Author: Athea (
Fandom: Lois and Clark, chapter one
Date: 16 March 1999

Jimmy walked aimlessly through the park at dusk, wondering when he was going to find someone to love. Muttering under his breath, "I'm bright and intelligent and fun to be with. I think. Damn, there's got to be someone out there who'd be willing to take a chance on me."

A loud splash resounded to his left and he automatically swerved to see if there was a story in it. Pushing through the bushes, he fought his way through the undergrowth and out to the small pond that had been set aside for the ducks to breed. A sodden shape had pulled its way up onto the bank.

"Hey, are you okay?" He stooped over the figure and rolled him over. "Oh ... my ... god. Superman."

A groan was his only answer. The man of steel was missing his cape and drenched with water over a suit that had large holes burned into it. He had a bruise at one temple and his eyes were dazed as they looked up at him.

"Who are you? Why does my head feel like somebody's pounding an anvil on it?"

"I'm Jimmy Olson from the Daily Planet. We're friends. Kind of." Jimmy blushed at the memories of his few conversations with Superman. "Do you remember what happened? Why are you in the duck pond? Where's your cape?"

"I was wearing a cape?" His voice was incredulous. "What the hell am I doing wearing this weird costume?"

*Oh, god. He doesn't remember who he is.* Jimmy's thoughts whirled.

"Well, as Superman, you wear this outfit when you're out fighting crime. When you're flying, your cape streams out behind you."

"Flying? What have you been smoking, Jimmy?" Superman grinned up at him and the reporter felt his heart flip right over.

*He belongs to Lois, even though he doesn't remember it right now. But oh, does he have a nice smile.* Jimmy thought yearningly.

The man of steel was getting up and he clutched Jimmy's shoulder for balance. His grip was tight but not too tight and the reporter felt a shiver run up his spine. It felt good. So, daringly, he slid an arm around the trim waist and supported him away from the pond.

"Let's get you to my apartment so I can look at your head. You've got a bruise the size of a fist and it's turning black and blue already."

"Okay." A long arm looped around his shoulders and Jimmy felt his stomach give a little jump. It was the closest thing to an embrace that he'd felt in the last two years.

Full night had fallen and they made their way through the darkest part of the park, away from the decorative lane lamps. Jimmy figured out the quickest and darkest way to his apartment building. They made the back entrance in fifteen minutes and in the dim light of the hall, Jimmy surprised a grimace on Superman's face.

"Head still hurting?" Jimmy fished for his keys and felt his companion nod. "We'll be inside in a minute." He fumbled with the lock and felt it open. Pushing the door wide, he supported Superman into the small one bedroom, he'd called home for the last two years. Ever since he'd come to Metropolis.

Closing the door behind them, Jimmy guided his companion to the small bathroom off the bedroom. Turning on the overhead light, he watched Superman squeeze his eyes shut against the sudden brilliance. For once the stool lid was already down and Jimmy guided him to sit.

"Keep your eyes closed, Superman. This is really ugly. It looks like you got hit with something very big and very hard. Most stuff bounces off of you like rainwater so it has to be something catastrophic like a meteor or a ..." Inspiration failed him and the feeling of two hands grasping his hips caused most of his remaining brain cells to start shutting down.

"Can we take a shower, please?" The voice was plaintive and the shiver, though slight, moved the skin beneath the torn suit.

Shower. You had to be naked to get into the shower. Superman. Nude and wet. Jimmy's body sat up and panted in anticipation.

"Sure. A shower would be nice. Do you need any help getting out of the suit?" *Oh please, please, please.*

"I still feel a little rocky, Jimmy. Why don't we take one together so you can keep an ... eye on me?"

Jimmy knew when he heard an invitation. "Okay. How does this thing come off?"

"No clue." Superman looked at it and reached up a hand and casually tore the neckline down to the waist, revealing gleaming pectorals and pert brown nipples. "Hell, the fabric must be made of tissue paper."

Jimmy sighed happily and pulled his T-shirt over his head while he toed off his shoes and kicked them against the bathroom door. He watched with bated breath while the man of steel stood up and pushed down his shorts and tights. The large, well shaped penis bobbed free and sent the last of Jimmy's thoughts about doing the right thing into the same closet where he kept his sexual identity.

He pushed down his own pants and boxers, watching Superman's appreciative gaze eye him. He had nothing to worry about in the size and shape game. But the tentative touch to his hardening cock, surprised him.

"Nice. But it seems to have a swelling problem." Flirtatious eyes gleamed into his and Jimmy slid his hand down the hard muscles of the chest before him, tweaking a nipple on his way.

"Maybe a nice hot shower will take care of that?" He gestured to the small tub and shower combination. "We can ... hold each other up."

The blue eyes lit up and Superman stood too quickly, swaying and grabbing for Jimmy's shoulders. The reporter stepped forward and helped him regain his balance, sliding his arms around the firm waist and cupping the rock hard buttocks in his hands. Their cocks collided and they both shivered with sudden need.

"Shower. Now." Jimmy pulled him over to the tub and steadied him into the tub, thanking god that he'd had a cleaning fit the day before and the porcelain was minus the soap ring it usually wore. He reached behind his companion and turned the water to trickle so they could get the temperature right before putting it on full blast. The one nice thing about this apartment was the fast hot water it provided.

"Okay, big guy. Here comes the water." Jimmy turned the handles on full and felt the blast of water against the satin skin beneath his fingers. Superman's skin felt alive beneath his fingers, a combination of silk and steel.

"Soap, Jimmy. I feel grimy." The laughing voice in his ear and the teasing lick of a raspy tongue sent him into sensory overload.

Fumbling at the hanging shower caddy, he pulled the soap on a rope that his Aunt Milly had given him off the shower-head and into his hands. Lathering up, he began to wash the gleaming skin before him. Fascinated, he watched his hands glide over broad shoulders, down over the hairless chest and across the washboard flat stomach to the prize waiting for him among the tightly curled black hair at his groin.

Superman groaned softly as his hands clasped the long, wide cock that jutted proudly from within the thicket of curls. More soap and he began the careful washing of the slick, heavy cock. Dropping to his knees, Jimmy ran his soapy hands down the long legs then back up to the inner thighs that were roped with corded muscles. Superman shifted his legs apart a bit more and leaned back to let the water flow down over his shoulders and rinse him clean.

Jimmy soaped the round balls that hung below the cock and gently fingered the perineum with a soap slicked finger that slid back to briefly cleanse the hidden cleft between the cheeks of Superman's ass. He was rewarded with another groan and a swift clenching of the firm muscles. The water cascaded down and Jimmy watched in appreciation as the soap bubbles slid down the planes and valleys of the beautiful body standing before him.

Licking his lips lustfully, he looked up at the man who'd figured in his dreams so often. "Now, I can see some swelling. I'd better diffuse this loaded weapon before it goes off." And without giving his shower mate time to object, he slid his tongue around the swollen head and began a gentle sucking of the reddening tip. It quivered on his tongue like a live thing and he tongued a clear drop of fluid from the small slit.

It tasted like honey to his taste buds and he mouthed down one side and back up the other of the hardening cock. He opened his mouth wide and began inching his way down the shaft, flicking his tongue under the sensitive head and listening to the gasps from above him. Relaxing the muscles at the back of his throat, he finished deep throating Superman's now steel hard cock.

The water continued to flow while he swallowed experimentally and felt his shower companion shudder. With one hand fingering the shifting balls, he snaked his other between the thighs and teased the puckered opening in the downy cleft. A hiccup from above brought a smile to his stretched lips and he began to slide back, flicking his tongue over the salty flesh. More precum had begun to leak from the tip and he savored the taste with short stabs to the slit that brought a keening sound from his companion.

Smiling, Jimmy began to deep throat him again while he pushed his middle finger slowly through the puckered opening and deep inside the hot channel. The keening changed to another hiccup and the balls between his fingers began to tighten. He figured they had another few minutes of hot water so he'd better put Superman out of his misery. Rotating his finger, he searched for the nub that would stimulate his new lover into release.

"Oh god!" Superman whispered above him, thrusting his hips towards the kneeling reporter.

Jimmy began to swallow again and again while his finger brushed past the nub of flesh that sent such wonderful feelings through the body above him. Superman's hands gently clasped Jimmy's shoulders but even that pressure was going to be enough to leave bruises, the reporter had time to think, before with a sigh the big man released into Jimmy's waiting mouth.

Pulling back just a little, he savored the creamy fluid that poured from the softening cock. Sucking a bit harder, he heard his companion sigh softly. Grinning, he licked the sweet flesh while slowly removing his finger from the relaxing channel.

"You sure know how to take a shower, Jimmy." The man of softening steel purred. "Come up here." And strong hands lifted him effortlessly to his feet. "Your turn."

And hard hands rubbed him with soap in front and behind before reversing their positions and turning him towards the shower head to get rinsed. Jimmy was aching with the need to release by the time the capable hands found his cock. A few strokes and he was arching into the body behind him while a rough tongue ran over the spot behind his ear that always set him on fire.

"Holy Hell." Jimmy whispered, feeling the hard-again cock nestled between his ass cheeks. "Let's take this party to bed. I'll bet I can find someplace you'd enjoy putting him." And he wriggled back against the body that blanketed his.

"Funny. I was thinking the same thing." Superman's voice rumbled in his ear while sharp teeth gently bit his ear lobe.

They made a game of drying each other off and soon, Jimmy found himself rising to the occasion again. Grabbing a tube of Wet from below the counter, he paused when he realized he didn't have any condoms. *What the hell. He's from another planet. I've already swallowed him whole.*

"C'mon, big guy." He tugged on the arm that was wrapped around his waist. "Let's go to bed and you can make me very, very happy."

A low chuckle was his only answer and they tumbled onto the bed in a heap of entwined legs and arms. Hoping the cleaning fairy had changed the sheets recently, Jimmy began touching the silky skin that surrounded him. Leaning forward, he tasted the white flesh that tempted him. Sweet and salty, just the way he liked it. Nibbling his way to a nipple, he laved it with his tongue and heard a purr start deep in the broad chest. Moving to the other one, he licked it hard and then gently bit it.

"Oh, my!" Superman quietly exclaimed, his own hands busy running up and down Jimmy's back. When a questing hand brushed down between his ass cheeks, he wriggled in delight and bit him again, a little harder. "That feels good. Um, Jimmy?"

Jimmy raised his head and looked down into the big blue eyes. "What's up, big guy? Besides the obvious." And he shifted just enough to rub their cocks together.

"I can't remember if I've ever done this before. I want to but I'm not sure I know how." Superman blushed. "Exactly."

The reporter paused, his thoughts racing through the implications. "O-o-o-kay. We'll take it slow and easy. I'm not a virgin so would you mind fucking me? Maybe then, it will come back to you."

The blue eyes widened and the dark head nodded slowly. Jimmy reached for the tube of Wet and preceded to coat, two of Superman's fingers with the slick gel. "Now, you need to start stretching me so I can take you inside. One finger at a time, like I did to you in the shower. Remember?"

"Oh, yes." The blue eyes were gleaming now and Jimmy moved his leg up and over Superman's arm so the fingers could reach the right spot.

*Oh ... my ... god. It's been way too long since I've had anybody in my ass. I have got to get laid more often.* Jimmy sighed and wriggled back onto the long slick finger that had popped through the tight ring of muscle. Relaxing his back muscles, he concentrated on feeling every little movement of the tapered digit.

"Oh yeah, love, that feels so good. Now try both of them together. Oh-h-h-h, wait a minute. Let me relax a little and get used to you." Panting, he moved a bit and felt the middle finger brush his prostate. "God, that feels good. Rotate them inside me. Oh yeah, just like that."

It wasn't enough and Jimmy grabbed the tube, motioning Superman to give him his hand. Squeezing more gel onto three fingers, he wriggled again. "All three this time. But take it slow, I'm going to need to be well slicked if I'm going to be able to take Mr. Super here." And he stroked the cock that twitched beneath him.

"You got it." The dark haired super hero concentrated on sliding his fingers back in. First one, then two and finally three breached him, rotating gently but firmly and making him moan with the need for more. Reaching for the tube, he began to coat the steel hard cock with one hand while the other held himself up over the sweat glistened skin beneath him.

They were both panting now and Jimmy nodded for Superman to remove his fingers. Rising up to his knees where they straddled the slim hips, he gripped Superman's cock and nudged his opening with the warm, blunt shaft. Slowly, he sat down on it, taking it an inch at a time while willing his muscles to relax and accept the large intruder.

Finally, he had him all the way inside and he rested for a minute, opening his eyes in time to see an amazed look cross Superman's face. Chuckling, he squeezed his inner muscles once and enjoyed the blissful look that settled on the handsome features on his pillow.

"Okay, big guy, we're going to move carefully so I can get used to your bulk. You give new meaning to your title 'man of steel'. You feel huge but oh ... so ... good. Ready?"

"Don't let me hurt you, Jimmy. I think maybe I'm stronger than I feel." The face was serious and the reporter felt his heart beat a little faster at the expression of concern.

"I won't. Trust me on this. I've taken bigger but not by much and in this position, I get to control my own impaling. If you need to grip something when we get going, grab the sheets or the headboard. Then you can't hurt me accidentally. Okay?" Jimmy soothed his hands over the hard flesh beneath him and tickled the stomach muscles into rippling spasms.

Superman's hips moved and jolted Jimmy's prostate. "Oh yeah. Do that again. Only this time, let me start moving too." He flexed his legs and began the slow raising up until the hard cock was barely lodged within his channel then he sank down again just as his bedmate thrust up gently.

He saw stars and felt his legs tremble. They quickly established a gentle rhythm that began to fray Jimmy's nerves to shreds. Flashes of light kept darting through his closed eyes and he felt as if his entire body was singing with pleasure. Each and every nerve ending he had quivered with the need to let go. When he glanced down at the person who was giving him such joy, he saw Superman's mouth open and panting with the need to thrust harder. His hands were clenched around the wrought iron headboard and the twisted pieces of metal would never look the same.

Jimmy grinned and leaned over to kiss the open lips. *What the hell. He probably won't even remember it in the morning.* The lips were firm and salty, responding to him immediately. They kissed until the need to move grew too strong and this time, Jimmy encouraged him to thrust a little harder. The pace quickened and the reporter felt his climax burn through him like a forest fire.

Shuddering, he felt Superman release inside of him, the hot liquid flooding and filling him to overflowing. He sank down to the broad chest and buried his head in the hollow between the strong neck and shoulder. Little shivers raced through him each time one or the other of them moved and his hands clenched and unclenched on the sweat-slick skin of the arms that were now wrapped around him.

"Wow. Jimmy. That was unlike anything I've ever felt before." Superman's words came hesitantly. "I think. How could I have forgotten that?"

"Well, maybe you haven't ever made love to another man before." Jimmy sighed and kissed the skin beneath his lips. Time to face the music. Raising his head, he pillowed his chin on his forearms. "As far as I know, you've only ever been with women. Superman tends to lay them in the aisles just flying by. We always figured that if you ever settled down with anyone it would be our star reporter. Lois Lane."

"Lois." The broad forehead wrinkled and a half-aware look came into the blue eyes. "Dark hair and a beautiful face. Exasperated look most of the time?"

Jimmy chuckled and felt Superman's cock begin to slip from him. Clenching his muscles, he sent a throb through them both. "That's her. Of course, a lot of people consider you sexless since you're from another planet and all. Thank god, they're wrong."

Superman grinned. "I don't feel sexless. Do you think I've slept with Lois? I don't remember that either. At least, my head doesn't hurt as much anymore. Maybe if I get some sleep, it will all come back to me tomorrow."

"Sure. Promise me one thing though." Jimmy took a deep breath and let the cock inside him slip free. They both grimaced at the separation and the reporter felt Superman hold him a little tighter. Fluids were trickling everywhere and he knew he had to get up and get something to clean them with soon.

"I promise. You'd like me not to recoil in horror in the morning." Superman smiled gently. "Were we friends before this?"

"I'd like to think so. We only got to see each other when something went wrong or somebody was in trouble. I'm still just a cub reporter. But I'm learning." Jimmy could feel the cooling liquid gluing them together. "Stay right here. I'll be back in a minute."

He levered himself off the warm body beneath him and dashed for the bathroom. Running the warm water until it grew hot again, he dampened a wash cloth, cleaning himself up before heading back to bed. Watching the long lean figure stretched across the rumpled sheets made his heart beat faster. Did he dare even hope for a replay at some future date? Saying a silent prayer to his boyhood deity, he crossed over, kneeling on the bed and beginning to run the wet cloth over the flawless skin.

"Oh, that feels good. I should be doing that for you." The sleepy voice sighed, stretching his arms and legs wide before capturing Jimmy into a hug that enveloped him into a warm embrace.

"Next time. Go to sleep and we'll see if you remember more in the morning." Jimmy flung the wash cloth onto the bedside table and pillowed his head on a convenient shoulder. "Thanks for tonight."

A sigh ruffled his hair. "Thank you for sharing. I think I may have never felt this before and I wouldn't have missed it for anything."

Jimmy grinned and settled more comfortably against the warm body beneath his. "Even if it never happens again, I'm glad we made love tonight. I've missed it more than I can say. Sweet dreams, Superman."

"Goodnight, Jimmy. We'll see in the morning."

The reporter listened to the sound of the strong heart beneath his ear and let it lull him to sleep.


Jimmy stretched awake and wondered why he couldn't move. Then the memories of the night before flooded his mind and he quickly opened his eyes to confirm the pictures in his head. Superman lay relaxed in sleep, the early morning sun lighting his features with a soft haze. His dark hair lay tousled on his forehead, his jaw was relaxed from its usual granite jut and he looked ten years younger than he usually did. In fact he looked just like - nah it couldn't be.

Clark Kent? Mild mannered, straightlaced Clark Kent? Put a pair of glasses on him and a yuppy shirt and tie. And voila, you had the newest reporter at the Daily Planet. Jimmy sighed. This became more impossible by the moment. No way was the straight arrow Clark going to want to pursue a relationship with him. He was too junior and too male and ...

"That's a pretty bad frown for this early in the morning." The husky voice flowed over his ears and sent a surge of lust straight to his groin. "Regrets?"

"No! But I just figured out who you really are. Clark Kent, right?" Jimmy was going to be brave if it killed him. Stiff upper lip and all the rest of that crap. "You look different with your hair all every which way and your face relaxed and smiling."

The face had frozen still at the first mention of his name. All kinds of expressions flitted across his face and Jimmy watched while the blazing blue eyes searched his face. He met the look squarely. He wasn't ashamed of liking men but he wasn't 'out' in Metropolis and he wasn't sure how Clark felt about gays.

"There was a meteor and it began to break apart when it hit Earth's atmosphere. I was flying a nuclear bomb out to space and forgot to duck on my way back. I remember falling and hoping that I'd land someplace safe." His hand reached up and slid up Jimmy's arm. "It seems I did."

Jimmy felt a smile break out all over his face. "Then, you don't mind making love last night? We're okay? Even if it never happens again."

Clark blushed. "Um, we're okay. Still friends. But I wasn't quite myself last night. You see, um, I've never made love before."

"With a man. Yeah, I figured that out, big guy." Jimmy grinned affectionately and turned his head to kiss the fingers that were playing with his shoulder.

"Not exactly." He blushed harder. "I mean with anybody."

Jimmy stilled and felt his blood begin to heat. "No one? Male or female?"

Clark shook his head. Jimmy suddenly felt ten feet tall. Clark had given him his virginity last night, even if he hadn't known he was doing it. "Do you mind that it was me? That you didn't consciously make the decision in your right mind?"

"I might have never made the decision. I've always thought it would be on my wedding night but I don't regret a moment of it." The quiet power of conviction was on his face and shone from his eyes. "It never occurred to me that it would be a man. I always hoped it would be a friend."

"I'm glad. I'd hate to think that I persuaded you into something you're uncomfortable with." Jimmy leaned down and kissed his cheek, enjoying the stubble beneath his lips. "I've always known that I preferred men to women. In a small town, that was a sin. One of the many reasons I came to Metropolis. But I wanted more than a series of one night stands so it's been a long dry spell for me. I guess I'm glad we're friends too."

"What are we going to do now?" The question was hesitant.

"Well, we need to get up and shave. Shower again. Separately if that would be more comfortable for you. Then we'll have to find you some clothes that halfway fit so you don't have to streak home or worse yet, fly nude."

Clark's lips quirked up at that vision and Jimmy wished he could get that picture out of his head. Maybe later.

"Then, we need breakfast because I'm starving and I'll bet you are too. After that, we'll see." Jimmy slid off his breathing pillow and stood by the bed to stretch. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Clark running his eyes swiftly over him. He almost cheered when he saw a flash of lust in those not-so-innocent-now blue eyes. "I've got a spare razor you can borrow. Come on, lazybones, up and at it."

Turning, he headed for the bathroom and what would hopefully be the start of a new relationship with his friend. The sounds of feet hitting the floor fueled a hundred different fantasies. All starring one Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman. Man of Steel, indeed.

End chapter one