "What are they, Pasha?"

"I dug out some of my old toys when we moved. Every once in a while I'd crave the stimulus that only a male lover could give. It's kind of awkward taking care of myself but I'm pretty limber so I managed." Napoleon was opening the tube and squirting out something creamy. "But now I've got you and I think it's time you learned how to play. This is called a dildo and it's especially handy for stimulating men."

Illya watched in fascination while his lover smeared the white cream all over the slender black ... dildo. But when Napoleon rolled so his back was to him and began to insert it into his rectum, Illya cried out. "Pasha, you'll hurt yourself."

"No, I won't, Illyusha. Do you see the flared base? That's so it won't go in too far and send me to the emergency room." His fingers continued to slide it in and Illya felt the urge to touch it. "There. Oh god, that feels good. Someday that's going to be you in there, my love. You're going to fill me up and make love to me until I come."

Illya gave in and lightly touched the soft black plastic. "It doesn't hurt?"

Napoleon rolled onto his back, trapping Illya's hand beneath him. "Feels big for the moment because, like I said, I haven't played in a while. But no it doesn't hurt. In fact, press it in a bit."

He watched Napoleon's eyes and did as requested, watching the shiver ripple across his skin. "You like that. And you want it to be me ... inside of you?"

"When you're ready, Illya, it will all happen so naturally that we'll wonder why we ever agonized over it." His gaze was affectionate and Illya bent down to kiss him.

It would take time to readjust his thinking but his lover was moaning into his mouth and Illya had the urge to give Napoleon a climax that would rival the one he'd just had. So, he trailed his kisses down past the nipples that begged for attention, over the flat stomach that rippled at his soft nips and around the cock leaking copious amounts of salty fluid.

"Oh yes, there. Right there, Illyusha." Napoleon's head was moving back and forth on the pillow, his eyes slitted with pleasure.

Illya nibbled up one side of the rock hard cock, swirling his tongue around the red crown before continuing down the other side. He moved between Napoleon's legs so he'd have a better grip. His lover moved his legs up so his feet were firmly planted on the bed outside of Illya's knees. In thanks, Illya kissed his way up one golden thigh, marveling at how soft this skin was.

But his hands never stopped caressing the cock and balls in front of him. Napoleon was undulating a little now, his breath catching a little every time he pushed down on the dildo. Illya contemplated it and tentatively moved the hand rolling the twin globes between his fingers down to press it in.

Napoleon hiccuped once and shivered. "Again. Do that again."

So this time, he pressed it in harder, watching the familiar mask of pleasure take its place on his lover's face. At the same time, he leaned in and descended on the leaking cock, protecting the tender skin from his teeth and swirling his tongue across the head. Napoleon was shaking now and thrusting up then back down onto Illya's hand. It wouldn't be long now, he thought.

And he was right. Within another few minutes, Napoleon was erupting into Illya's waiting mouth. He sucked gently until he had it all, safe inside of him. All at once, he saw himself inside Napoleon watching him explode into climax while he filled his lover with his own release. Contemplating that picture, he reversed their positions and for the first time found it an intriguing thought rather than a fearsome one.

"Come up here, Illya. I need a hug." Napoleon's voice was soft as a whisper.

Illya let the spent cock slip from his mouth at the same moment that Napoleon let his legs collapse back to the bed. Moving carefully to the side, he slid into waiting arms. "It was all right, Pasha? I didn't hurt you?"

"The only thing better would be if you'd been inside me instead of the plug. Have I told you that I love you lately?" The sleepy voice right by his ear made him feel safe.

"I think I would like that, Napasha. Should you take it out now?" Illya's hand rested on the flat stomach, still stroking the soft skin.

"Probably, but I'm too satiated to move." The answer came with a little chuckle.

"Then hold still while I remove it." Illya rolled him a little to one side so he could reach the flared base. Gripping it with finger and thumb, he pulled it out as gently as he could.

"Oh god." Napoleon's groan made him hesitate with it half in and half out. "No, it's all right, Illyusha. I'd just forgotten that it can be almost as erotic coming out as it does going in. Oh yeah."

Illya held the five-inch piece of plastic still warm from Napoleon's body, wondering how they made it and what kind of plastic it was. His lover had rolled back and was watching him with a fond smile.

"I did not know that such things were possible." He turned it over in his hand. "Does the spiral ridge pattern give pleasure?"

"Yes. There are all kinds of dildos and plugs that you can wear to get yourself ready for making love. I've even got one that vibrates and uses batteries."

"What?" Illya thought he'd misheard him.

Napoleon just grinned and pulled him down to his chest. "Women love the vibrating ones. In fact, one of my ex-girl friends told me that she preferred the vibrator to a man she couldn't depend on."

Illya just shook his head in amazement. "I have much to learn, Pasha."

"You do just fine, love. But if you have questions, please ask. I want you to be comfortable with everything we do."

"Do you really want to have me ... inside of you?"

"Yes. Someday you'll be ready to slide deep inside of me, filling me up with that beautiful cock of yours." Napoleon's hands stroked him slowly, making Illya feel safe and wanted. "And I'll get to have you all to myself, giving me your power and passion. All for me. I'm greedy, Illyusha. I want all of you."

Illya blushed and hid his hot face against Napoleon's shoulder. "I think I want that too, Pasha. But it's not fair when I'm still a little afraid of reciprocating."

"Did you like my tongue there?" Napoleon rolled them both over so he now leaned over Illya.

Blushing even harder, Illya nodded.

"And my finger didn't hurt, right?" Napoleon waited for his nod before continuing. He took the dildo from Illya's hand. "What do you think about slicking this little guy up really slippery and sliding it inside of you?"

Illya contemplated the rubbery dildo. It really wasn't that big, maybe two fingers worth rather than just one. Napoleon had certainly seemed to enjoy it. And he'd mentioned plugs that got you ready . . . by stretching out the muscles perhaps? It would please Napoleon and he'd be able accommodate the much larger cock of his lover.

"I think if you first stretched me with your fingers, it would slide in and not hurt, yes?" He said hesitantly.

"Only if you want it in, love. Remember, nothing you don't want." He smiled down at him and leaned in for a kiss. "Let me go get something to clean us up and then we can ... play some more."

Illya let him have the dildo and watched him walk across the bedroom floor to the bathroom. He strode unselfconsciously across the carpet like the Emperor that Illya secretly called him. Smiling, he hugged the knowledge, that he was loved so well, to himself. He was a very lucky man to have such a patient lover. And the rimming had felt beyond good. What would it taste like to return the favor to Napoleon? Could he do that to him? It couldn't taste too bad or his lover wouldn't want to do it.

"You're going to give yourself a headache if you keep thinking that hard." The teasing accents of his lover startled him.

"I was just wondering what I taste like ... down there." He knew he was blushing again and silently damned his fair skin.

"Not bad, love. It's just a little more musky-Illya than usual. You keep yourself so clean that it's never a hardship to taste you there."

"I hate being dirty. It goes back to the gulag where there was never enough water to waste on mere washing. Once I got to the University, I could hardly believe that all that water was free to be used everyday. I practically washed my skin off." Illya admitted ruefully while Napoleon wiped his groin with a warm washcloth.

"Ah, I wondered. Now, are you up to playing some more?" The devilish glint in his eyes reminded Illya of one of the reasons he loved his partner so much.

"Always, Pasha. What ever I have is yours to play with."

"Buzz-z-z. That's the right answer, my friend. Now, I want you to roll over and lie on your stomach. Put a pillow under your hips first." He positioned Illya exactly where he wanted him, never ceasing to touch him with teasing little strokes that tantalized rather than enflamed.

Illya reminded himself that they were playing so he didn't even flinch when warm fingers trailed a caress between his cheeks. But the splash of something cold and wet startled him and he twisted his head to see what it was. Napoleon had a tube of something in his hand and he was already squeezing out another ribbon of clear gel.

"This is supposed to be even more slippery than oil and better for the tender tissues of the anal canal. What does it feel like?" Napoleon answered his unasked question and the sight of his fingers dabbing the cool gel on his entrance made Illya shiver.

"It feels ... cold but it's seeping in now and it feels . . . wet. Put your finger in a little way." Illya watched Napoleon's finger follow the gel inside his hole and wondered at his acceptance. "I think I like it. Oh, do that again."

Napoleon wiggled his finger and Illya felt the muscles loosen even further. Then it was gone and he missed it already. But there was more gel melting inside of him and that long finger was back, spreading it further and further inside of him. His neck was getting tired of twisting around and he really wanted to watch Napoleon play.

"Pasha, could I turn over so I can watch without craning my neck?"

"Really?" Napoleon's smile was incandescent. "Sure. Let me help."

Illya got rearranged with two pillows behind his head so he was propped up enough to watch Napoleon's finger disappear inside his body. The other pillow was still under his hips, tilting them up so every caress could be seen, especially after he moved his half-hard cock to one side.

"I think I am becoming a Decadent American, Pasha. That feels good. There is no pain at all."

"There will never be any pain in our bed, Illyusha. Just pleasure and more pleasure until we can't take anymore. I'm going to try for two fingers now, love. Ready?"

Illya watched him slathered more gel on his first two fingers and nodded breathlessly. They brushed across his opening tantalizingly then pressed against the spasming muscle gently before sliding inside. The feeling of fullness was different than with just one and Illya fought against the instinctive urge to push them out again. He found himself panting and wanting to move.

"More, Pasha. Need more."

Napoleon twisted the two fingers in and out for a moment then began a scissoring motion that made Illya thrust up. "That's right, love. Feel how much my fingers love being here, stroking you. You're so hot inside, Illyusha. And so tight that you feel like my black leather glove caressing my fingers."

Illya had a sudden vision of those black gloves stroking his skin with their soft supple leather. He shuddered and hardened further without Napoleon even touching his cock. "I think I would like you to wear those gloves some night, Pasha."

"Hm-m-m, that would be so hot, love. I can just see them touching your nipples, maybe even pinching them before moving like ghosts across your stomach and down to your cock." Napoleon's voice made love to him while his fingers continued to stretch him. "Are you ready for something more, my love? Something a little bigger?"

"The dildo?"

"Un-huh, I could get it all wet with this gel and when I take out my fingers, it would just slide in so soft and smooth that you'd barely even know the difference."

Illya shuddered again, his eyes closing in spite of his determination to watch. "Yes, please, Pasha. Make me not afraid."

The fingers disappeared and he opened his eyes to watch Napoleon coat the black plastic with the gleaming gel. Napoleon sat up between his legs and put his fingers to his entrance again. "Watch me, Illya. I love stroking you here and I think you do too. Just feel your muscles relaxing and pulling me in. That's it, love. Open up for me. Oh, yeah. That feels so good. Are you ready for me?"

Illya nodded, feeling the fingers come out and the first touch of the plastic. "It's warm."

"I had it tucked under my balls so it wouldn't be cold for you." Napoleon slid it in a little further and Illya felt his muscles stretch around it without protest.

"You're right, the spiral ridge does feel good." He was panting again and when the base touched his skin, he felt the first nudge against his prostate. Warmth filled him and he moved restlessly, wanting that feeling again.

"That's it, Illya. Move your hips for me." Napoleon pulled it out a little before pushing it back in and Illya thrust up at the heated touch. "Oh, love, the way you look right now is so beautiful. You're all flushed and I can see your nipples begging for me to kiss them." Leaning in, he brushed his lips over the sensitive peaks and Illya keened at the ripples of pleasure that radiated out through his whole body.

He felt as if he was on fire and when Napoleon's gel slicked hand began moving up and down on his cock, he began to tighten all over. He was shaking and he had a death grip on Napoleon's shoulders. The three areas of stimulant were too much for his overloaded system and with a cry, he released into his lover's hand. The tremors shook him from head to toe and he was barely conscious when the dildo was pulled from his body.

That sent an electrical current through his entire body and he understood what Napoleon had said earlier about the feeling of it coming out. Gentle hands cleaned off his groin with the damp washcloth and he was moved under the comforter before strong arms gathered him in.

"Beautiful, Illya, you are so beautiful when you come." Napoleon held him close.

"I love you, Pasha. Thank you for taking the fear away."

"I love you, Illyusha. Go to sleep and we'll play some more tomorrow."

Illya snuggled into the warm arms and felt himself drift off, safe and loved.

End of part two