Author: Athea (
Fandom: Nancy Drew
Title: Happy Families, part 2
Pairing: Ned/Carson, Nancy/George and N/N - G/C
Summary: Hannah welcomes them home.
Date: 19 July 2003
********* Hannah *********

Well, I could hardly wait for them to disembark. The telegram announcing their marriages and the airmail letter didn't give hardly any detail as to why in the world they'd all gotten married. The last that I knew, Mr. Drew and Ned were lovers while Nancy and George had been together since they were 14. I glanced at the Nickersons then at George's parents, Gloria and Robert Fayne.

I was willing to bet their letters hadn't been any more forthcoming. In fact, I was probably the only one who had even an inkling of the truth. My eyes went back to the festively decorated gangplank in hopes of seeing my employer-friend and Nancy. There they were and I relaxed a little. They looked happy and content. I could wait for awhile until they told us more.

George's mother was weeping and her father smiled at Carson while they shook hands. Then Mrs. Nickerson was hugging Nancy while Ned's dad hugged him tight. Then my little Nancy was hugging me and whispering in my ear 'how good it is to be home'. I smoothed back a blonde curl behind her ear and thanked God that everything was all right.

We drove back to the Ritz in the limousine that Mr. Nickerson had rented and adjourned to the honeymoon suite. The luggage was carried in and I blinked a little at the extra two trunks and numerous boxes. We might have to have a limousine to get everything back to River Heights. Carson called down and ordered high tea to be brought up. Then the women adjourned to one of the bedrooms to unpack a little and catch up on the gossip.

I wished that I could be two places at once but figured that once we were alone with just our family, I'd get the full story. Gloria Fayne, George's mother, was a rather daunting figure of a woman who seemed torn between celebrating the tremendous coup of her daughter landing 'the' Carson Drew and mourning the loss of a massive wedding where she could show off her triumph.

George was extremely diplomatic about their need for a party celebrating the nuptials and drew her and Evelyn Nickerson into the planning. Nancy had curled up beside me and I hugged her close, just enjoying watching my little girl who'd gotten all grown up. I could still remember her at four, scurrying around the kitchen 'helping' me bake cookies for her daddy.

And now she was a married woman. I'd done my crying for the past when I read her letter. I had an idea that her married life wouldn't be like mine had been. There was a peace in her eyes that had been missing since Ned's graduation. The trip had been their chance to get all the secrets out into the open and she looked like she'd accepted it all. But I had to admit to wondering what had really gone on at the Wenton's where they were to meet her pen-pal.

They'd glossed over their host's death pretty quickly but I'd caught a hint of steel in my little girl's eyes when she mentioned Lord Wenton. I hoped that they could tell it all to me in time. But for now, it was just nice to sit and enjoy making plans for a party at the country club. It was going to be the event of the year if Gloria and Evelyn had anything to say about it.


I watched the couples swirling on the dance floor. I'll give her credit, once Gloria got the bit between her teeth, she planned a mean party. Everyone and I do mean everyone who was anyone had come to celebrate the marriages of Carson and Nancy. George was dancing with Carson and the only person more beautiful than her was my own Nancy. Their Parisian wedding gowns were the hit of the ball.

The other young ladies were green with envy and I could see trips to Europe in some of their futures. I watched Ned twirl my little girl then dip her with a smile. The last few weeks had been hectic but in between all the plans, I'd gotten most of the story from them. The bits of oddness like the Wiccan ceremonies and the death of Lord Wenton had sent shivers up my spine.

They didn't give me the whole story but enough for me to be satisfied that they all loved each other and were committed to making these hasty marriages work. Nancy had told me in private that she thought that both of them were pregnant. Well, that had shocked me a bit at first but when I thought about it all I could feel was happy. Soon there'd be more young ones to bring up.

They were going to be wonderful parents.

"Hannah, would you do me the pleasure of a dance since my bride has been kidnapped by her father?" Carson stood in front of me with his hand outstretched.

"I'd love to." I stood and shook out my new green dress that Nancy had insisted on getting me. He led me to the dance floor and swept me into the waltz that was playing. If I have a weakness, it's dancing and I love a good night out with some of my friends when there's music involved.

"Are you coming out with us to the farm tonight or staying in town, Hannah?" Carson asked.

"I think I'll stay in, Carson. You all deserve some privacy." I smiled up at him and thought again how much younger he looked since their return.

********* Carson *********

I chuckled and maneuvered sideways to avoid Mayor Turner dancing rather vigorously with his wife. "That goes both ways, Hannah. Have you taken the time to go over the blue prints for the new house?"

She nodded. "They look absolutely beautiful. I love the idea of wings for privacy with the babies in between so all of you can take turns taking care of them. It's been so long since we've had little ones around. I can hardly wait. I just hope that Nancy hasn't inherited her mother's morning sickness."

"So do I," I shivered a bit. "Barbara was miserable for almost three months. I'm afraid that none of us can think of a way to ask Gloria what her pregnancy was like without letting the cat out of the bag."

Chuckling, she smiled up at me. "Time enough once they start to show. We might want to look into a nanny once they get further along. There are going to be times when you'll want some privacy. The new place is almost twice the size of the town house and I'm going to need help taking care of it."

"Certainly, Hannah," I'd already thought of that. "I was thinking of a cleaning woman four days a week once we're moved in. Between you and Ned, the cooking is well taken care of. It's mostly the heavy cleaning that I don't want you to have to take on. Babies bring their own chaos."

We exchanged consoling looks, remembering Nancy's childhood. She was a sweet child but all children bring messes along with them and she'd been no different. I shook my head and turned to find her dancing with her father-in-law, Edward. She was a lovely woman now and soon would be holding her own child.

"Goodness, Carson," Hannah looked a little startled. "You're going to be a father and a grandfather at the same time."

I laughed out loud. "Don't think that hasn't occurred to me, my friend. I should feel old but I don't. There will be a flurry of gossip when the news gets out but until then, I'm just going to feel unbearably smug and superior."

She joined me in laughing and we twirled slowly in time to the Strauss waltz, surrounded by what seemed to be half the town of River Heights. I'd already danced with all the members of our party and those matrons to whom I owed the courtesy. It was midnight already and I wanted to take my lovers home. I felt young again and that had meant dancing until all hours when Barbara and I were first married but now I just wanted to go home.

Losing her to cancer had been a loss that I didn't think I'd survive. But Nancy needed me and the law was still my calling so I'd healed. Then Ned swept into my life and suddenly I was planning a future again, taking delight in loving and being loved. Now, there was so much more to come that I felt in awe of all our plans. We'd broken ground a week earlier and except for this party, our new home had become our main focus.

George had a flair for decorating that worked well with Ned's perfectionism. I was back to work at the law office, looking for a young lawyer just starting out who'd like to come and work with me. My workaholic persona had covered a lack of personal life and that was most definitely not the case now. I still loved the law, the give and take of question and answer. Nancy still liked working with me and had developed a skill at research that was proving to be a real asset.

Together we were working towards one goal, our home and our family. It had been almost six weeks since the night at Stonehenge and both girls had missed their periods. They had appointments with Dr. Silverman next week and we'd see if the rabbits died. We were planning on babies no matter what the tests showed. They wouldn't be infertile for lack of trying.

We were all insatiable these days, Ned and I in my room with Nancy and George in hers. The bigger beds were on order for the new house but one had been delivered already to the farm and we were going to break it in tonight or rather this morning, I checked my watch when I escorted Hannah back to our table.

"Daddy, I think we can slip away now." Nancy appeared on my right and she kissed Hannah with a little murmur that had our housekeeper nodding and heading for the cloak room. "Let's dance on out to the balcony and make our escape. George and Ned have already sneaked out."

I chuckled and waltzed her out the French doors onto the marble balcony. Hurrying down the steps, we snuck around the shrubbery and out to the parking lot. Ned lit the headlamps to light our way and George had the back door open for Nancy once we got there. Hannah came out then and we slipped out of the party without anyone being the wiser.

We let Hannah off at the town house before driving out to the farm. Once inside, Nancy headed for the stereo and put on a Cole Porter record. "I want to dance with George and I think Ned might like a dance of his own, Dad."

"What an excellent idea," I held out my arms and Ned slipped into them with a smile. We moved slowly to the slow rhythm of love songs crooned by the famous artists of the day. Nat King Cole has long been a favorite of mine and Dinah Shore sang with her whole heart and soul. Ned felt light as a feather in my arms, his hips brushing our groins together until I was ready to strip him naked and carry him off to bed.

The girls must have felt the same way because they headed upstairs with a call back that they were claiming the Jacuzzi first. Ned laughed and told them to leave some hot water for us. Slowly we climbed the stairs, our arms around each other and our hearts full of love. Stripping off our glad rags, I hung them up while Ned got the bed ready. We had to order special sheets for it since none of the stores in River Heights carried them. They were a beautiful green like a glance from Ned's eyes and I just had to tackle him onto the soft mattress to compare them.

His lips were warm and his body welcomed mine in a heartbeat. He whispered that he'd gotten ready earlier and he wanted me now. I took him at his word and slid his legs apart and over my shoulders, nudging his entrance and then surging inside slowly. He groaned and I had to think of Judge Bancock's wrinkled face to keep from coming straight away.

This was going to be fast if only because we'd both been simmering for hours. The head board was solid oak spindles that had already given me several rather naughty ideas. Aunt Helen's little store in Paris had provided us with several new toys and I urged Ned to hold onto the spindles over his head until I could lock the velvet padded handcuffs around his wrists.

He moaned when I began to tease his nipples with soft kisses and occasional nips. "Car-r-r, fuck me now."

I grinned and gave him another gentle thrust while he rippled around me. "But I like having you at my mercy, sweet Ned. I think maybe I should just stay still for a while so you can calm down. Do you remember the afternoon before dinner with the Wentons?"

He moaned and gave me a pitiful look. "You fucked me through the mattress at least three times before you let me come. You're not going to do that again, are you?"

"I was contemplating it," I pulled out almost too far and his inner muscles clenched around my bulk. "Perhaps I should find out about those nipple clamps that George told us about? I think she left them under the pillow here." I pulled out the silver chain with the little alligator clips and dangled them in front of his suddenly wide eyes.

"O-o-okay, I'm game," he said bravely and I clipped on the first one, watching his eyes to make sure he was all right with the tension. I'd made sure that they would barely cling to his beautiful brown nipples for tonight. When I clipped the other one, he shivered beneath me and moaned again. "Damn, they feel . . . they feel good. Tight and hard and wired straight to my cock. You have got to try them next time."

"I will, I promise." I reassured him and knew he was right. George had tried them out on me this morning and I'd practically gone through the roof. She'd teased me with her statement that I was a better ride than a bucking bronco. We were both smiling when we woke the other two up with our bouncing.

The whole bed was going to be rocking tonight. I sped up a little with my thrusts while he writhed beneath me. Every once in a while I'd pull gently on the chain and he'd give me a full-body shiver. Holding onto his hips, I thrust harder and deeper than ever before. He took everything I had and wanted more. I was a very lucky man.

********* Ned *********

Carson loved me right through the sheets and I think I screamed when I came. The nipple clamps were a success but so were the padded handcuffs. It felt like the picture in the Kama Sutra with the girl restrained while her lord fucked her with his oversized cock. That picture still turns me on but knowing that it was my Carson who had made it come to life for me, well that made all the difference.

I was exhausted when he released me and helped me into the shower. When we got back, Nancy was in the cuffs while George teased her with a feather and a little vibrating egg against her clit. I was too tired for more but Carson spooned my back so we could watch them make love. That's always fun to watch. But all too soon, I was sound asleep and dreaming.


I was Elizabeth and a month further along. I waddled like a duck and felt ugly as sin. It didn't help that Ilene and my mother were visiting and they constantly told me how ungainly I was, how too bad it was that I'd lost my looks, etc. I was mad and a little scared at the same time. Peter and I didn't make love quite as much as we had before I got so big but he still cuddled me every night and woke me with kisses.

Well, he had until the king summoned him again. He'd been gone for two weeks and it would doubtless be another week before I could hope to see him again. I missed him so much that it was a physical ache. Ilene was beautifully thin with her lush bosom barely constrained behind a lace insert in her gown. Now that I finally had a chest, I was too fat to enjoy it.

I was half sick with worry and fear that maybe one of their poisoned comments might be true. I tried to concentrate on my needlework but the baby was sitting right on my stomach and I had to go to the bathroom more often then seemed possible. I'd left off my silk drawers since they were only a bother when I had to pee. Peter had made a stool without arms just the right height so I could lift my full skirts over it and sit down to pee into the concealed pot in comfort.

He was such an inventive man and I wished with all my heart that he was here with me. I got up yet again to waddle over to my piss pot when I heard a commotion at the front of the great hall. I turned to see my Peter crossing the gray flagstones to me. Holding out my arms I hugged him as tight as I could while he rained kisses all over my face.

"The king thinks that I'm useless as an advisor when my heart and soul are here with you, Little Bit. He told me not to come back until after our babe is born." Peter told me with a wonderful lilt in his voice before sweeping me up in his arms and heading for the stairs.

He acknowledged my mother and Ilene's presence with a slight bow before telling me quite loudly that I grew more beautiful with each day. Hah, I thought with a smug smile, that should shut them up about me losing my looks. He smelled of horses and hard riding but I loved it and kissed him back when our lips finally met. Agatha met us at the door to our room with a smile and a curtsey for Peter.

He asked her to start heating water for our bath so once he'd made sure that I was all right, we could bathe. Oh, I hoped that meant he was going to fuck me, even if it was slowly and not as hard as we'd done earlier in our married life. He kicked the door shut behind us and gently set me down onto the floor. I turned so he could reach my laces which were no longer tied tightly because of our child.

I told him everything that had happened while he was gone while he deftly rid me of my dress. He picked me up and laid me gently on our bed, kissing my swollen belly with a soft 'hello' to our son then rapidly stripped to bare skin. His shaft was rock hard and I was dripping with heat when he finally came between my outstretched legs and very slowly lifted me enough to slide inside of me.

"Dear God in Heaven, you tighten up when I'm not here to plow you every day, Little Bit." He rocked in a little harder while I whimpered with my legs around his waist. It was a new position that he'd taught me before he left and I hoped it meant that we wouldn't have to give this up until I was too big to move. He felt huge moving within me and our son kicked a little at the unaccustomed poke.

His big hands shaped the bulging child in front of me and he stilled when a little foot kicked his thumb. "He's going to be a very active little boy when he comes out. Look how he moves with me."

I laughed and squeezed my inner muscles around his shaft, the way that Agatha had told me was possible. He groaned a little so I did it again. "I don't have to see him, my love because I can 'feel' him quite well. I'd like to feel you a little harder if you please, dearest Peter. I've missed you dreadfully."

He rocked in and out slowly picking up the pace. "I missed you also, Elizabeth. I have never loved anyone the way that I love you. I need you beside me at all times to remind me how very lucky I am that you love me in return."

"I do, Peter, never doubt that." I slid my hands over his and wished I could kiss him. "You are a miracle to me and so is this child that we've created. I need you, too."

The tingles were flooding through me and I bit my lip to keep back the groan. But he brought one of my hands to his lips and kissed it sweetly, telling me to let him hear how much I loved him. So I moaned to my heart's content and let loose a shriek when he thumbed my magic spot and I tightened all over before soaring to the ceiling. I was so very glad that he was home, safe and sound.

He flooded me with his seed a moment later and groaned at having to leave my depths. But the baby was too excited by our lovemaking and he slowly pulled out while gently soothing soft caresses over the active little boy. He laid himself down by my side and cuddled me close while we relaxed in each other's arms.

All was right with my world now that he'd returned. And in another month or so, I would birth his child with pain and joy at the same time. No matter what my mother told me about childbirth, I was going to believe Agatha and the midwife. They said I had nice wide hips so I'd have no problems at all passing this ever growing babe between my legs and out into the world.

I was looking forward to getting back to my pre-baby self so I could ride my husband again. Smiling, I returned his kiss and dozed until the water was brought up for our bath.


With a start, I was awake still cuddled in Carson's arms. One strong arm cradled my chest while one long leg passed through mine fitting snugly under my balls. His hand grasped my cock firmly and I felt surrounded by his love. Elizabeth and I were two very lucky people to have him as our husband. I put a hand over my stomach and remembered how it had felt to have a living being inside of me.

Watching the girls all tumbled together, sleeping next to us, I vowed to be there for them when they were as big as I'd been in that past life. My intimate knowledge might just help us get through these pregnancies. And hopefully I'd dream the entire life so I'd know what to expect at every phase.

At least we had indoor toilets, I thought with a smile and closed my eyes to return to sleep.

The end of chapter two