Author: Athea (
Fandom: Nancy Drew
Title: Happy Families
Pairing: Ned/Carson, Nancy/George, also N/N and C/G
Summary: They enjoy their honeymoon to the fullest.
Date: 19 July 2003
********* Nancy *********

I was turning into a total slut. Every whim and desire was met by my lovers. We made love at the drop of a hat. For two days, we didn't even leave the suite. They brought delicious food to us four times a day and we devoured it all to give us enough energy to make love again.

It was so liberating to satisfy my curiosity about men and their cocks. Ned's was long and thicker than the leather dildo from Paris. I was practicing my oral abilities and gradually I was learning how to relax the back of my throat so I could get more of him in my mouth. A man's semen didn't taste anything at all like my sweet George when she comes on my tongue. But it wasn't bad, just different.

My favorite way to take Ned in was still having him slide between my legs and thrust deep inside of me. Now that I'd had him, there was no way that our penetrative toys were going to be good enough. Feeling his heat and the little pulse of his cock deep within me satisfied something in my body that I hadn't known was missing.

George and I talked a little bit about it when we were recovering in the second bedroom without our men. I wanted to make certain sure that she knew she was still first in my heart. She hadn't laughed just told me that she felt the same. I was still a little embarrassed talking about Dad's sexuality even having seen the two of them make love right beside me.

She hugged me tight. "Nancy, we love each other with everything we are. But love isn't small, at least it isn't for us. I can feel it expanding to encompass Ned and Carson. In a few months when we can feel our babies move, it's going to get even bigger. There are moments when I crave Carson's cock like a drug and other times when all I want is to curl up beside you and suckle at your breast."

I sighed in relief and urged her head down to my nipple. Sighing, I arched a little closer so she'd know to suck harder and bite me gently. "Thank God, I didn't know how to say it but that's it exactly. I love you and I don't ever want you to think that Ned is replacing you. But I just have to admit that when he's thrusting hard inside of me, I feel so wanton that it's all I can do not to scream."

She chuckled and let my plump nipple fall from her lips. "You did scream the last time when you were riding him from on top. Next time you're in that position, I'm going to get your nipple clamps out and show Ned just how wanton you can be."

I almost came again at just the thought and she slid her hand between my thighs to rub my clit. I was such a slut, I thought while arching up to get her fingers inside of me. "Ned said something about getting some for Dad because he's sensitive there, too."

"Oh, that would be hot, wouldn't it?" She switched to my other breast and I found one of hers so I could tweak it. "Yes, Nancy, do that again." I rolled the hard brown nub between my fingers, pinching a little then a little harder when she started panting. "Damn, I think I'm getting more sensitive since both of you have taken to sucking me."

I had an interesting thought. "Maybe it's the babies starting to change our bodies. We might both get more sensitive while we're pregnant."

Her fingers found that little spot inside of me that Ned's cock usually found and I heated up even hotter. "It might be, sweetness. Maybe we'll all need nipple clamps before this honeymoon is over."

Laughing, I slid a hand to her damp pussy and wiggled my fingers in a little. We were at a kind of awkward angle but that didn't matter because we were just playing. But I had had an interesting thought. "Georgie, how in the world are we going to make love when we're both big as houses?"

She nuzzled that spot on my neck that feels so good. "Well, I think we'll just have to keep Carson and Ned on constant fuck duty when we get too big to pleasure each other. Once we get too big for fucking then we'll get them to put their tongues to good use. Oh, the way Carson wields that clever tongue of his, he should be in the oral sex hall of fame."

I giggled. "Well, they don't call him the silver-tongued devil in a courtroom for nothing."

She laughed too and rubbed her thumb over my clit. "We're going to have permanent smiles on our faces once we get home. Between making love with them and watching them make love to each other, we have got to be the two most satisfied women in the US. We're so very lucky."

I pulled her into a kiss, sliding my tongue into her mouth and tasting her familiar tartness. If I live to a hundred, I will never get enough of this. I was getting so used to coming that it was only a few moments before the tingle swept over my whole body and made me moan into her mouth. She wasn't far behind and we shuddered together for a long moment before curling up under the sheet and taking a nap.

We were going to dinner tonight at the Captain's table and we needed our beauty rest before getting out our wedding dresses and dressing up. The trains were detachable along with the veils so they'd just look like evening wear. It would be fun to dance after dinner with our new husbands. I've always loved dancing with Ned and now he was partly 'my' Ned so it would be even more special.

********* Ned *********

I never thought I'd say it but I was too tired to get it up again. Four days into our honeymoon and I was a wreck. Between Nancy and Carson, I was completely worn out. Who knew how insatiable they'd be? I stretched out on the freshly made bed and fell asleep waiting for Carson to finish saying good-night to the girls.


I waited for my lord to come home from the council meeting at the castle. He would probably be in a bad humor since the king was playing fast and loose with the lords of the realm. The servants had readied a bath for him in front of the fire and I was wearing the soft blue robe that he'd brought back from London on his last trip.

The baby was restless tonight and I felt him move inside me with a fond smile. The midwife told me that since I was carrying the babe so high that it was sure to be a boy. I hoped so for my dear lord deserved to have an heir to inherit this vast estate. I walked to the window of the manor house and watched the lane to see if he was coming. Stroking soothing caresses over my swollen belly, I felt myself dampen in anticipation of taking his big, thick cock inside of me.

Since he'd given me this child on the night that we wed, I'd become insatiable. We made love morning, noon and night. I thought perhaps he would cease to take me when I grew so quickly in front but he just introduced me to different positions, giving me his cock whenever I needed it. My mother would be appalled at my greed for his body. She'd taught me that making love was a dirty, disgusting business but I was to submit to my husband and pretend that I was enjoying it.

But she was wrong, I hugged my babe to me and felt my nipples peak beneath the silk robe. There, I spotted my lord riding towards me. He wasn't frowning so perhaps the meeting hadn't gone too badly. He looked up and saw me through the glass, his dear face relaxing into the smile that is mine alone. Good, he would make love to me tonight. I watched the groom take Beauty's reins and only stopped looking out of the window when my lord disappeared through the front door.

I crossed to the tub and made sure the towels were warming by the fire. Murmuring to my maid, Agatha I sent her off to bed with a smile and a quip not to wake us too early. My lord entered just as she was leaving and he bade her a gentle good night. Then he was crossing the room to take me in his arms and I melted into him with a sigh. No matter that he'd awoken me with a gentle slide into my depths this morning, I needed him now.

"Little one, you wish something of your tired old husband?" He teased me while his hands cupped my breasts and I ached for him.

"You are not old, my Peter." My hands began to undo his belt so I could get him undressed. "But after a nice hot bath, I think you should remind me of our wedding night."

He snorted, "Your mother should be beaten for scaring you like that." He speedily undressed until he was beautifully naked in front of me. "You enjoy our love making, don't you, sweet Elizabeth?"

I pressed my swollen body against him, my hand reaching for his beautiful shaft. "I adore both my husband and the wonderful way he worships my body. Even if I'm fat and ungainly."

"Hush, little one," he kissed me sweetly before stepping into the tub. "You are not fat, you are beautifully swollen with our child. I think you more lovely today than on our wedding day."

I scrubbed his back while he cleaned his front. "Bathe quickly, husband, I have need of your sword tonight."

He chuckled but finished quickly, standing up and reaching for the towel to dry himself. Awkwardly, I tried to stand but I was too heavy to do it easily. He saw me struggling and quickly raised me up into his arms. I love the way his skin feels against mine when we're both naked. Sweeping me off my feet, he carried me to our marriage bed. It is a large four poster with carven posts and heavy crimson curtains to keep out the chill of winter. But spring had arrived so tonight we would sleep without them closed.

The sheets were soft beneath me and Peter kissed my swollen belly the way he did every morning and night. "Go to sleep little one while I ravish your mother. Sweet Elizabeth, what is your pleasure tonight?"

I grasped his naked shaft. "I wish you to spear me on your sword the same way you did our first time. Give me your strength and pretend that we're making our child again."

He kissed me hard, his hands playing with my budding breasts. Since he'd given me a child, they were growing bigger. Agatha had told me that it was the milk starting to move into them. At fifteen, I'd given up hoping that they'd ever get any bigger like my cousin Ilene's had. All the men loved to look and fondle hers but never mine. No one had wanted me until Duke Peter had asked my father for my hand.

Cousin Ilene was green with envy when that happened. Between her and my mother, I'd been half-scared to death when they all escorted my husband and me to this room. I saw nothing of it that night since all I could see was my tall husband beginning to remove his clothes. I'd never seen a man naked before and when I saw his shaft, I just knew he was going to kill me trying to push it into my body.

But he tenderly undressed me and carried my rigid body to his warm bed while I shook with fear. He brought me a glass of mulled wine from the hearth and made me drink it. The warmth from the wine stilled some of my fears but it was the gentle caress he smoothed against my skin and the tender kisses that calmed me further. Once I was no longer rigid as a board, he left my side for a moment and brought back something from the hearth.

It was a bottle of oil and he filled his hands with some before starting at my feet with a gentle massage that was like nothing I'd ever felt before. He murmured sweet words to me, telling me that I was beautiful and how he'd fallen in love with me the first time he saw me. Mother had told me that it was a business arrangement because of the land between his Duchy and our holding.

Peter proved her wrong on all accounts by the next morning. There was some pain when he entered me but nothing like the rape she had described. He was so big that I was sure I could never accommodate his girth but slowly and tenderly, he'd sheathed his sword deep within me. And the Lord blessed us with a child that first night. He'd hung the bloody sheet from the highest tower to signify how pleased he was with his bargain.

Every night since, we'd made love until we were both tired. But as I grew bigger, my need for his body grew, too. Agatha had said it might be so. When she was a young wife, she whispered that only daily lovemaking could satisfy her when she carried the first of her children. I was glad that it was so for me since my Peter was a lusty man even though he was 35 and twenty years older than me. I was the luckiest woman in England to have such a wonderful husband.

"How would you like me tonight, beloved wife?" His fingers were sliding in and out of me while his lips nibbled at my breasts. "Shall I come between your legs? Or shall I take you from behind? What pleases you this night?"

"You please me, sweet Peter." I trailed my fingers down his broad chest. "It feels quite decadent to have you take me from behind now that my belly has grown so large."

He chuckled and eased me over onto my side then up onto my knees. His fingers were still inside of me but they weren't enough any more and I begged him prettily to sheath himself. At the first touch of his velvety soft crown, I pushed back to seat him within me.

"Dear God, you grow tighter instead of looser." He slowly forged inside until it felt like he'd come out of my stomach. His heat branded me all along my back and thighs. His callused hands stroked over our child while he began to rock within me gently. When he began to thrust a little harder, one hand slipped to the magic spot he'd showed me that all women have and he began to massage it while still impaling me on his sword.

More, I needed more and I pushed back to get him deeper inside me, my mouth spewing out the wanton words that he loved to hear. "Fuck me, Peter. I need you to take me hard. Remind me what a shy virgin I was and how I've become your wife in all ways."

********* Carson *********

Ned and I shared dreams these days, ever since the ancient gods had possessed us. This one was either a past life or one hell of a fantasy. He was my sweet young Elizabeth, swollen with our child. I was his Duke Peter and the luckiest husband in England to have such a beautiful wife. There was still the memory of her fear of men and what the marriage bed would entail.

Her mother, the old bitch, had scared her half to death with stories of pain and fear. I'd soothed her with wine laced with a relaxant and a warm oil massage. Most men of my time would have just thrust in, made her bleed and spilled their seed. I'd had an enlightened father who'd taught me where the secrets of a woman's body were kept hidden. I'd made very sure that she'd experienced several rounds of pleasure before I finally sheathed myself in her tight depths.

I swear I saw stars when I came inside her. It was no fluke that our seeds combined that first night. We were well matched even though she was twenty years younger. Watching her body change to accommodate our child was a passion of mine. My first wife had been a frigid bitch who wouldn't let me touch her once her menses ceased and we knew she was pregnant.

Her death of the plague had followed too quickly after her miscarriage of our little girl for me to feel anything but a little regret. Coming back from the memories, I smiled down at the beautiful blonde in my bed. She was everything that Margaret was not, warm, loving, eager to learn and a hell-cat in bed. I was definitely the luckiest man in England unlike my king with his cold wife and unsatisfactory sons.

"Harder, my love," the temptress said while pushing back against me. "I want to feel that small ache all day tomorrow when my cousin visits. I want to have such a smile on my face that she will go home green with envy."

"Little Bit, you are a very naughty wife but since you asked so sweetly," I kissed my way up her straight spine to the nape of her neck, pushing the heavy braid to one side so I could suckle on the salty flesh usually kept hidden. I gave an extra thrust with my hips and felt her shiver.

I liked to come when she did and it appeared that she was close so I let myself go but cautiously. I wished no harm to come to my Little Bit or our child. Soon I'd have to stop coming inside of her for fear of a miscarriage. But she'd developed a taste for my cock that bode well for my pleasure the next few months. Fingers and tongue would hopefully suffice for her.

Suddenly I seized inside of her and she gave a tiny scream into the pillow beneath her. I held onto her hips so she wouldn't squish the child when she faltered. Slowly, I eased us over onto our sides so we could both rest. I liked being wrapped around her from behind and she'd told me that she felt safe when we slept this way. My hands stroked the curve of her gravid belly and beneath my fingers the babe moved a little. My eyes filled with tears and I kissed her temple while she sighed with repletion.


I awoke with a start. It was early and I found myself curled around Ned the same way I'd been curled around my Elizabeth. Our dreams were getting more detailed and I wondered if my subconscious was getting me ready for the pregnancies to come. Stroking my hands over his flat stomach, I chuckled a little. Perhaps in some universe, men could get pregnant. I found my possessive streak growing and thought that in that universe, I'd be quite sure to keep my Ned barefoot and pregnant.

By now, I was hard as a rock again and I tested his well-used hole to make sure he was still slick enough for me. Guiding my heavy cock to its home, I slowly pushed inside the tight channel until I was lodged balls deep. He gave a little sigh and wiggled against me. My fingers were wrapped around his reawakening cock and I began to kiss all along his sensitive hairline.

He shivered awake and his hands came to his stomach. "Wow - that was an odd one, Car. I was six months pregnant and horny as hell." He clenched around me. "But you were wonderful, big and tender with your little duke."

I laughed out loud. "I thought I was the king of your heart. Have I been demoted?"

He brought one of my hands up to his lips, smothering it with nipping kisses. "Never demoted but then Elizabeth was only fifteen and her vocabulary was limited. Do all women get horny when they're pregnant?"

"Not all, sweetheart but we'll need to be prepared to service our new wives often if they need us to." I thrust again and started to leak a little. "I feel no older than Elizabeth at the moment. I wonder if the gods really did give us what we wished for."

He turned his head to see me and I raised up on an elbow so he didn't have to stretch so far. "Yes, I'm pretty sure they did. You were always highly sexed, Car but now . . . it's like you're insatiable and you've got the muscles to back it up."

I smiled and kissed his lips softly before going back to thrusting hard. "I've definitely got a muscle with your name on it, sweet Ned."

He groaned at my pun but began rippling around me. "I wonder if we'll dream of Peter and Elizabeth again. It felt odd to be pregnant but . . . I kind of liked it. I liked knowing that your seed was growing inside of me. That I could give you that gift was the height of my ambition.

Gently biting his shoulder, I came hard and he squirted a tiny bit of fluid into my hand. We were going to have to eat well today if we were going to keep our strength up. He sighed and began to push me out. "Ah, Ned, there is nothing like your heat."

He chuckled. "Hold that thought for the next time you need a sheath for your mighty sword."

I licked the bite and he shivered a little. "You can help me polish my sword later."

We were both laughing by then and almost didn't hear the knock at our door.

"Guys, are you up? George and I are going to use the bathroom for about an hour." Nancy's voice came through the paneled oak.

I slid out of bed and belted my robe around me. Opening the door, I smiled at my daughter and wife. "Good morning, angels. We'll be fine. Are we eating breakfast out among the populace?"

Nancy giggled. "Perhaps we should grace them with our presence. We'll be the envy of the rest of the ship. The well-fucked look is a good one for all of us."

"Quite right," I kissed Nancy's cheek and George kissed my lips gently before they left for the splendid bath between the two bedrooms.

When I turned back to the messy bed, Ned was sprawled across it, his hand cataloging each bite and bruise on his fair skin. His satisfied smile reminded me of how very lucky I was. Dropping the robe, I joined him on the stained sheets. We'd have to stain the sheets in the other room this afternoon. I was getting addicted to sharing a bed with all four of us.

"Tony from the office was telling me that there's a new size of bed called a California king." Ned read my mind. "Maybe we should invest in a couple of them?"

I pulled him into my arms and we settled face to face, our arms around each other. "That is a sterling idea. We'll have one in town and one at the farm. You need to design us a home with four big bedrooms then we'll always have a place to play in or to retreat to."

His face lit up. "Actually, I was thinking of a house with two wings so we'd each have one. The nursery would be in the middle along with the public rooms and Hannah's suite. What do you think?"

"I love you, Ned Drew-Nickerson." I let my forehead rest against his. "I can hardly wait to start building."

The end of chapter one