Author: Athea (
Fandom: Nancy Drew Universe
Title: Mysteries, part 9
Pairings: Ned/Carson and Nancy/George, also N/N and C/G Summary: They celebrate their survival.
Note: All hand-fastings are different, this is just my version.
Date: 22 June 2003
********* Carson *********

There were a million and one things to do once we walked out of the stone circle. Inspector Shiller was busy making sure that Lord Wenton's death was declared a heart attack. A Lady Burrows, one of Avery's circle took Sabrina under her wing and dispatched the nasty Mrs. Danvers look-alike from Wenton Manor. That home was going to need an exorcism to rid it of the evil that had lived there.

I was going to have the dagger that had killed Wenton and little Edward from our past lives taken out and buried in sacred ground. Maybe Sabrina could be persuaded to donate that whole room's contents to the Wiltshire Museum, minus those items that had killed or held residue of negative magic. Luckily, one of Avery's circle was the local Bishop. The Reverend Hardcastle was going to have his work cut out for him. The ripples of the night's events were spreading out all over England and farther out.

The girls had gone back to the hotel and were sleeping in our suite while Ned and I helped where we could. Ian McKinsey was already on my payroll so I volunteered him for some of the investigation of the survivors of Wenton's circle. My mind had never worked so well or quickly. One of the things we were going to need was a pair of special licenses if we were to marry immediately.

Marry - that thought still had the power to rock me back onto my heels. At my age was I really contemplating starting a new family? One look at Ned and I could only smile, of course I was thinking of expanding my family. Hannah was going to be beside herself with joy once she knew of the new life we'd created. There was no doubt in my mind that all the females that left the Well were now with child.

Suddenly I had the strongest urge to go and check on them. Excusing us from Avery's drawing room where the efforts were being coordinated, Ned and I set off for the hotel. Even though we weren't touching, I could feel him pulsing beside me. If I closed my eyes, I could see blue shimmering all around him.

"You're green everywhere, Car. So green that I can almost taste you from here." His voice was husky and I knew that very shortly I was going to make him scream. His smile told me that he knew it also.

"Hopefully the girls are still sleeping. So we can use the other bedroom of our suite." I cast a glance at him and watched his gait turn feline between one step and the next. Why the passer-byes didn't all fall under his spell, I didn't know. He was sex personified and he was all mine.

Even if the girls were awake, we were still going straight to bed. I needed him more than the air we breathe.

I accepted the concierge's best wishes for my miraculous recovery from my heart problems. I'd almost forgotten that attack but it seemed to have happened a hundred years ago. I asked her to have the luggage from the Manor brought up when it arrived. Ned's hand was warm on my back when we finally reached our suite. The left-hand bedroom door was closed so the girls must still be sleeping. Ned kept pushing me on into the right-hand bedroom.

Alone, we were finally alone and Ned was already stripping me out of our borrowed clothing. Avery had the white silk robes we'd been wearing when we left the stone circle. They'd be an interesting souvenir of a most astounding trip. Or maybe we could use them for our weddings?

"Ned, would you like to take vows with me before we marry the girls?" I unbuttoned a few more buttons of the green shirt he was wearing. I loved the way it looked on him so I was already making plans to find one like it for him.

His hands stilled and his look of joy told me that I'd asked the right question. "Avery mentioned something about a hand-fasting ceremony. Their circle holds them for all kinds of couples including two males or two females. It's the only way that we can marry even though it won't have any legal meaning."

"I like it, Ned. You and I can bind ourselves while Nancy and George take their vows." I pushed the shirt off his shoulders and rejoiced in the golden skin revealed. "You are my mate in all ways. I want to take vows with you in front of witnesses and acknowledge our bond before we take any others."

"I want that more than anything. Then we can get married for the real world." Ned had my pants unfastened and they fell to the floor where I could kick them away.

"You're all right with that, Ned?" I cupped his chin and brought his eyes to mine. "We were ourselves and yet not exactly. I don't want you to be uncomfortable with this."

Those beautiful green eyes of his shimmered suddenly. "I love you with all my soul but Nancy has always had a special place in my heart. How do you feel about me marrying your only daughter?"

I pushed his pants off, glad that neither of us had borrowed any underwear. "I trust you with everything I have, including my only daughter . . . well the only one so far."

He laughed and hugged me tight. "Thank God, we survived this strange adventure, still intact and still in love. Take me to bed and make love to me."

"I can do that," I pushed him onto the soft bed and followed him down, luxuriating in the feel of his skin on mine. "I love you, Ned."

We were going to make love until we passed out. Then we'd get together with the girls and plan a hand-fasting. If I knew them, they were ready for anything.

********* Nancy *********

I woke up with a start in George's arms. Looking around the cozy room, I thanked god that we weren't at the Wenton manor house. We were safe, all of us and together and that was what mattered. Then why did I feel . . . odd? Checking my body, I felt satiated the same way that I felt after George and I made love for hours. Sudden pictures flashed through my mind and I stilled.

Ned and I had made love . . . on the grass within the stone circle . . . naked . . . next to my father, who was also naked . . . making love with George. Stunned, I tried to come to terms with the last few days. Dad was going to somehow lose the twenty years between him and Ned. Ned was going to have his heart's desire, which was probably a life with his lover.

George and I were going to have babies.

Babies that might have already been started.

"Sweetness," her voice was the sleepy one that I loved hearing. "Nancy, are you all right?"

"We may be pregnant." I blurted out and watched her eyes focus sharply on mine.

"There's no 'may' about it, sweetness." Her hand came up and tenderly brushed my hair behind one ear. "I'm not sure how but I can feel new life like a tiny light deep inside of me. Close your eyes and reach inside your body."

Leaning into her hand, I shut my eyes and 'looked' at myself, inside and out. I felt strong and healthy, ready to take on a dozen bad guys but deep inside where I could still feel Ned's cock there was a little . . . 'hum' is the best way I could describe it. Instead of a light, I could hear a tiny note of joy. Tears welled up and spilled over my cheeks.

"Nancy!" George's worried voice made me open my eyes to look into hers. "Sweetheart, it will be all right. We won't do this if it's going to upset you."

Smiling through the tears, I husked out, "Not upset . . . Georgie . . . not really. I wasn't quite ready for this. But it really could work out for us. We won't have to be parted ever but we'll still have the children we wanted."

She relaxed slowly and kissed me gently. I will never, as long as I live, get enough of her kisses. Our naked bodies slid together so naturally that it felt like the first time all over again. We made love slowly, touching all the spots that felt so good and trading tongues in long wet kisses. It wasn't explosive like the sex in the circle had been, just true and right.

I arched my back and came hard, my cry muffled against her dark hair while she suckled at my breast and shook against me. Even if we made love with Ned and Dad now and then, we were still first with each other. I hoped that our soon-to-be-husbands felt the same way.

"Nancy, I'm going to call Aunt Helen and see if she'd be willing to come over to be a witness for the weddings." George had her thinking look on, the one that made me so hot. "Maybe she could pick out dresses for us to be married in? What do you think?"

"Yes," I smiled, "I've always wanted a Chanel original since we saw that movie with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. Do you think she'd be willing to do that for us?"

George chuckled. "She bought us sex toys, love. I'm pretty sure she'd enjoy picking out wedding dresses. Let's get up and see if Carson and Ned are back. There's an awful lot to do. We should check on Sabrina, too. I hope she doesn't remember . . ."

I could still see her driving that knife into his chest and I shivered. "I hope so, too. I'd bet anything that bastard abused her. He said something about her being flawed although I'm not sure how much of our trip to the circle was real. I was feeling really out of it."

She hugged me tight. "Thank God you're all right, Nancy. Nothing he did could really touch you, love. You're safe."

"I think a very long, hot bath is what I need to put it behind me." I batted my eyelashes at her. "I'll need some help though . . . with my back."

"Really?" Her eyes sparkled down at me. "I guess I better help then."

She tickled me into laughing before rolling out of bed and stretching all over. I would swear she's part cat when she does that. But the thought of a hot bath had me sliding out of my side of the bed. All our clothes were still at the Manor and I wondered if we'd have to wear the hastily borrowed pants and shirts until they were delivered. But a knock at our door had me snatching up the bedspread to wrap around me while George quickly slid into the outfit she'd worn earlier.

"Yes," she opened the door to my dad and a pile of luggage. "Carson, you're an angel. Thanks for remembering our things. Is the bathroom clear?"

His blue eyes crinkled at her and his smile blossomed at me. "The bathroom is all yours. Inspector Shiller had a constable go and pick up your luggage. Lady Burrows packed it up but if there's anything missing, we'll buy new. Avery just called and we're going back to his home to help out. The repercussions are going to be devastating for this county. Wenton's cronies were in all the layers of society here."

"What can we do to help, Carson?" George asked immediately and I joined her, sliding an arm around her slender waist.

"My two angels," Dad hugged us both and dropped a kiss on each of our heads. "Get cleaned up and have some dinner. When we get back, we'll have a pow-wow. Are you still willing to marry us?"

Ned had appeared over his shoulder and his lovely green eyes looked into mine. The little 'hum' inside of me was made up of my song and his so I had to smile. "We're still willing. George is going to call her Aunt Helen in Paris to buy our wedding dresses and bring them over so she can be a witness."

Dad chuckled. "Call her tonight and tell her that price is no object. You're both too beautiful for anything but the best." He hugged us close then let go. "Tell her that it needs to be soon. Within the week, I'd like us to be wedded and on our honeymoon."

"Some place with nothing but us and two wide beds." George said with her sultry voice and I swear the temperature went up twenty degrees.

"I was thinking of trading our plane tickets for tickets on the Queen Mary if that would meet with your approval?" His eyes sparkled and I noticed that the little lines around his eyes were gone.

His hair at his temples was free of gray . . . I realized that he really had gotten those years back. 'Thank you, Dagda, from the bottom of my heart.' As if in answer, the little hum inside of me sang a single note of joy. Whatever else happened, we'd all face it together.

********* Ned *********

The week flew by in a blur but I will always remember our hand-fasting. We met in Lady Burrows' enclosed garden with the scent of roses heavy in the air. The whole coven was there and everyone was dressed in white robes except that ours were the robes the entities had given us. Avery officiated, binding Carson's and my wrists together with a heavy twisted silver and gold cord then doing the same to Nancy and George's. He evoked the old gods then stepped back to let us speak our vows.

Nancy was glowing a bright yellow and George's aura of orange began to merge with hers where they stood hand in hand. "I love you, Nancy. Our lives will be filled with harmony and love. I bind my heart to yours for all eternity."

"I love you, George. Our lives will grow closer and stronger with each passing day. I bind my soul to yours for all eternity." Nancy leaned in and they kissed until they burned like a miniature sun beside us.

My hands clasped Carson's and I could see his vibrant green slowly begin to merge with my blue. "I love you, Ned. Every day we have together is yet one more blessing in my life. I promise you forever and I bind myself to you with love and hope for the future."

Our auras were surging together but all I could see were his beautiful blue eyes glowing into mine. "I love you, Carson. Our days will be filled with joy and laughter. The love we make will make the world a brighter place. I bind myself heart and soul to you forever."

We were glowing when we kissed and all I could feel was his lips on mine, sealing our vows with love. When we finally separated a little, I found my arms around his neck. The cords were gone but rings of silver and gold had appeared on our ring fingers. Twisted in an intricate Celtic design, they looked exactly how I would have wanted them to look. The girls had discovered theirs, too and we tangled together in a four-way hug that felt natural.

Avery beamed at us. "Bright blessings on all within and without this circle of love, so mote it be."

"So mote it be," the rest of the circle said and we joined in.

We had a celebration party in Lady Burrow's garden. It was the oddest thing but even though we were often separated, I knew where Carson was every moment. Perhaps the cord was also a psychic one that bound us together, I wondered and thought to ask Avery later. It was a wonderful feeling of being connected to my dearest love.

Two days later, they came together again in Salisbury Cathedral to witness our marriages. Sabrina came to this ceremony and she looked at peace. She remembered nothing but the fact that she was Nancy's pen pal and they'd had a wonderful visit. Even her father's death was a sad memory instead of the horror that it had been. We wished her nothing but the best and Lady Burrows had assured us that she was under her protection.

This time Nancy and George wore white lace gowns that brushed the floor with veils that flowed from a simple circle of pearls that wreathed their heads. Carrying bouquets of red and white roses, they were both absolutely beautiful coming down the aisle together to join us at the altar. Aunt Helen, looking very chic in her own Chanel dress, looked on in satisfaction from the front pew. Carson got a little misty eyed when he saw Nancy but he was entitled since she was his little girl.

It felt a bit surreal to me but suddenly I was sliding a diamond in a platinum Celtic knot band onto her finger and saying my vows to her. Listening to Carson say his to George, it finally hit me - we were married. Nancy reached up and kissed me, saying softly, "I know, Ned. I know."

Well, that made me feel a little better. If it was strange for me, it must be for them, too. It was so odd to feel like I was married to both Nancy and Carson. We'd wear the hand-fasting bands as our wedding rings and that worked for me. We were in this together and I could hardly wait for our honeymoon.

Carson had successfully changed our tickets to the Queen Mary so we left Salisbury in a rented limo for Southampton. Saying good-bye to Helen at the docks, we sent her on in the limo for Heathrow. Together we went through customs with no hassle at all, even with the boxes of books that Carson had bought and meant to ship home. Maybe it was the fact that we were still in our tuxedoes and the girls in their wedding dresses.

The stewards treated us like royalty and Carson swept George up in his arms to cross the threshold of our rooms. Nancy was laughing when I picked her up and carried her into the honeymoon suite. We'd share the front room and split up into the two bedrooms eventually. Right now it was all hustle and bustle while our luggage arrived.

"Helen sent us champagne," George was reading the card attached to a silver ice bucket.

"And Avery sent us Thornton chocolates." Nancy was reading another card with a grin. "He knows us pretty well, doesn't he?"

Carson laughed and handed over tips before closing the door behind the steward. "Dinner isn't until 8:00, whatever shall we do with ourselves until then?"

I hugged him tight. "I think we should pop the cork, pick out all the caramel chocolates and then choose a bedroom to celebrate getting married."

He kissed me hard and I started melting. It had been two days since we'd made love and I needed him badly. When he pulled back, I opened my eyes and looked a little dazedly at him. "I think you're very right, Ned." He turned to the girls. "How does that sound to you?"

George was already popping the cork while Nancy held out two glasses. The next few moments were chaotic but finally we all had a glass full of champagne. Carson made the first toast, "To all of us."

"To the future," George said next.

"To love and laughter," I leaned into Carson's embrace.

"To all our wishes coming true," Nancy said leaning into George's side.

We drank to them all then left the stateroom to throw the glasses overboard. Carson said that was better than smashing them as tradition demanded. The great whistle blew overhead and in the distance, the dock seemed to explode with confetti from the lower decks. We watched for a few moments then suddenly it seemed to hit us all at once.

We were married. We were on our honeymoon and a great big suite was waiting for us to make love. Once again, we went inside, put a 'do not disturb' sign on the door handle and began shedding clothes. The girls had a million little finicky buttons all down their backs so Carson and I were down to our boxers before they had the first ones undone. I took over Nancy's undoing while Carson undid George's.

I didn't often see Nancy's nape since she liked wearing her hair down most of the time. But while my fingers were busy, I decided that since I had her neck bare, I should do something about that. Ghosting small kisses from her hairline down to her shapely spine, I made her shiver. She tasted almost as good as Carson did so I kept going over her shoulder blades until I'd finished unbuttoning and could slide it off her.

George was already stepping out of her wedding dress, leaving her in a lacy bra, a tiny garter belt holding up her white silk stockings and her white heels. Nancy wasn't wearing any more and I slid my arms around her, cupping her breasts in my hands. She shivered and leaned back hard against me. I thumbed her nipples through the lace and she groaned, seeming to swell in my hands.

"Together or separate, my loves?" Carson asked while stroking George's flat stomach.

"Together, please," Nancy said and George nodded. "Pick a room then we can switch the next time."

"Together it is," I said and picked her up to carry her into the room on the left. Setting her down, we hurriedly pulled the covers off so all that was left was cool crisp sheets. Nancy kicked off her heels but I stilled her hands when she would have taken off her stockings. I was curious as to how they would feel against my skin. Doffing my boxers gingerly since I was hard as iron, I followed her onto the wide bed.

Her scent was drawing me closer and I tongued her lace-covered nipples while she moaned before kissing my way down her body to the source of that wonderful scent. Her mons was shaved and silky smooth against my face. I hadn't made love to a woman before the circle but I remembered my sex-ed class and I was pretty sure that I knew where her clitoris was.

Moaning told me that I had it right so I spent a few moments tonguing the spot that made her hips shift beneath me. Moving a little lower, I tasted her musk and realized that she was really wet. "Nancy, you ready?"

"Yes," she pulled my hair up towards her, legs going around my waist. "In me, now."

I lined up and slowly slid into her wet heat until I could get no further in. "God, Nancy, you're so tight."

"And you're so big, Ned," she sighed then opened her eyes and smiled up at me. "Make love to me, husband. When I'm as big as a house with our child, I want to remember our wedding day."

I twitched at that thought. Could I already be feeling protective? Pulling out a little, I thrust back in while laying little kisses all over her beautiful face. Pretty soon we had a rhythm going that pleased both of us and when she tightened around me, her inner muscles rippling all along my cock, we both came. I'd been keeping most of my weight off of her but she tugged me down when my arms began to tremble.

For the first time since we'd reached the bed, I paid attention to Carson and George. He was still moving in and out of her while she flushed from head to toe and moaned so sweetly that my cock started firming again. Nancy giggled and moved her hips a little to encourage me. Just then George's arched back and soft cry told us she'd come while Carson's buttocks clenched the way they always did when he came.

I stroked a hand over his back and Nancy stroked George's arm. They turned their heads to smile at us and I thought how lucky it was that we all liked each other. This wasn't going to work any other way but all of us sharing ourselves. Impulsively, I leaned over and kissed Carson. He tasted slightly of champagne and George but mostly of himself. And that was my very favorite taste of all.

The girls giggled and George spoke up when we broke apart. "Guys, I think it's time we switched partners. Nancy and I have always wanted to watch you two make love."

Carson raised that one eyebrow that always makes me want to trip him into the nearest bed. "Are you sure?"

"Certain sure, Dad," Nancy split a smile between the two of us. "Ever since we stood under your window on Ned's graduation night and listened to you make love, we've had this little fantasy of watching you."

Well, that was flattering and kind of hot at the same time, I thought. "I vote we move this to the other bedroom. We need to mess up both of them anyway."

This was going to be a wedding night to remember.

The end of part nine