Author: Athea (
Fandom: Nancy Drew
Pairing: Ned Nickerson and Carson Drew
Title: Stood Up, part two
Summary: The fishing continues..
Date: 12 October 2001

I was probably going insane and would have to be committed shortly. But until then, I was going to enjoy every sweetly crazy moment. Ned tasted like the nectar of the gods and he was already recovering from my almost forgotten skills at fellatio. But practice makes perfect and I was more than willing to practice until I got it right.

"Carson." He looked up at me with shining eyes and I fell in love all over again. "I love you even if you can't love me."

I gathered him close and rolled him on top of me. "I love you, Ned but where we go from here is going to be tricky. You're barely legal and I should probably be shot for robbing the cradle."

He looked down at me and traced my jaw with one finger. "As long as I'm old enough for you to love, I don't care about any one else's opinion. I know there are problems and we won't be able to be together as often as I want us to. But I'm a fisherman and I know how to wait."

"Dear Lord, out of the mouths of ..." he stopped my words with his lips and I feasted on that tart mouth as if I'd never have another chance.

"May I show you what I've learned so far?" His eyes twinkled and he slid off of my body to one side.

"I'm yours to do with as you will." I clasped my hands behind my neck and let him explore me. I was going to explode the moment he touched me.

"Oh good," he grinned and had me unzipped in a matter of moments. But he took his time wiggling my jeans down over my hips and I could feel myself leaking at just the thought of those strong hands so near to where I wanted them. "Hm-m, boxers, that's a sexy look for you."

I leaked some more and he very gently touched the damp spot with a finger while I took hold of my control with every ounce of willpower I had. Then he was slowly easing the waistband over my steel hard shaft, leaving it free to stand almost upright over my stomach.

"Wow, you're beautiful." He mimicked my earlier motion and let one finger slowly drift from my groin up to the crimson head. When he pulled that finger back to taste my semen, I thought I would lose it right then. "You taste briny ... like green olives. Is that what I taste like?"

"I think you were a little sweeter." I managed to grit out while holding onto my control.

"We'll compare later." He grinned at me then in a swift motion, he enveloped just my crown and sucked hard.

And all my self-control fled south into his keeping. I seemed to pulse forever into the warm wet haven of his mouth. His tongue kept lapping at the small slit and I'd jerk again and release a little more seed. I melted into the rock beneath us and fell asleep with a sigh of his name.

It was only about fifteen minutes before I woke up again. The rock was so hard that I knew my back was going to kill me later and yet, I felt more rested than after twelve hours of sleep in my lonely bed. My pants were gone, my shirt unbuttoned and a curious hand was tracing the skin on my chest. I smiled and opened my eyes to see an All-American wood sprite leaning over me.

Ned glowed in the sunlight that dappled us. His blond hair was short and his green eyes sparkled down at me. He was completely naked and totally unselfconscious about it. His broad shoulders tapered down to a slender waist and curly blond hair surrounded his cock. He was hard again and I reached out a hand to just hold that velvet organ in my hand.

"We're real, Carson. This isn't a dream and I am going to love you so well that you'll only have to dream me when I'm not there." He rested a tanned broad hand on my stomach and I felt my cock think about coming back to life.

"When did you get so wise?" I reached for his other hand and brought it to my lips. "My back is going to hate me as soon as I move."

He chuckled. "Then it's a good thing that I keep an air mattress out here, isn't it?"

I rolled to my side and sat up, almost but not quite groaning. He watched me for a moment with amazement in his gaze before ducking his head. I put out a hand to raise that chin to meet my eyes. "Why shy now?"

"You're ... you're gorgeous." He almost stuttered and brought his hand up to mine to hold on hard. "I look like a kid next to you and I work out almost every day."

I chuckled. "Some of it's genetic, Ned. The men in my family have always been lean but I work out every day to keep myself in shape. I have a weight room in the basement and I usually end my days there exercising to purge away whatever happened in the day."

He nodded slowly. "I know what you mean. If I'm concentrating on lifting weights then I'm not thinking about the test coming up or the paper that's due."

"Exactly. At 40, I have to pay attention to what I'm doing or I could over stress a muscle and pay for it later." I shrugged off my shirt and took a deep breath. "Did someone mention an air mattress?"

"Oh yeah, hold on." He grinned at me and jumped up before diving off the rock into the water.

I blinked once and leaned over the edge to look for him but he was nowhere to be seen. The water was clear as glass with only a few ripples to show he'd gone in. But before I could start to panic, an air mattress floated to the surface with him not far behind. I fished out our bed and he pulled himself out of the water with a grin.

"There's a small cave down there and I keep supplies that I need that won't go bad in the humid air. And there is air from somewhere. I even spent the night there once right after Grandpa died and I was wishing he were there. That's when I brought out the mattress." He nonchalantly flipped open the valve and started blowing in more air while I shook my head at his farsightedness.

It was army green and looked like it had been around for awhile. But it would provide some relief for our backs and that was all that mattered. It was soon firm and sitting to one side while we just looked at each other.

"What are you thinking?" He asked me, reaching out a hand to touch me.

I met his with mine and shook my head. "How impossible this is and how glad I am that we feel the same way. And I think that a swim would be just the thing to calm us down right now."

"Then let's swim." He jumped up and tugged me to my feet. "Let me show you everything."

And everything is exactly what we saw. We swam all the way across then circled the entire pond while he pointed out the places that held good memories of his grandfather and him. I'd had the pleasure of knowing the older man and I was glad that Ned had such good memories of him. We had a rousing game of tag and I was pleasantly tired when we pulled ourselves out of the water back to what Ned called his diving rock.

We rested for a bit, side by side on the still damp mattress while our hearts slowed and we watched the sunlight flood the bowl with golden light. I'd never felt more peaceful in my life and my hand reached out for Ned's at the same moment he reached for me. I turned my head to watch him and he mirrored my movement as if invisible strings connected us.

Maybe there were. I knew that I'd never felt this ... need before. My life had become pleasantly boring amid days of great stress and Ned was like a breath of fresh air in a stuffy room. That was me, stuffy and staid. Could this bright young man really want me? Good Lord, I didn't have a thing to offer him but a middle-aged body and enough knowledge of law to fill a book or two.

"Ned, what profession did you decide on?"

He smiled slowly and leaned up over me, running a hand down my arm. "I spent two semesters looking at a lot of different careers but nothing clicked until I went to a screening of a film on Taliesin, the workshops of Frank Lloyd Wright. It was amazing to watch some of the designs on paper become actual stone and timber houses. Every one of them seemed to fit exactly where it was placed. I look around and I know that I want my home here but it has to grow out of the land not be imposed on it."

I captured his hand and kissed his palm. "Architecture is a demanding profession but I think you'd be excellent. Can you get that degree at the University in Bensenville? Or will you have to go to the state capital campus?"

He nodded. "I can do it here with only one semester at the other campus for a class on Functional Forms taught by Professor Terence Mann. If I sign up for it now, then I should be able to get a spot in his class in my senior year. He's got that long a waiting list."

"I think I've heard of him. What do your parents think?"

"Dad was pushing for law school but Mom listened to me and told me to follow my heart. So, when school starts next week, I'm headed into the draftsman classes that I'll need along with some more math. It's a good thing I like numbers." He took a deep breath and bent over me to run his tongue up my throat. Even in the heat of noonday sun, I shivered. "You taste good, Carson."

"Come here." I pulled him closer and took his lips with all the passion that I'd been hiding in the long years since my wife's death. He tasted of water and breakfast and something that was just Ned. I would never get enough of that taste, not if I lived to a hundred.

His moan was music to my ears and I pulled him completely on top of me, his weight anchoring me to this alternate universe I seemed to have fallen into. Our legs tangled together and he pushed down while I was thrusting up, frictioning our groins together. He was panting or maybe that was me but both our cocks were leaking and making us slick.

When had I lost complete control here?

But Ned's lithe nineteen-year old body was reminding me of joy and love when I'd begun to think that those emotions were lost to me. Each kiss led to yet another and my hands seemed to have settled on those taut ass cheeks of his, flexing with each thrust until my fingers slid down his crease over his entrance. He gasped and came with just that slight touch.

I held his shaking body close to me and thought about where we were heading. Fellatio, certainly. Frottage, oh yes. Full intercourse? I wasn't sure either of us was ready for that although the primitive part of me wanted to claim him absolutely and completely. And what the hell was I thinking of?

"I love you, Carson." He kissed the hollow of my throat with a sleepy purr and I fell in love again.

That's what I was thinking of. "I love you, too, Ned. Do you think anyone would notice if we stayed fishing for a week?"

He laughed out loud. "I think even Nancy might notice that, Carson. The farm next to my land is for sale. Maybe I could hire you to find out what he's asking? That would take about three or four days, wouldn't it?"

"Goodness, that long? What kind of payment could I expect?" I tried for a stern look but he laughed and kissed me. Our tongues slid together and I sucked on his while my fingers found that small pucker that seemed so sensitive.

He groaned and I felt his cock come back to life against mine. I wondered if he had any hand lotion in his stash because I wanted to investigate this extreme sensitivity. He wrenched away and shivered. "God, Carson, why does that feel so good? Tom said it would but ... oh!"

I'd just rubbed the little hole and he was shaking all over. I rolled us so I could get at him better. The sun dappled his skin with golden patches of light that were a visual feast for my eyes. Wetting my finger, I slide it back to his entrance and dipped inside. And that froze him while he fountained for the second time in five minutes. The tight muscle gripped my finger and all I could think was how wonderful it would feel to my cock.

"Any pain, Ned?" I needed to go slow but it was hard, especially when dazed green eyes met mine.

"You're inside of me, Carson." He shook his head. "No, there's no pain just a tingle that feels like lightning and thunder all bound up in one. Is it always like that?"

I smiled down at him and flexed my finger a little. "Actually, I don't think I've ever seen anybody come from that small stimulus. Your nerve endings may just be more sensitive there."

"That means it will feel really good when you put this inside of me." His fingers slid around my steel hard cock and I had to grit my teeth not to come right then. "I brought some oil that I use after a football scrimmage."

"It's too soon, Ned, as much as I want to come inside of you." I flexed my finger again and it slid in a little deeper while he gasped and parted his legs even more.

"It can't be too soon, Carson. I've been waiting for this all my life." He experimentally flexed his inner muscles around me and I had to bite my lip.

"Where's the oil?" I was insane but then I already knew that. He grinned at me and shifted to try and reach his backpack. That movement forced my finger completely in and he froze with a cry. "Ned?"

"The lightning is back." He said through gritted teeth. "I think you may have hit my prostate." He was panting and still trying to reach the bag when I slid my finger completely out. "No!"

"Hush, Ned." I stroked him and pulled his bag nearer so he could reach inside. "Why don't you turn over for me and we'll see if I can put this oil to good use."

His eyes gleamed and he handed me the bottle of massage oil before stretching all over. Skin glowing in the afternoon sun, he looked like the Greek god Apollo come to life. He turned and lay on his stomach with one leg half bent to accommodate his hard cock. I coated my fingers and came back to the small hole that spasmed open for me at once.

Dripping some of the oil directly into him, I listened to his chuckle. "That tickles."

"Not quite the reaction I'm looking for, Ned. I'm going to try two fingers now. Tell me if it hurts." I gingerly rubbed the muscle and slid my first two fingers inside his heat. His whole back rippled and he was panting again.

"Kind of a burn but no pain, Carson." He was trying to relax for me and I remembered to scissor my fingers to loosen the tight muscles.

Finally they relaxed enough for me to slide them the rest of the way in to spark his gland. He was so tight around my fingers and his heat rivaled the afternoon sun. He was moaning nonstop and I had to force myself to go slow. All those years spent learning self-control hadn't prepared me for Ned's abandon.

When he rose to hands and knees, I stilled. "Ned, I'm going to try for three fingers now. Are you sure you want this now?"

"I've never been so sure of anything in my life, Carson." He moaned when I pulled out. Turning, he hugged me close and kissed me as if there would be no tomorrow. When we finally had to breathe, he looked deep into my eyes. "I'm going onto my back so when you're done stretching me, you can slide ... right in ... with that big beautiful cock of yours. Is that all right with you?"

I took his lips with all the fervor I'd once felt at nineteen. His chuckle brought forth my own humor and I smiled at him while helping him lie back down. I brought his legs up so he could hold them apart for me. That position made him blush but once I had oiled up again and folded three fingers at his entrance, we both turned serious. His eyes never left mine although he bit his lip when I first came inside of him. I flexed gently over and over until he relaxed enough for me to slide further in.

Once his gland was sparked, he flushed from head to toe and moaned so sweetly that I was hard pressed to not come right then. With my other hand, I slicked the oil over my heated flesh and waited for him to tell me that he was ready. Those brilliant green eyes looked up at me with a longing that was mirrored in my own.

"Come inside and love me, Carson." He said quietly.

"Always, Ned, I'll always love you." I slid my fingers out and my cock in with almost the same movement. His eyes widened when my crown breached his small hole and he began to pant again at the pain.

"God, you feel huge." He panted and I noticed that his cock had softened a little. But then he relaxed a bit and he smiled. "Okay, give me a little more."

It seemed to take forever to slide completely inside his tight sheath but at some point I brushed against his gland and his flush told me that it would be all right. I paused once I was in and savored the heat of him. His hands were beginning to shake a little and I straightened his legs over my shoulders so he could relax. That moved me inside of him and he groaned.

"You feel good, Carson. You feel better than good, I can feel your heartbeat inside of me." He ran his hands up my arms, that were planted on either side of his torso. "I need you to move, Car, make me burn."

There was something about his using my nickname that made me want to claim him. So, I started the rocking that would bring us both the release we needed. His little breathy moans spurred me to longer and faster strokes. I'd been on edge so long that I knew it wouldn't be anytime at all before I exploded.

"Ned, touch yourself for me. Take that beautiful cock in your hand and hold it the way you'd like me to grasp it." My knees were planted into the mattress and his whole body shook with the force of my thrusts. I was burning inside and out with a passion I'd thought lost to me forever.

His head was thrashing back and forth on the air pillow but he wrapped a hand around his cock and moaned again. "Car, I'm on fire."

I agreed with him silently and managed one more thrust before climaxing as deep inside of him as I could. At the first rush of heated liquid, he froze with my name on his lips and his cock gushing forth between us. It felt like I came forever and I fell forward onto him in slow motion, dropping his legs to my waist.

"Oh, Car." His arms came up around me and I pulsed silently inside of him while he hugged me tight. "I love you so much, Car. You feel wonderful."

Chuckling, I managed to keep my eyes open with an effort. "I love you too, Ned. I've never felt anything like your heat. Am I too heavy?"

"Never." His hold tightened. "I never want you to move again, just stay inside me forever."

I found enough energy to roll us to our sides. "That would make playing football a little difficult, Ned. But I know what you mean. I just hope that I wasn't too rough."

"You weren't. It felt like I was burning alive while you were moving." His voice was a little dreamy and I watched his eyes crease into a smile. "I guess that answers the question that I had when I first started thinking about you this way."

"What question was that?" I asked, curiosity seemed to run in my family.

"Whether or not I'd be on the bottom or the top." He grinned at me and kissed me gently before pulling away. "Tom said that you're usually one or the other. I think I've decided to be on the bottom. I can't imagine anything thing else ever feeling this good."

"Well, we'll experiment and see if you like it the other way around." I kissed him back and felt myself begin to shrink and slide out of him.

"Oh," he panted and I sat up to turn him over to see if I'd been too rough. The discharge was profuse but not bloody and I sent up a silent prayer of thanks. "I miss him all ready."

And damned if my cock didn't think about coming back to life.

"Not for awhile, young man. You're going to be sore once you start to move. Why don't we go for another swim to clean up?" I stroked his ass cheeks lovingly and heard him purr. "Ah, Ned, you're a hedonist."

He sat up with a bit of a wince. "I can still feel you, Car. I like it."

I was going to die a very happy man. "Swim, Ned, before I pounce on you again."

He chuckled and dove in with a little flirty glance that had me following immediately. I was beginning to think that this pond was the Fountain of Youth and I had already begun to grow younger. The cool water flowed over my skin like a caress while I chased him a few yards until he let me catch him. We treaded water while exchanging slow, soft kisses that felt like little orgasms.

"Carson, how are we going to do this? I feel like the more of you that I have, the more I want." His eyes were earnest.

"There's another baseball game on Wednesday. How about we go to it? I know it will be hard to wait but maybe we can come back here next weekend for a ... camping trip?"

He sigheded a little but nodded. "I know we'll have to be careful. So long as I can see you and talk to you, it won't be so bad. Can we stay out here all weekend?"

"I think we'll have to, love. I can see that my Ned-addiction will have to be fed on a regular basis." I stroked my fingers over his cheek and he turned quickly to kiss them.

"Good, my Carson-addiction is growing, too. I love you." He smiled at me before back stroking away.

We swam for awhile then retired to the air mattress to talk and caress. I didn't know what I'd done to deserve Ned's love but I would keep him safe from condemnation with all the vigor that I had. He'd just become part of my family and not the least important part. Somehow, we'd find a way to be together even if it was just a game.

I wasn't giving him up.

The end for now