Author: Athea (
Fandom: Nancy Drew
Title: Stood Up, part 3
Pairing: Ned Nickerson and Carson Drew
Summary: It's time to go camping.
Date: 12 October 2001

The week seemed to fly by while I got the campsite ready for us. Wednesday, we went to the baseball game and wonder of wonders, Nancy came, too. She sat between us and maybe that was good because I needed to touch him in the worst way and I might have given us away. She chattered on about her latest mystery and we both nodded in the right places.

But every once in a while, my eyes would meet Carson's and the whole world went away. I sank into those sparkling blue eyes without a fear of drowning then someone came up and I concentrated on Nancy so I wouldn't look so foolish. She's a nice girl and I like her a lot but not even that perfume she was wearing made my pulse race. I loved her like a brother.

That thought brought up the whole incest thing and I wondered if that was the feeling that Carson had been fighting. Sure I was young enough to be his son but I wasn't. I had a perfectly good father that I could depend on, what I needed was a lover who could make me feel so good that I flew.

A couple of girls waved at Nancy and she hopped up to go see them. There were some empty seats just behind and in front of us so I slid into the empty one next to him and took a deep breath. Now that was a scent that could get me started. Carson's after shave was faint but there and I breathed it in like the addiction we'd joked about.

"I dug out my old sleeping bag, Ned and discovered that a couple generations of mice had made it their home." He chuckled and I joined him.

"I've been repairing the tent that Grandpa and I used when I was little." I kept a good lookout and shot him a glance from under my eyelashes. "In fact, it's all set up and ready for us. I've pretty much spent the last three days getting everything ... in place."

"Really?" His blue gaze was like a laser into mine and when his voice dropped, I shivered. "That's good, Ned. I'm going to have to go to Littleton tomorrow to get some papers signed. They've got a big sporting goods store there. Would you like to go with me and help me buy a new sleeping bag?"

My eyes lit up and I smiled. "Gosh, I don't think I have a thing to do tomorrow. I'd like that."

"Be at the house at nine and we'll be on our way early. Business should take me an hour then we can have an early lunch and do some shopping." He took a deep breath and resolutely turned his eyes back to the game.

I did the same, trying to stay calm but jumping up and down inside at the thought of spending the day with him. "I've got a book that I've been meaning to read so I'll bring it along and wait in the car for you to get done."

That slow grin made me want to tackle him to the ground and ravish him. But someone important was coming by and stopping to talk to Carson while I leaned forward and planted my hands on my knees to keep them from temptation. The game was a good one but I really didn't do it justice, just kept going through the motions while listening to the sound of his voice.

That voice had to be one of the reasons that he won so many cases, I decided. Smooth and rich like the very best hot chocolate, I thought with a thrill at what else that mouth could do. I needed a kiss in the worst way but couldn't think of how to get one. Nancy was here, the driveway was too public but maybe tomorrow we could sneak one in somehow. I really hoped that Carson needed one as badly as I did.

When the game ended, Nancy reappeared with a great clue to her mystery and we all went back to their house. Carson was driving and Nancy was squeezed in between us again. But when we got there, Carson invited me in to look at some legal papers while Nancy made a beeline for the phone.

My heart was beating so fast that I was afraid she would hear it. Carson ushered me into his study and shut the door behind us. He flicked the lights on while I was turning to him. Then he pulled me into his arms and I got my kiss. Hard at first then gentling into the sweetest kiss that I'd ever felt. His tongue mated with mine while I slid my arms around his waist and tried to get closer.

"Oh, Ned." His heartfelt whisper made me feel ten feet tall. "I've never needed a kiss that badly in my whole life."

"Me, too." I rested my head on his shoulder and felt his hands smooth my shirt over my back. They stopped at my waist but somehow I knew that he wanted more of me. "Tomorrow can't come soon enough."

"Agreed." He chuckled and let me go reluctantly. "I really do have some papers for you to look at. Let's go to the desk so I can get them."

I was barely seated with the papers in my hands when a tap on the door sent Carson to his desk chair. "Come in."

Hannah opened the door and brought in a tray of hot chocolate and cookies. "Thought you might like a snack, Mr. Drew. I know that Ned would enjoy a cookie or two."

She beamed at us and I got up to take the heavy tray from her. "Thanks, Hannah, it seems like dinner was ages ago. Some of these will get me home safely so I don't faint from hunger."

Chuckling, she patted my shoulder. "We can't have that, Ned. Eat up or Nancy will be forced to take care of them. Oh, Mr. Drew, Nancy said to tell you that she's going to stay over with Bess tonight."

He smiled and nodded. "That must have been the important phone call. Thanks for letting me know."

"If there isn't anything else, Sir, I'll be off to bed." She said on her way to the door and I felt the temperature in the room go up twenty degrees.

"No, Hannah, I'll lock up behind Ned after he's gone over these papers. Good night." Carson spoke calmly but I caught the hitch in his breath.

All of our goodnights echoed softly in the air until the door closed behind her and my eyes went to his. He shook his head though. "Read the papers first while we give her time to finish up in the kitchen and go to her suite."

Bringing the papers up from my lap, I started to read. They didn't make much sense to me at first but a Plat number caught my eye and I caught my breath. "Carson, is this what I think it is?"

He chuckled softly. "You said the farmer next to you was selling out. I didn't want just anybody buying it. Mr. Wilmer has no children to take on the family farm and Smart Construction had their eye on it for development."

"Good God, they're the biggest bunch of shysters in the business." I looked back at the papers. "$45,000, for 160 acres? That's an awful lot of money."

"The land is worth three times that to a developer and Mr. Wilmer needed $35,000 up front by this Friday. That's why we are going to Littleton tomorrow. We're paying off his mortgage and depositing the rest into his retirement account. Your land and his will be safe from the shysters forever."

My eyes were shining when they raised from the crisp white sheets. "I love you, Carson."

"I love you too, Ned. I'm thinking of camping out at the old farmhouse on the weekends this fall. Maybe I'll hire you to reconstruct the place into something more modern?" He teased me while going to the door and listening hard. Then I heard a click and my heart began to beat faster. Two arms came around my neck and I felt a kiss on the top of my head. "But for right now, I need another kiss."

He knelt by my chair and I dropped the papers on the floor before leaning down to his tempting lips. We drank each other in as if there would be no tomorrow. I caught back a moan before it could get out and slid out of the chair so we could be closer. We must have changed positions three times before we finally had to catch our breaths.

"The last three days have been torture." He smoothed his hands down my back but this time he didn't stop at my waist. "I have a perfectly good leather couch over there and my knees would thank you."

I wiggled just a little when I felt his fingers press in the seam of my jeans. "I want you inside me again. Please, Car?"

He shivered a little and drew back to look into my eyes. "Are you sure, Ned?"

"More sure than I've ever been in my life. Every night I get out the hand lotion and stroke it inside of me so I'll be open for you. Even my touch can get me going but not like you ... never like you can."

His eyes glowed and he pulled us both to our feet, walking me backward to the brown leather couch that had been there as long as I could remember. "Then I will definitely be coming back inside of you. Luckily, Nancy left some hand cream down here the other day and I kept it."

Strong hands unzipped me and pushed everything down off my hips. I found myself flat on my back while he deepthroated my rock hard cock. I needed to scream but knew I had to be careful so I grabbed a pillow and screamed into it when I came and came and came. I think I might have passed out because when I came to, I was naked from the waist down and my shirt was completely unbuttoned.

Two fingers were massaging me inside and I could feel my cock come back to life. I'd tried to come up with words to describe what it felt like to have him inside of me but there just weren't any that did it justice. The heat and bulk had been overwhelming at first but once I relaxed a little, I'd never felt anything so deeply. I could feel him everywhere and the little beat of his heart through his cock felt like it synchronized with mine.

Sure there was some pain but that was nothing compared to the pleasure that seared through me when he began to move. Every nerve in my body began to tingle and the heat passed through me in waves that grew hotter and hotter until I was burning alive. I wanted more and more, which he gave me until I felt the first wash of his seed and it hit me like a tsunami.

I'd never known that you could burn and drown at the same time.

But that was then and this was definitely now. I felt the burn of three fingers and wiggled a little to let him know that I wanted more. His chuckle made me smile and open my eyes. Then he was turning me so my hips were just off the cushion and my legs were over his shoulders again. I watched him smooth lotion over his beautiful cock and then he was nudging my entrance with the warm blunt head that I wanted inside of me so badly.

"Now, Carson, please now." I pleaded softly and felt him thrust inside. The pressure was terrific and I felt my eyes water at the stretch but it wasn't as bad as the first time. In fact, it felt wonderful and I gazed up at him with all the love I felt. "Give him to me, Car, I want him all."

"Your wish is my command, love." He thrust inside and my gland sparked a fire deep where I hadn't been able to reach. Building the thrusts with speed and vigor, he burned me right down to the ground while I fisted my cock in time with his movements.

It was fast, it was glorious, and it was messy when I shot all over my stomach. He froze inside of me and flooded me with his heat while I jerked all over and poured out my own climax. I wanted to stay like that forever but I knew we couldn't. I loved the look on his face, all the tired lines were gone and he looked younger than I did.

"Ah, Ned, there is nothing like your heat." He opened lazy eyes and gazed down at me. "I see something that needs cleaning." And without further warning, he began to lick my skin free of splattered seed. His tongue was a bit rough and I could feel my cock begin to get interested again. His chuckle told me that he noticed. "The joys of youth, Ned, just give me a moment and I'll take care of that for you."

"You're the reason, Car." I caressed his face. "Just the mention of your name and I start to get hard. I've had to jerk off about ten times a day since Sunday. I wasn't kidding when I told you that I was addicted."

He chuckled and slowly eased his limp cock out of my body. I hated to feel so empty and I'm afraid I whimpered. His handkerchief-covered hand was right there, to catch the dribbles and his sigh told me that there wasn't any blood. "I have the same problem, Ned. Luckily my suitcoats hide the evidence when I start to daydream about you."

"Really, you dream about me?" I liked that idea since heaven knew I was dreaming about him constantly.

"Really." He let my legs drop to the sofa while he kissed me. Somehow I got turned around again and could rest while he sucked my cock back into his mouth like it was a chocolate chip cookie. He rubbed my entrance with the handkerchief and the tingles were back with a vengeance while he sucked me dry.

I had never been so satisfied in my life.

"Carson, I love you." I stroked his hair back from his strong brow and caught sight of a silver strand. All at once I realized the difference in our ages. If I was lucky he'd live for a good long while but I would still outlive him. I felt our mortality like a blow to my chest and I pulled him closer so I could hug him tight.

"Ned, it's all right." His voice was so soft and caring. "I love you too, sweetheart." And that's when he read my mind. "We'll have many long years to love each other. Did I ever tell you about Great Uncle Silas who lived to be 102?"

I shook my head and tried to smile at him. "Did he have a younger lover who kept him active?"

"He certainly did." Carson smoothed a caress to my cheek and scattered kisses over my face. "Why the stories that I could tell you of the scandalous behavior of his housekeeper would keep us here for a week."

"That would be nice, Car. You can start tomorrow." The grandfather clock in the hall was chiming 10:30 and I felt like Cinderella at the ball. "But for now, I need to go home so I can be back here at nine."

He sighed and rested his forehead against mine. "I know, Ned. This weekend I want to fall asleep in your arms and wake up there, too."

"You've got a deal, Car." I let him help me up and redress me until I was presentable. Then I tucked his cock away and zipped him up with a promise pat for later. He let me out the front door with a quiet goodnight and I ran all the way home just because I needed to burn off a little more energy.


The next morning, I sat by his side while he and the Wilmer's lawyer went over everything. I understood most of the legal talk and it was very satisfying when I saw the check change hands. The Wilmer land bordered mine on two sides with the road on the third. Another farm owned by the Jenkins family, since Indians lived there, bordered mine on the west. They were good conservationists and I had no fears that they would do anything that might affect the land around them.

The Wilmer's were in their seventies and I had been a little worried about what would happen to the land when they died. Now it didn't matter. The new owner would take very good care of the acres and I would take very good care of him. I hid a smile and listened to them finish up. I could hardly wait for our shopping trip.

We all shook hands before Carson ushered me out and we went to lunch to celebrate. The restaurant he took me to was Italian and we had a glass of wine with our lasagna. Our conversation was just little things like what kind of food we enjoyed and where we wanted to travel and what books we'd read lately. I loved being the focus of his concentration and learning what he liked. I was reading The Three Musketeers by Dumas and he'd read it when he was in college so we finished off our meal with a rousing discussion of French law and monarchy.

I loved talking about ideas and history instead of sports sometimes. After spumoni ice cream for dessert, we went on to Drysdale's Sporting Good's Store. The place was huge and catered to all kinds of sportsmen. I'd shopped here for football gear and I'd even brought Nancy here once to get new volleyballs for her after-school team. But today Carson and I headed straight for the camping gear.

There were so many sleeping bags to chose from that the chatty salesman had plenty to tell us. But I saw Carson perk up at one point and he chose two sleeping bags while I looked on with a question. When the salesman took them away to the counter, he led me over to the propane cook stoves.

"Those two will zip together to become one big one. Sharing heat will become important if it gets ... cold." He said quietly with a little smile.

I grinned and pointed out a set of nested tins. "Yes, staying warm will be essential."

We shared a smile and he asked about the state of my cooking supplies. I was going to have a fire but it was always a hazard and the new cook stoves were very efficient and easy to use. We ended up buying one and the assorted pans. Carson said he hadn't cooked in awhile but he was looking forward to trying out his hand.

Loading everything into the trunk of the car, we set out again for home. I needed to touch him in the worst way and he seemed to understand because we held hands all the way back to his house. Once there, we made plans for me to come for him at six on Friday night. He wanted to get a jump on the weekend and I wanted the jump on him.


Nancy waved us off with a grin and a comment about the girls coming over now that the men were cleared out. I grinned back at her and thanked my lucky stars that we were going away. Carson took my hand the moment we were out of town. That felt better and we made good time out to my land. I'd taken everything else there but the sleeping bags and the cook stove paraphernalia.

So we carried them through the woods to the clearing and I showed him what I'd done. The tent was up and the air mattress in place. I needed him more than I needed food right then so we put together the sleeping bags and stripped off our clothes to slide inside the soft quilted flannel. I slid into his arms and kissed him for long moments while we hardened together.

"Ned, I brought some more oil with me. What do you want right now?" He scattered kisses over my face while his hand held my cock, slowly stroking it.

"You. I want you inside of me right now." I stretched against him and my hand found his cock, knowing it would be ready for me. "I brought oil, too. And a towel to keep the sleeping bag from getting messy."

He chuckled out loud and drew far enough away to look in my eyes. "I love the way you think ahead, Ned."

I rolled away from him and grabbed the towel to lie under me. I went to all fours and looked at him over my shoulder. "Please Car, come back inside of me."

His warm hands stroked over my skin and when they ghosted down my crease, I shivered all over. The tingles were back with a vengeance and I ached deep inside where I wanted him. And when I felt the oil seep inside of me, I relaxed all over. Two fingers stretched me wide and I widened my knees to get him deeper. My cock was weeping salty tears and the burn of three fingers told me I would be filled soon.

"Ned, are you ready?" His voice was hoarse and I could feel that velvet crown against my muscle.

"More than ready, Car. Give him to me." I relaxed and felt him pop inside. My arms trembled and I accepted the pain, knowing that the pleasure would follow. His hands stroked my back slowly and I felt him slide all the way inside. I had all of him and I felt stretched wide by that beautiful thick cock of his.

"There is nothing like your heat, Ned. All right?" He kept stroking me while he nudged my gland and sent flames licking throughout my body.

"More, Car, I need more." I pushed back and felt him chuckle. And that when he gave me more. Pulling almost all the way out and pushing back in with a little more speed, his hands held my hips still while he impaled me over and over again. I could feel the hair all over my body trying to stand on end while an electrical wave moved through me like a slow lightning strike.

There wasn't enough air to keep me conscious and I was panting hard when I felt him speed up again. Suddenly all my muscles seized up in one giant muscle spasm and I felt him erupt inside of me, flooding me with warmth. As if a switch had been turned too high, I came and came hard, spraying the towel beneath me with my seed. My arms turned into spaghetti and I landed face down with him layered along my back.

"I didn't think it could get any better and I was wrong." He nuzzled the back of my neck and rolled us to our sides so I could breathe. "You are such a blessing to me."

With barely enough energy to move, I pulled his arms closer around me. "You, too."

He chuckled and kissed behind my ear. "You have such a way with words, Ned. I can see that we're both going to be worn out by the time we go home on Sunday."

I took a deep breath and breathed in that sexy scent of his aftershave. "I plan on having difficulty walking. I'm going to have you take me in all my favorite places and I have a lot of favorites on this thirty acres."

He laughed and began to slide from me, leaving me empty. "We may both have difficulty walking. But I promise that whatever you want, I will give you."

Turning in his arms, I slid mine around him and kissed those soft lips. They parted and sucked my tongue into his hot mouth. There was another thing that was addictive, his taste, his scent, his wonderful cock but mostly just him. When we had to breathe, we looked at each other with smiles.

"I love you." We spoke simultaneously then grinned at each other. Slow kissing lasted until our stomachs growled. Then we broke apart to clean up and start dinner. This weekend promised to be the best of my life. It would have to last me for almost a month since I was booked for the first four weeks of classes and football starting Monday.

But until then, I was going to enjoy every last kiss and caress. My world had just grown immeasurably brighter and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The end for now