Author: Athea (
Fandom: Nancy Drew universe
Title: Looking Ahead
Pairing: Ned Nickerson and Carson Drew
Summary: Revelations abound.
Date: 14 October 2001

We sat with Ned's parents who were bursting with pride for their son. Nancy, Hannah and Evelyn, Ned's mother, were huddled together talking about some of the styles they saw in the audience. His father, Edward and I were slowly making conversation. We didn't have much in common except for Ned and I had a sinking feeling that Edward thought that Nancy might be a future daughter-in-law.

Not at all what Ned and I had planned.

Still, Edward was an intelligent man and a vice-president of Stark Foundries so we had some things to talk about. We'd both served on the local committee of the American Cancer Society for the last capital campaign. That carried us up to the actual ceremony of the diploma presentation. The Chancellor gave a rather humorous speech about the future and I admit to falling into a daydream about that premise.

Ned already had a job offer from the local offices of Spratt and Jackson, one of the best architectural firms in the state. He was coming back to River Heights for good. Coming back to me for what I hoped would be forever. At 22, he was still in love with me and heaven only knew the same was true for me. For public consumption, he was going to rent my country house from me while he worked as an architect. And if I went out there on weekends, well, who was to know.

They didn't need to know the rent was paid in kisses.

"Ned Nickerson." The loud speaker rang with his name and we all clapped while he shook hands with the Chancellor and the visiting dignitaries. Turning away from them, I saw his eyes searching for us and knew he spotted us when he tipped his diploma to his mortarboard.

We all waved back and sat through the rest of the graduates. Then we left for Ned's dorm room which we were going to empty of the rest of his things. He'd been bringing items home for the last two months but this would see the end of them. His roommate, Peter was there and I shook his hand, congratulating him on his chemistry degree. He was going to Du Pont's Labs in Pittsburgh.

His folks appeared and pretty soon I had a box in my arms, heading out to the car with Nancy and Edward right behind me with their own burdens. I could hear Ned's voice laughing at something his mother said and I couldn't help my grin. I wanted to hear that laughter every day for the rest of my life. I could hardly wait to get him alone.


I shut the door behind me and headed upstairs. Ned was still at his party and would be for awhile, I expected. I wanted to get our room ready for his homecoming. The spring night was warm so I opened all the windows and took a deep breath. Turning down the bed, I made sure the massage oil we'd found in New York was in the bottle warmer by my side of the bed.

Smiling, I got the bathroom ready for a protracted bath in the whirlpool that had taken us a month to install. But all the sore muscles and swearing had been worth it the first time that we climbed in together and soaked in the swirling water. It was our favorite water spot right after the pond where we'd first loved. Tomorrow, we were going swimming there and recreate our first loving.

Stripping off my clothes, I hung them up in the walk-through closet that we'd created out of what had been a tiny bedroom between our bedroom and the bath. Shrugging into the silk robe that I'd picked up in Shanghai the year before, I padded down to the kitchen to brew a pot of soothing tea. The last time I'd seen him, he was dancing with Bess on the backyard patio of his parent's house. He looked good and Bess was blushing at something he'd said to her.

He was excited and full of energy at his big day and I didn't begrudge him a moment of his celebration. But he'd be wired when he came home and I wanted him to relax. Hannah had baked cookies just for us and I'd brought them with me when I left the party. Preparing a tray, I selected finger foods that would be comforting rather than spicy. His favorite Gala apples were sliced on a plate along with the chocolate chip cookies.

The teakettle whistled and I poured the boiling water over the tealeaves in the white porcelain teapot that I'd also gotten in Shanghai. That had been a good trip and one I hoped to make again with Ned. We'd talked about where we wanted to travel and why, especially when it was a return trip. Our first trip together would be to England in a couple of months. Nancy and George would be going with us and I hoped that would be the time that we sat down to explain why Ned and I were such good friends.

I'd seen a thoughtful look on her face now and then but didn't think that she'd quite made the connection. Hannah had surprised me at our one-year anniversary with a special dinner and a cake to celebrate it. She sat down with us and explained how she'd discovered our secret. Her matter of fact delivery calmed my first panicked response. She said that she was happy for us and reminded us that she wanted input into the kitchen remodeling.

Ned said that I didn't show any panic while we were all three talking but afterwards in my study I must have shaken for ten minutes in his arms. He held me close and stroked my hair with a calm hand. We talked for almost an hour about reality, how and when to tell Nancy, just fears that I'd kept locked up inside of me. Even at twenty, Ned was calm and so wise about what might or might not happen. I was a lucky man to have fallen in love with him but even luckier to have him fall in love with me.

Leaving on the back porch light for him, I took the tray upstairs, turning off lights on my way. Setting it on the side table, I stretched and looked at the clock. It was almost midnight and he might be coming home soon. I fished out the teaball and dropped the padded cozy over the pot so the tea didn't over steep. Then I dropped my robe on the foot of the bed and crawled in.

I relaxed completely and yawned widely. It had been a strenuous week. One of my cases had gone to court and I'd spent Monday through Thursday tied up with that. It had been two weeks since I'd seen Ned with only three phone calls to keep me connected to him. It was silly at my age to have this need for someone but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Closing my eyes, I pulled out the recent memories of my lover; towering over his mother when she gave him a hug; teasing Nancy before dipping her to the music playing; eating one of Hannah's cookies with a look of bliss on his face; shooting me a heated look from across the people between us.

I smiled and fell into a light doze.


I let myself into the kitchen and locked the door behind me. The porch light told me that Carson was already here. The soft night light at the foot of the stairs drew me up to our bedroom. I paused in the doorway and drank in the sight of him. His body was all long lines under the silk sheets that he'd bought in Shanghai and we kept for special occasions.

He was beautiful and he was mine, just the way that I was his.

The last three years had flown by for me and I smiled at the thought. The best was now to come. I went silently to the bathroom and pulled out one of the Fleet enemas that we kept on hand. Inserting it, I let it flow inside of me, clearing the way for him to come in. I'd done some discrete research and discovered that I was one of 3% of the male population that had extreme anal sensitivity. Even the enema made me hard.

Grinning to myself, I puttered around the bathroom until I felt the need to void the solution. Sensitive doesn't half explain the pleasure that I got when he so much as stroked my ass cheeks. But nothing compared to the feeling of him sliding inside of me, filling me with his beautiful cock. I'd been sneaking peeks after football games for the last four years and I could truthfully say that I'd never seen one bigger or better shaped than his.

I was one lucky man to have him all to myself.

Cleaning myself, I stroked cream inside before going in to seduce Carson. The faint light from the candles he lit on the dresser gave me enough light to see him. Quietly, I slid into my side of the bed and heard him murmur my name. Snuggling close, I pushed the sheet from his body so I could feast my eyes on him. We both worked out with weights to keep fit and he'd taken to going running with me. Even though he was 43 now, he was still in better shape then some of my college friends.

And I intended to keep him in the very best health that I could. I'd studied nutrition along with architecture and we both enjoyed cooking on our weekends. Food that was good for you could also taste good if you just took the time to prepare it right. Leaning in, I gently tongued his nipple and watched it peak for me. This was one of the places that he was sensitive and I loved watching him harden while I suckled on his tasty nipples.

"Ned." He sighed quietly and opened his eyes. "Welcome home."

I kissed him, sliding between his parted lips to mate my tongue with his. I soon found myself lying on top of him and his fingers were sliding down my crease to find the cream that I'd used. He was hard by now and when we had to breathe, I sat back and reached around to hold him.

"I need you, Car. I need you to put this big, beautiful cock so deep inside of me that you touch my heart." Sitting up a little, I guided him home and he seemed to slide forever into me.

"Ned, my love, how very long the last two weeks have been." He slid his hands up my thighs and slowly stroked my cock. "How do you want it tonight? Slow and gentle or fast and hard?"

"Hard, Car, I needed you take me hard and fast until I pass out from pleasure." I started moving up and down slowly and listened to his groan with a smile that changed to a yelp when he rolled us so I was beneath him.

"Hard and fast it is, Ned." His grin lit up the room. "Put your legs over my shoulders, love, so I can get at you."

I was burning alive by the time he thrust in for the fourth time. "More, Car, give me more."

"You've got all of him, Ned. Every single inch ... of me . . . is as deep as I can get." He was pounding into me and with a shout, I came between us while he teetered on the verge of coming. "Damn, there is nothing like your heat. How about slow and gentle now?"

I smiled at him. "I want you any way I can get you, Car. Just love me."

"Always and in all ways, my love." He leaned in and kissed me while starting the tender rocking that pleased us both.


I stood beneath the open window and could hardly breathe. Ned Nickerson was upstairs getting fucked by my father. My dad was fucking Ned. I shook my head at the words I'd just overheard. George stood next to me with her arms around me, holding me tight while I shook all over.

Some detective I was. Little things from the last three years came back to me. Ned helping out Dad on the renovation of the old wreck that my father had bought. Times when I asked Hannah where Dad was only to be told that he was at a game with Ned. A hundred moments when I'd come home to find the two of them going over blueprints with Hannah for the kitchen in this house.

"Come on, Nancy, let's get back to the car." George's whisper was right by my ear but the two upstairs wouldn't have heard her if she'd shouted.

The moans drifting from the window were loud enough to ... I shivered and let her lead me back to the road. We walked quietly back to where I'd left my car and got inside. I put the keys in the ignition but didn't turn the engine on. Dad and Ned. Ned and my Dad. My Ned and my father. Oh god, there was no 'my Ned'. He belonged to my father.

"Nancy, talk to me." George's voice came from my side and her warm hands were chafing my cold right hand to warmth.

"Dad is ..." I couldn't say the words out loud.

"Carson is fucking Ned." She said calmly. "And very well, I might add. It appears that they've been together for quite some time. How do you feel?"

"Cold." I was shaking. "They've been lying to me probably since Dad bought that damn farm."

"Come here, Nancy." George pulled me across the bench seat and into her arms. I buried my head in her shoulder while she stroked my back in long calming strokes. "I'm not so sure that I'd call it lying, sweetness. More like protecting themselves from people who might hurt them. They haven't stopped loving you just because they love each other."

As usual, she'd gone right to my worst fear - that I'd be the odd man out. I sniffed hard and held onto my oldest friend. "Are you sure, George? They sounded so happy together without me."

"Sweetness, they're finally in their own place without Ned having to rush back to school or his family or you. Of course they sounded happy." She rocked me tenderly. "They also sounded hot as hell. I'm not sure that I'll ever get that picture of Carson thrusting into Ned so hard that he came shouting, out of my head. Or even if I want to."

I chuckled through my sniffles. "You always were a voyeur at heart, Georgie."

"You were right there with me, Nancy. You're not going to tell me that your panties didn't get a little damp when you heard Ned groan and pictured Carson impaling him on what seemed to be a very nice sized cock?"

"George!" I squirmed and caught my breath when one of her hands came around to cup my breast. She knows how hot that makes me. "I was not picturing my father's ... um, erection."

"Really? Well, I sure was, sweetness. How about when Ned said, 'More, Car, give me more'? I was definitely feeling hot." She teased my nipple into peaking before sliding her hand down to the full skirt of my dress. Sliding underneath, she stroked my inner thigh while I shivered for quite a different reason.

"Geor-r-rge." Hot, I was starting to feel really hot when she laid me back onto the seat and used both hands to push up my skirt to expose me to her fingers. I was wearing silk stockings with a garter belt and she leaned in to run her tongue up my leg until she could blow on the little triangle of silk panty.

"Just think, Nancy, Ned is lying in that big bed just like you are right now." She pushed my legs over her shoulders and began tonguing me through the silk while I writhed beneath her. Two fingers slid the silk aside so they could ease inside of me, fluttering against my sensitive nub until I thought I'd go mad.

Then she thrust them deep inside my channel while her mouth sucked on the nub that had swollen at her touch. I moaned and realized that Ned had sounded just like that while I was listening.

"And Carson is thrusting inside of him, just like I'm moving inside of you." She used her thumb to rub that sensitive spot while her fingers stimulated me. But she was sliding up to kiss me, her tongue surging inside my mouth and sharing my taste with me. Our breasts rubbed together while I moaned again, the sound swallowed up in her tasty mouth.

When we had to breathe, the tingles had started and I felt the electric feeling that George knew so well how to give me. We were both panting but when she kissed down my throat and over to my left nipple, I tightened even more. She knows how much that turns me on. Even through my dress and lacy bra, I could feel her suction and that's all it took to bow my back under the force of my climax. I was shaking all over while she held me close and lazily suckled at my breast.

Okay, so Dad was fucking Ned. It sounded like it was more than that. 'Just love me' Ned had said to him. 'Always and in all ways, my love' was my father's answer.

They loved each other. I mused on that while I stroked George's sleek dark hair where it was pillowed on my breast. I'd been afraid to tell Dad about George and me but it looked like they'd be open to our unconventional loving since they were doing the same thing. I sighed and that brought her head up.


I hated that unsure note in her voice. She was my rock, the one who kept me grounded when my thoughts flew off in all directions. "I love you, George. They're kind of like us, aren't they?"

"I love you too, sweetness." She kissed me slowly then slid back so she could pull me upright. "And they're a lot like us. Let's wait a little before telling them, okay? Let's let it sink in a bit before we go rushing in where angels fear to tread."

I straightened out my dress, which was sadly rumpled. "You're right. I need to be calmer when I talk to them. You'll go with me when I do though, right?"

"You bet I will, Nancy." She pinched my nipple before sitting back with a grin. "Now, let's go back to your place so I can show you a little surprise that my Aunt Helen sent me from Paris."

I started the car and pulled out onto the gravel. "Paris? What in the world could she have sent you?"

Her hand slid back up under my dress and fingered me gently. "Oh, just a little something made with leather."

I bit back a moan and sped up a little. "Leather, George?"

She chuckled and slid her fingers inside of me again while I breathed deeply. "Something long and hard, yet soft enough not to hurt that pretty little snatch of yours."

I loved it when she used slang. "Something for inside of me?"

"That's right, sweetness, something that I'll smooth some cream on so it will slide right up inside of this hot little channel of yours. And I've brought along your nipple clamps, Nancy." She flexed her fingers inside of me and I almost ran a red light. She paused while we waited impatiently for the light to change, we were almost home and I was about ready to come again.

"George!" I was biting my lip at the tingles running up my spine. "I almost passed out the last time you put them on me."

Her chuckle was low and intimate and if I hadn't already been damp, I'd have definitely creamed my panties by now. "That's right, sweetness, I'm going to strip you bare except for these silk stockings and that pretty lace garter belt of yours. Then I'm going to tie your hands to the headboard of your bed with a soft silk tie right before I suck your pretty nipples to hard aching points. Then, I gently attach one of the nipple clamps, then the other while you're moaning beneath me for more."

I pulled into the driveway and came for the second time that night. She chuckled and took her hand away, sliding out the passenger door while I shook myself to pieces. She opened my door and held out her hand to help me out. Taking a deep breath, I slid out and into her arms. It was going to be a good night.

"George, I think I'll need the gag."

"Whatever you say, sweetness."

The end for now