Author: Athea (
Fandom: Nancy Drew universe
Pairing: Ned/Carson and Nancy/George
Title: Mysteries 4
Summary: Everyone meets at Stonehenge.
Date: 19 January 2002

I have never been so glad to see someone in my life. Dad and Ned were walking near the Heel stone at Stonehenge when the rest of us arrived. Sir Thomas paid our way in while I hurried ahead to have a quick word with Dad. They both looked a little strained and I had a premonition that something else had happened.

"Dad," I went up on tiptoe to kiss his cheek. "We have to talk about the Wentons."

"I know, sweetheart. We know something about them too and . . ." he took a quick look at Ned who was accepting a hug from George. "This is serious business, Nancy. We'll talk together after this little meeting."

"Okay." I stepped back in time to introduce them to Sir Thomas.

He was suave and urbane but it was all a veneer and I could see the lustful look in his eyes whenever he looked at Ned. It made my skin crawl and I could tell that Dad was being polite with a super human effort. Sabrina was so nervous that she was practically wringing her hands. I was pretty sure that whatever was going on, she wasn't a willing participant.

But I've been wrong before so I linked arms with her and gave my most dizzy impression of a simpering blonde. That usually relaxes people and it worked today, although Ned gave me that look he has. It always makes me want to stick out my tongue at him but I restrained myself and batted my eyes instead. That gave George a coughing fit and a quick glance that told me that she'd be taking care of me later.

Oh good, I got damp just thinking about her loving chastisement. But we were walking around the central circle of stones now and I watched Ned go completely focused on the tall plinths and the flat rock inside. Dad was right by his side and alert, the way he usually was in the courtroom when he could tell that someone was lying. He's got a sixth sense that way and I'd inherited it from him.

I was also getting an impression of impatience mixed with the lust I'd sensed earlier from Sir Thomas. The three of them were walking side by side with George, Sabrina and me following. Ned was in the middle and he and Dad are almost the same height while Sir Thomas was a good six inches shorter. But somehow you didn't notice that when you looked at him. He radiated power and when he gestured towards an opening between the lintel-capped stones, he looked ...

Kingly -- almost as if he was giving them permission to enter the circle.

But Ned and Dad exchanged a grin and entered with a joke about ancient sacrifices that puzzled Sir Thomas. I was mentally cheering them on when we walked through as well. The air felt different inside the stones and I looked around with curious eyes. It felt like we'd entered a church, one of those really old ones where you feel kind of small and insignificant. It felt warmer, too.

July is warm, I know, but this felt like a hundred degrees. I wanted to be in shorts and a halter-top instead of the nice cotton voile dress with no sleeves that I was wearing. Or better yet, I'd love to be wearing nothing at all rolling around on the soft green grass that softened our footsteps. George's heated look told me that she was feeling the same way. But poor Sabrina just looked like she'd been trapped in an elevator with a cigar smoker.

When I looked over at the men, that lusty look was back on Sir Thomas' face. But Dad and Ned weren't paying attention to anyone but themselves. Dad looked ... I can't describe it but I felt like I needed to curtsey to him. And Ned was turning slowly to look at the stones with a feline grace that I wish I had. George moves like that sometimes and I usually have to pounce on her and initiate one of our love games, the Mistress and the Pleasure Slave.

And that's exactly what Ned looked like right then, a pleasure slave of great price.

Now, my panties were definitely damp and it felt hotter than ever inside this broken circle of stones where no wind blew. The men were talking about the history of Salisbury Plain and its stone monuments. Dad mentioned that they'd seen the Wiltshire County museum the night before and Sir Thomas' face went rigid for a moment before wrinkling into a smile that was just short of a sneer.

"They have a few exhibits worth seeing but in all modesty, I think our collection of artifacts at Wenton Manor is superior. Why don't you come to dinner tonight and I'll give you the tour?" He smiled again but this one was the lustful one. "Ned, I think you'll find our ancestral portrait gallery an interesting experience."

"Oh, Neddy, you have to come and see them. We got such a shock last night when Sir Thomas gave us a tour of the Manor." I gushed ingenuously and felt George quiver at my side. I didn't dare look at her for fear of laughing. It brought up the memory of the last time we played the Virgin and the Prison Guard.

Ned hates that nickname and his glance was just short of a glare. It didn't help that Dad was also trying not to laugh out loud. But Dad mastered himself, and that thought made me shiver like never before, while he accepted the invitation for both of them. The conversation went back to the stones while I pondered the sudden urge to make love with every single person within the stones. Well, all of them but Sir Thomas, he made my skin crawl. And I really shouldn't be thinking about my own Dad that way but there was an itch that needed scratching really, really badly deep inside of me.

Thank God, George packed some of our toys. I needed to get fucked and I needed it now. But after another fifteen minutes, we left the circle and I cooled down instantly. Just like that, there was a cool breeze fanning my red cheeks and the temp had dropped to a comfortable seventy-five degrees. What the hell was that all about? George and I exchanged another look while Sabrina relaxed beside us, no longer frightened but relieved.

Something was going on and we needed some answers soon. It felt like a storm was rising in the distance but its brooding presence was drawing closer. And I still needed to get fucked in the not too distant future.


It was really odd but this second visit was different from before. It was hot and sultry inside the stone circle and I could hear the sound of drums like Carson had described from his dream. But they were distant and still slow like a normal heart beat. Sir Thomas made my skin crawl with his lustful gaze and his penchant for touching my arm. I knew what he wanted and that made me feel sick.

Carson is the only one I ever want touching me.

But somehow I knew that Sir Thomas wanted something different. He had an aura about him that spoke of bondage and pain. He liked hurting things and people. When we left the circle and most of the feelings dropped away, I barely kept my sigh of relief inside. I'd need strong armor for this evening and the strongest shield I knew was Carson and our love. Nancy looked like she was going to jump on George the minute they were alone and that sounded like a great idea to me.

The look in Carson's eyes told me I wasn't alone in my need. But first we needed to speak to Avery Tattersole and tell him about the vivid dream that Car had dreamt. In our rental car away from Sir Thomas, I laid my head back against the rest and sighed out loud. Carson picked up my hand and dropped a kiss in the palm, soothing his love over the nasty feeling the other man had left with me.

"I shall kiss every single spot on your body that he might have touched, Ned. We'll take a long hot bath and wash him away." His tones were fierce, like the warrior king he'd been in the dream.

Naris had been a very lucky acolyte to win King Davas' love.

We parked the car in the car park and walked quickly to the museum. Avery had left our names at the front so we went straight back to the office where he waited for us. He welcomed us with the ever-present tea and Carson told him the dream while Avery listened carefully. Then I told him about the meeting with Sir Thomas at Stonehenge. He was frowning by the time we finished talking.

"He's already started his campaign to reel Ned in. The touches were simply his way of 'tagging' you." Avery sipped slowly while giving me an appraising look. "You'll need to be careful, young man. Stick to Carson like a limpet. Once away from him, you'll be quite vulnerable because of your youth. Sir Thomas was trained from childhood in power gathering. He was the second son and his older brother Edward was the sacrifice of his generation. Edward looked much like you, Ned. He was a golden lad with a heart as big as Thomas' is small."

"What should I look for?" I didn't want to admit it but I was scared stiff.

"Alcohol of any kind can hold a distilled potion that is virtually tasteless. Like his touches, they will tag you and condition you to obey him." He saw my involuntary shudder. "I know, Ned. Edward didn't believe my warnings and when he died I grieved bitterly. I watched Marcus grow up and felt such fear for him that I could hardly bear it. When he was killed in that silly car accident, part of me felt relieved even while I mourned the loss of his promise."

I shivered and felt Carson's hand take mine into his, warming me with light friction. "I won't let him have you, Ned. Just remember I love you and I'm never letting go."

"Bulldog, uh?" I managed a weak joke.

"You have no idea." His look was fierce and loving at the same time. "Anything else, Avery? Is there perhaps something that would ward off these tags?"

"Not in time, I'm afraid. I'm meeting with my coven tonight and we should be able to craft something that will protect you both but there is one problem." He set his cup down and pinched his nose the same way that Carson did when he had a headache. "I've felt for some time that the coven has a leak ... a member who's reporting to Sir Thomas. It's one of the reasons that I didn't call them together last night when I met you. I hope I'm wrong but in case I am not, I'd like both of you to pay attention to any dreams that you have tonight."

We nodded that we understood and he stood up, going to a cluttered bookcase and searching for a moment. When he straightened up, he had a small tin that looked like an old Victorian bookstore. "This is a tea that will help you reach that astral plain where memories lie. Drink a cup before sleeping and concentrate on a request for information that will help you in the coming confrontation."

Carson took it, nodding his acquiescence. "Let's meet for breakfast tomorrow morning. We'll have a lot to talk about and it will be D-day. If I have to I'll simply put all of us into the car and drive away."

Avery nodded slowly. "If you can, that may be the wisest move."

If we could? It felt like a cold breeze swept the room and I shivered all over. The other two didn't seem to sense it though so I kept quiet. I was probably just spooked. I needed Carson inside of me to take away the fear and ground me to this world, not some astral plain.


We barely got inside the manor house when Sir Thomas left to do some business and Sabrina went to lie down with a sick headache. That left George and I on our own and even though I wanted to go back to the room in the worst way, she asked me to show her the room on third floor.

It was even nastier than before. There were fresh stains in the bowl and something that looked like matted hair pinned with a silver broach to a blood-red cushion. George was frowning heavily by the time I relocked the door. She was thinking hard while we hurried back down to our room. Once there, I started undressing at once. I needed her so badly that I was shaking.

"Nancy, is there something you want?" Her voice was amused and I sent her a sideways look from under my eyelashes. She likes it when I flirt and this time it got me a heated glance that I could feel slide over my skin like her hands.

"I was thinking a nap would be nice in this nice cool bed. I'm feeling all ..." I slid off my dress and let it foam onto the carpet, leaving me in just my bra and panties. "All hot and bothered."

She unbuttoned her red silk shirt and let it fall. "The stones were rather sultry, weren't they?" Coming closer, she traced a bead of sweat into the well of my breasts. "Maybe I can think of something to cool you down."

I unsnapped her white pants and pushed them down her slim hips to the floor, tonguing the damp spot in the front of her silk panties. Slightly salty and I hooked my fingers to pull them off so I could have full access to her silky curls. She sighed and I felt her caress to my hair. But then she was tugging me up so she could get at me. My panties came off then she unhooked my lacy bra and let my aching breasts fall out into her hands.

Her touch was almost too much for me and I moaned when she pinched my hardened nipples. "On the bed, Nancy, I know just what you need."
"Oh, yes, Georgie. Please fuck me." I took two steps to the bed and pulled the covers off completely so all there was left was the cool mint green sheet. Sliding onto it, I rolled until I was centered in the bed. Touching myself self gently, I remembered the feelings from the stone circle and suddenly I was on fire again. "Please, Georgie, I need you."

She chuckled. "I know, sweetness. I need you, too." I watched her unlock her suitcase and bring out the smaller bag that held our toys. "Put your hands on the headboard, Nancy." She took out the bottle of lotion that I loved then the silk bag that held my nipple clamps and last but not least, the box that held the leather dildo that her Aunt Helen had sent her from Paris.

I held onto the rails in the headboard with shaking hands. I felt so empty inside and only George could fill me. I spread my legs for her and she slid between them to kiss me. Her lips were always so soft yet firm and I opened for her at once so she could come inside with that velvet tongue that always felt so good against mine. Her fingers were slick with lotion and she rubbed my nipples until I began to pant.

Then I felt the first sharp pinch of one clamp and then the other and the exquisite pain arced through my whole body. I shuddered under the stimulus and she chuckled before moving further down to tongue my aching nipples. Little shivers racked my body as her warm tongue licked my skin while her clever fingers sank inside of me. She teased me until I was shaking, only then did I feel the first touch of the leather dildo.

It was thicker than anything we'd ever used before and I shook a little at the first stretching but she just rocked it out a little then back in. Out then in until suddenly I realized that it was all the way inside of me except for the handle on the base. It felt like a baseball bat and I had a sudden image of a big cock attached to ...

No, I was not thinking about Ned's cock.

"Oh love, that's the most interesting look on your beautiful face." George was running slick fingers over my stomach and down between my legs. "Which cock are you thinking about, Ned's or Carson's? Ned looked like he was about to devour your dad when we were in the circle. And your dad had a rather imperial look about him that said he'd be happy to fuck any of us right into the ground."

Bingo! Okay, so I was one sick pussy and she knew it.

"It's okay to fantasize, sweetness. It doesn't mean that you're sick or perverted." She reached up and tugged just a bit on the chain that ran between the clamps, reminding me of that sharp pleasure. I arched my back a little and that moved the dildo against a sweet spot that we'd found by accident right after we started using it.

Fire spread throughout my whole body and I flushed from head to toe. "Georgie, again. Do that again."

"What, sweetness, move it like so?" She twisted it inside of me and rocked it against that spot again. "Or maybe you're thinking about Carson's big cock inside of Ned? Do you think that they're making love right now, like we are?"

I felt one of her fingers slide over my hole and I shifted from side to side suddenly needing something more. What would it look like to see Dad fucking Ned? George began to slowly fuck me with the dildo at the same time she slid her thumb inside my clenching hole. I gasped and rocked onto it, feeling too full and yet not quite enough. What did it feel like to Ned with something the size of the dildo back there?

It had to hurt. Didn't it? But just then I couldn't think anymore, only feel the tingles begin to race over my skin while I tried to get enough air in to stay conscious. George's tongue was slowly licking up to my nipples and I knew when she reached them it would be all over for me.

"Just think, sweetness, Carson's big cock is slamming into Ned's tiny little hole while the whole bed shakes around them. And he's biting those dark brown nipples instead of your pretty pink ones." She increased the in and out of the dildo while I burned everywhere. "And just maybe when he kisses Ned, his big ... thick ... cock begins to spurt inside that tight hot ass."

And that was it for me. The pictures and the vibrations were all mixed together in my mind and the first touch of her mouth to my right nipple bowed my back with the force of my climax. I spasmed over and over again, each time she twisted the dildo until I blacked out.


The small panel slid closed and the watcher nodded. So, the boy wasn't a virgin anymore. It was a good thing that that wasn't what was going to be sacrificed. With a cold smile, the watcher decided to concentrate on taking out the protective lover so young Ned could be brought to heel.

Perhaps after Drew was gone, Ned could be fucked before he was sacrificed. It would be a pity to let such a tasty morsel go to his grave without one last bout of hot sex. The watcher chuckled and left to make a few changes in the evening plans. So much to do and so little time.

The end for now