Author: Athea (
Series: Lois and Clark, chapter 10
Title: Testimony
Date: 16 July 2000
Summary: Jimmy testifies in court.

Okay, maybe I was a little bit scared.

But I could handle it.


I looked in the mirror for about the fifteenth time. Was that a zit on my nose? I leaned in really close and went cross-eyed trying to see if the red spot might be a pimple.

"Jimmy, honey. Are you all right? It's time for us to go." My grandmother's voice was strong and sure through the solid oak door.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out, I took one last look in the mirror before heading out the door. My reflection looked pale against the navy blue double-breasted suit that Grams had gotten for me. The same color sling cradled my left arm since I still didn't have full use of it and the muscles cramped on me occasionally. It was the nicest outfit I'd ever had but at the moment I'd have traded it in a heart beat for a pair of jeans and my old black jacket.

Marching to the door, I opened it to find Grams just on the other side, a little worry line between her eyes. Opening her arms wide, she gathered me into one of her hugs. Her voice crooning soft grandmotherly words that wrapped me in love and caring as only she could.

Straightening, I tried a smile out on her. "I'll be fine, Grams. Really I will."

"Yes, you will, Jimmy. Remember that you're helping to put away some very evil men who never once balked at killing when it suited them." She smoothed the collar of my light blue shirt and straightened my burgundy tie. "You look strong and proud of who you are. You survived to put these men away where they can no longer hurt anyone."

"I know, Grams. But what if they bring up why I was at the Solitary Cyclist?"

"You're not ashamed of your friends there, are you?"

"No." I thought for a moment. "I guess, I just don't want you to be disappointed if that gets blown out of proportion. Most of your friends think I'm some kind of a gold digger anyway."

"Sweetheart, if they think that, then they aren't my friends. Once they get to know you, they will understand. As for the others ... Pfui!" She snapped her fingers and tucked her arm in mine. "Let's go."


I slowly relaxed against the back of the overstuffed sofa, feeling as if I'd just passed through the eye of a hurricane. Grams had gone to get me something for the headache that pulsed behind my eyes. The testimony had gone pretty much as planned. Doug Drake, Gram's lawyer, had taken me through every step of what would happen and the questions he'd badgered me with over and over had come almost word for word.

It still made me feel sick.

I'd never come up against such nicely worded invective in my life. The homophobia in the courtroom had risen to such high levels before the prosecutor had brought them down to manageable proportions that I'd felt like I was drowning in hate. The only thing that kept me from throwing up was Clark's presence in his guise of Superman.

He was my talisman, the rock on which I could lean when the panic in my mind threatened my equilibrium. He was there to testify to what he'd seen and heard at the original incident, the killing of Senator Gibbs and also the last attempt to kill me in the hospital. He'd stood in the back of the courtroom, waiting for his turn and watching me with his heart in his eyes. The whole trial was a circus of media and demonstrations.

"Here, sweetheart. Take two of these and just rest." Grams' voice brought me out of the nightmare and back to the first home I'd ever had.

"Thanks, Grams. I love you. And I'm so glad you were there with me." I swallowed the two capsules with the glass of juice that Cransom had waiting for me. "I'm just sorry you had to listen to that ... that stuff."

"And I'm sorry that you had to sit there while the defense attorney tried to drag you down into homophobia hell." Her kiss on my cheek was soft while her voice told me what she thought of the good-looking attorney with the cold eyes. "But I was very proud of how you handled each question. You never once lost your composure and made him look like the sly conniver that he was."

"Thank God for Doug Drake. If he hadn't drilled me with all the tough queries, I'd have lost it before the fourth question." I held her hand hard, too tired to even want one of the double chocolate chip cookies that Cook had baked for me. Shaking my head no when she offered, I sighed. "Do you think that I'll have to go back again?"

"No, Jimmy, you won't." Doug's voice came from the foyer arch. "The witnesses for tomorrow are set. I expect that the FBI will take up Thursday and Friday with their testimony. So for this weekend, you're safe."

He came on in with Perry White right behind him. Lois and Clark were right behind them and I felt something heavy inside of me, lighten with my lover's smile. "Good. Thank you, Doug. I'm glad that you were so tough with me this last week."

"All part of the service, Jimmy. When I heard that Humphries was the defense attorney, I knew he'd sink as low as he could. He's a bottom feeder with a very shady clientele. Thanks, Cransom. Those look good." Doug sank into the leather chair across from the sofa and accepted the cookies that the butler offered.

"I was proud of you, Jimmy." Perry accepted a cup of tea from the other side of Grams. "The Daily Planet was well represented by your calm."

"Yeah, Jimmy. You were great up there. I wanted to slap that oily man when he got so sanctimonious about the Solitary Cyclist." Lois was sitting with Clark on the love seat at the other end of the u-shaped conversation seating area. "Oh, I shouldn't Cransom but they smell so good ... to heck with my diet." And she accepted a small plate with two of the thickly chipped cookies.

I'd only been listening with half an ear to the others because my eyes had locked with Clark's as soon as he'd come in. Our totally silent conversation had flashed between us like wildfire and I knew it would only be a matter of time before I'd get to hold him. Touch him.

Reconnect with the man who kept my heart safe.

Are you all right?

No. It hurts.

I know. I love you.

I need you.


Love you, too.

Dragging myself back from the deep pools of blue that were my lover's eyes, I smiled at the others. "Thanks, everyone. The only way I got through this was because of you all."

"Yes, indeed. When this trial is over, I'm going to throw a party and tell everyone who survived this debacle - thank you." Grams let go of my hand and poured me a cup of tea. "Not to mention, introducing my grandson to my friends."

The conversation grew general and I had to fight back a yawn or two. With the release of tension came the inevitable slide into depression. I could feel myself flirting with the gray cloud that wanted to take over but another glance at Clark banished it for the moment. He was so very dear to me with his earnest urge to protect me from all comers.

But Grams saw me struggle to keep my eyes open and before I could realize what she was doing, she was charmingly sending our visitors on their way. Except for Clark. She cut him from the herd with an expert's hand, saying something about some research he was doing for her. He was by my side so quickly that I wondered if he'd used his super-speed.

"Come on, Jimmy. You need a nap." He was smiling down at me then I was in his arms and he was carrying me up the half flight to the suite that was now mine.

I clutched at his shoulder. "Can you stay?"

He never had before, seemingly ill at ease in the penthouse. "Yes. Your grandmother already invited me to stay the night. She made me promise that I wouldn't leave you until I had to."

"Not if you're uncomfortable, Clark." He set me down and slid the sling off my shoulder before tackling my jacket buttons. "I don't want you to do something you don't want to."

His smile was so gentle and I closed my eyes when he kissed me. He tasted slightly of the tea we'd been drinking. Tenderly he mapped my lips before ghosting over my chin, cheeks, temples and eyes. I've never felt so cherished. It was as if he wanted to remove any taint left by the taunting questions about my lifestyle. Before I realized it, he had me stripped completely.

"I want to stay with you." He lifted me again and slid me under the covers before stepping back to undress. "I need to hold you and remind myself that you're safe and that you love me."

"I do love you. So much, it scares me." My eyes watched as each layer of clothing disappeared from the beautiful body. With just his shirt tails hanging open, I had to catch my breath at the sight of his suit pants sliding down his strong legs.

"Don't ever be afraid of loving me, Jimmy. You've brought so much joy into my life that I never dreamed of." He threw off his shirt and left only his boxers on before joining me in bed.

"Un-uh, Clark, no clothes in this bed. That's the first rule." I ran a hand over his washboard stomach and slid in under the waistband to the heavy cock that was already lifting towards me.

"Rules, huh? Are there many?" He pushed the covers back and slowly began to ease the crisp white underwear down over his hips, teasing me with a flirtatious look.

"Hm-m-m, is that for me?" I traced the large vein from the head of his just revealed cock down to his balls with one finger.

"Only for you. Only and ever for you." His gaze was tender and it melted me to the spot.

"I love you, Clark." I managed a whisper, blinking hard to keep back the stupid tears. I was turning into a weepy wuss.

Then I was flat on my back and he was kissing me so hard that all the tears dried up because the moisture was needed elsewhere. I've never gotten this hard, so fast in my short life. "I love you too, Jimmy. Don't ever doubt that. Now, about those rules, what's the next one?"

It took me a moment to remember what we'd been talking about. "Um ... oh, rule number two is ... all noise is good. Especially the kind that involves groans and moans."

"Moaning is good." He slid his tongue down the tender skin below my chin, over my Adam's apple and sucked on the flesh at the hollow of my throat. Hot spot number four on my hot-spot-list, and I shivered all the way down to my toes. He was between my legs now, our cocks dueling for space.

"Rule number three - mouths are for sucking ... and nipping ... not to mention nibbling." I had enough control over my wounded arm now that I could move it through a limited range of motion. But he was so close that I could thread my fingers through his silky black hair.

"Can't forget nibbling." He suckled on a nipple that raised up for him before gently biting it and moving on to the other one to repeat the motion.

"Oh god, do that again." It felt like I was hard-wired from nipple to cock. And he obliged me, going back and forth until the pleasure was just short of pain before he nibbled his way down my torso to my belly button.

"Rule four?" He pulled ever so gently on the curls that grew in an arrow pointing down to my cock.

"Never anything but pleasure in our bed." My hips rolled restlessly beneath him.

"Got it." He whispered before deep throating me.

I couldn't help the thrust up, I really couldn't. He'd taken to oral sex like a duck takes to water. And from what I could see and think and feel, he enjoyed it as much as I did. A series of swallows almost destroyed me but when he threw in some suction, I released into his throat. He drank me dry before sliding up to hold me.

His grin was infectious and I found myself smiling back at him. "Rule number five -- you have to let me play too."

He chuckled and kissed me hard. "I promise. I've got a rule six."

"Equal opportunity rule making is what this bed is all about." I combed back that lock of hair that persisted in falling on his forehead.

"What one gets, the other does as well." His eyes were a little solemn.

I started to nod my head until I thought about what that would mean. "Clark, you're not ready for that yet. You may never be ready but I really want you to be able to fuck me."

"Eventually, I need to know what makes you come so hard that you pass out." He said calmly with only a little quiver in his fingers, smoothing gentle circles over my stomach muscles. "And I'd like you to start by ... finger fucking me."

He is so very brave. If I hadn't been in love with him already, I would have fallen all over again. "Really?"

"Yes, really."

"All right. Kiss me again." I tugged on his shoulders and he covered me before leaning in for some serious tonsil hockey. We spent long minutes making sure that the other one was all right with this and he convinced me. When I pushed on his shoulders, he rolled over onto his back, all flushed and tousled.

Just the way I like to see him. Smiling down at him, I reached under the spare pillow with my good hand for the tube of lubricant I kept there for my masturbation sessions. "You're sure about this?"

"Yes, let me help." He spun the lid off the tube of clear gel and squeezed an inch of the slippery stuff onto my first two fingers.

"Thanks, love. Now, over onto your stomach so I can get at you." I quelled his pout and moved off of him so he could turn. I made him lift up so I could slide a pillow under his narrow hips. The look of him all laid out for me to play with almost made me come again right then and there. But the slightly apprehensive look he shot me reminded me that playing with virgins takes a lot of self-control. Thank god I'd already come.

"Rule seven -- we're honest with each other. Always." I kissed the base of his spine. "There will never be any pain in this bed. Discomfort maybe and I expect to hear about that if it happens." I kissed a little lower, licking the salty skin there. "But you don't endure it because you're a tough guy." I nuzzled between the taut cheeks and heard his gasp when I licked across the small opening.

"Jimmy!" He squirmed and I hid a smile against his tender skin. "What are you doing?"

"It's called rimming and it's a guaranteed good time, love. So just relax and enjoy it." I went back to licking and nibbling at the nerve rich area, sliding down over the perineum and sucking a ball into my mouth. Rolling it in my mouth, I listened for his moan and when it came I smiled. Breathy was good for my stoic lover, it meant that he was concentrating.

So, I gave him something else to think about. Placing my coated fingers at his entrance, I let some of the gel liquefy and seep inside. He twitched. Then I slipped in the tip of my index finger and felt his muscles go taut. I stroked his back with my weak hand feeling the tremors in my fingers translate into corresponding tremors in him.

Then he relaxed all over and pulled my finger in with a single contraction. I've never felt anything so hot and tight in my life. Flexing my finger, I moved it around, searching for the nub that would hopefully give him a rush. For the first time, I wondered if he had a prostate to stimulate.

Wouldn't that be a bummer?

No prostate, no trip to heaven. I moved slightly in and out before using my weak hand to roll his balls so I could remove the finger. "Okay, so far, big guy?"

"It's so intense. Knowing that part of you is inside of me." His voice was hesitant but when he craned around to see me, his dark eyes were shining.

"Too much?" I needed to give him an out.

"No. Keep going." He smiled sweetly and handed me the tube of lubricant.

I squeezed the tube directly to his opening and he squirmed at the chilly gel that immediately began to melt and trickle inside. This time I tried two fingers only stopping when the tension in his lower back grew under my weak hand. He finally untensed enough for me to slide them in a little further and this time, my middle finger nudged a small bump in the channel wall.

"Oh!" Clark shivered all over. "What was that?"

"Something I was afraid you might not have, big guy. It's your prostate. How does it feel?" I twisted my fingers along the hot channel and he shivered again.

"Warmth and tingles that go everywhere. Oh, yes. More, Jimmy." His back muscles rippled and his breathy moan did something severely debilitating to my own breathing.

I squeezed in some more gel and he wiggled those slender hips of his while I fought the urge to bury more than just my fingers. To distract myself, I dropped my weak hand down to his balls so they had something to play with too. Leaning forward, I began licking the smooth skin of his lower back and cheeks. He tasted good everywhere.

"Jimmy!" His hips surged back towards me. "I need to see you. Please?"

"No problem, lover. Hold on a second." I slid my fingers out before slipping from between his legs so he could turn over. His nipples were hard and peaked, just begging to be tasted so I did.

The small peaks grew even harder while I suckled like a puppy at his mother's tit. My slick fingers stroked lower over his cock and his moans were music to my ears. Sliding further down, I rubbed a finger over his perineum at the same moment I deep throated him.

His hips surged up and I slipped my still slick fingers back inside the tight hole. He was panting and thrashing his head back and forth on the pillow while I sucked harder on his tasty cock. My name was groaned over and over until with a thrust, he went silent and released into my waiting mouth. I drank him down like the ambrosia he was.

"Jimmy." His whisper stopped my lazy suckling and his hands pulled me up to be cradled by his body. "I love you. I'm not afraid anymore."

"I love you too, Clark. Remember, only pleasure in our bed." I settled my head on his shoulder and let myself relax completely for the first time since I testified. "Let's take a nap before dinner, then you can make me moan for you." He dropped a kiss on my hair and chuckled a sleepy acquiescence

End chapter 10