Author: Athea (
Series: Lois and Clark, part eleven
Date: 31 December 2000

I hadn't been this nervous since I was fifteen and afraid that I was going to forget all my math formulas before the algebra final was over. The courtroom was dead quiet as the jurors filed back into the room. Grandmother had a firm grip on my good hand and I was holding on to her with all my strength. I really, really wanted this nightmare over. The judge was reading the note from the jury foreman and when he asked their verdict, you could have heard a pin drop.

"The jury finds the defendants ... guilty of first degree murder."

He kept on talking but I was too busy relaxing to hear him. There was a low buzz of conversation all over the room and I looked over to see Superman standing by the large windows, his arms crossed and his face somber. Our eyes met briefly before I looked away to Lois, busy writing down every part of the verdict.

It was over.

Finally I could think about getting my life back. Of course, it wasn't the same life I'd had when this whole thing had started. I'd gotten a new name, grandmother and lover in between dodging bullets and exposing conspiracies. Grams kissed my cheek and I squeezed her hand. It was a toss up which gave me more joy these days, my grandmother or Clark.

They both seemed determined to smother me with love and I was soaking it all up with dedicated fervor. For someone who'd gone from nobody to a family, I was reeling in more ways than one. Physically I was getting better but this four-month trial had taken a lot of energy that I could have used for healing. I could use a computer again but my arm was still weak and probably always would be.

No more basketball for me.

Oh well, I got all the exercise I needed in bed with my insatiable lover. Clark was no longer a novice at lovemaking and he kept me on my toes ... and my back ... up in the air ... covered in whipped cream ... loved within an inch of my life. Which brought me back to my life. Back in my own hands for better or for worse.

What did I want to do with it?

Go back to the Daily Planet?

More schooling, maybe get my Master's Degree in Journalism?

Take a job with one of Gram's companies?

Volunteer with one of her charities?

Travel around the world and see everything I'd only read about?

Become an activist for gay rights?

Go back to the Cave of Silence and fuck Clark's brains out?

Zing! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. I cast a heated look at Superman and slowly licked my lips. The stoic look never changed but his ears turned a little bit pink. This was going to be fun. Bad Jimmy, as the saying goes -- when I'm good, I'm really good but when I'm bad, I'm better.

Grams chuckled in my ear and I gave her my most innocent look that made her laugh even harder. "Bad boy, Jimmy. I take it you won't be at the party I'm throwing at the Art Institute this evening?"

Busted. I'd have to go or at least make an appearance. "You couldn't keep me away, Grams. I might even be able to talk Clark into a dance." Raising my voice just a tad, I knew his super-hearing would catch it. Sneaking a peek, yes indeed, the ears were redder and the jaw just a bit more granite-like.

The judge was pounding his gavel and the talk died down while he laid out the rules of the sentencing hearing that would come in two weeks. Thankfully, I wouldn't need to be here for that. I was sick of these four walls and hoped to never have to grace their presence again.

Even the criminals had taken a vacation lately as if they knew that Superman was too busy to chase them. But I couldn't count on that continuing forever so I needed to get my licks in now.

Not to mention my sucks and fucks.

We definitely needed to be somewhere no one could hear us. I wanted to be completely uninhibited and I wanted Clark to be, too. He'd mentioned a hot spring not far from the Cave of Silence and I was ready to check it out.

Clark, wet and naked.

Followed by Clark in front of me on his hands and knees while I slid deep inside of him. Or me wrapped around him, just as wet and naked while he impaled me on Mr. Super. My grin must have worried Superman because he was coming our way with a lifted eyebrow.

"Superman, will you be able to come to the Art Institute tonight for the official unveiling of the Celtic Heritage Collection and the unofficial verdict celebration?" Grams slipped it in so smoothly that I could only admire her sangfroid.

"I'm sorry to have to miss it, Mrs. Kenyon, but I've been called away unexpectedly. Perhaps Clark can take my place if he returns in time?" The deep voice soothed my tension away.

"What a good idea, Superman. I'll make sure he gets an invitation for the 8:00 reception. Do you think he has formal wear?" Grams flirted just a bit with her big blue eyes and Superman almost cracked a smile.

"I'll pass on your invitation. I must be off. Good luck tonight." He bowed his head gravely and left for the back of the courtroom and the emergency exit he used to come and go.


Grams fussed over my tie before stepping back and giving me a critical look. "Handsome to the core, Jimmy. I haven't had such a good-looking escort since my Rory died. How he would have loved you."

I hugged her gently so I didn't crush her black taffeta dress. "I would have enjoyed knowing a grandfather but I'm the one who will have the most beautiful woman in the world on my arm. I'll be the envy of all the men there."

"Very, very like your grandfather. It must be in the genes of the Kenyon family men." She chuckled and kissed my cheek.

"Shall we go and show everyone how it's done?" I waggled my eyebrows at her and enjoyed her laughter.


I chatted with the Mayor, told my alderwoman a joke and flirted with all of Gram's old friends. Once I'd done my duty, I slipped away to actually look at the collection. Francis Whittier, the art institute curator, had done a great job with the lighting and display cases.

A chalice of gold, studded with garnets in a spiral pattern all the way down to the base caught my eye and I circled the freestanding column to follow the raised pattern. It was a work of art in more ways than one and spoke to me silently.

"What does it say to you, young man?" The British accent came from behind me.

"Power and the love of his god." I answered without thinking.

"Very good. It belonged to the High Priest of a Druidic cult that ruled Britain for over a thousand years." An older woman joined me by the case and I wondered who she was.

"I'm Jimmy Kenyon. Are you a Celtic scholar?"

"Rhianna Golden and I am a part-time scholar and part-time archaeologist." Her eyes were dark and piercing under wings of black eyebrows. A vivid streak of white hair at her temple accented the shiny black hair coiled on top of her head.

"Did you dig up any of this collection?" I asked politely.

"One item, Mr. Kenyon, the chalice at which you were looking. We were in Wales on a rescue dig when we came across the burial of someone important for his time period."

"What is a rescue dig, ma'am?" I thought I knew but her explanation was sure to be better than my hazy idea.

"People with more money than brains decided to build a hotel on the site of some old ruins." Her acerbic tones told me what she thought of that idea. "When the burial site was found under the ruins, we were given 72 hours to dig up and sift the ground before they bulldozed it away forever."

"Ouch, that had to be difficult. Just getting light to the site for the evening hours had to be hard. I'm guessing this wasn't in the middle of a town?"

Her eyes reappraised me and she gave a staccato nod. "Quite right, but we persevered and kept taking the pictures that would show the patterns of burial, while we kept digging. His skeleton was rather well preserved for a burial over a millennia old. The chalice was clasped to his breast and the shroud of linen had protected it from the elements. The University of Manchester was paying for the dig so all artifacts belonged to them. Although, the owners of the land put up a rather spirited try for it."

By the gleam in her eye, I just knew that she'd enjoyed the cut and thrust of battle. Instead of the Druids, she'd have fit right in with the Vikings of long ago. "How did it end up in this traveling exhibit?"

Her sharp eyes looked at me and seemed to judge my interest before answering. "Several objects of similar age have recently been brought forth from vaults and warehouses for this exhibit. I thought it might be interesting to study them side by side instead of just using pictures to compare some of the ancient writings on them."

"Could they be related, these objects?" That sounded really neat to me and I made a firm commitment to myself to look at every single exhibit.

"Perhaps. Kenyon is the name of the benefactor who enabled this exhibit to come together." Her eyes looked a question at me.

I blushed. It was the first time anyone had made the connection since my name change. "My grandmother has always been interested in genealogy and the ancient cultures that came before the Irish and English of today."

"I see. And what do you do?"

"I'm on sick leave from the newspaper the Daily Planet." I left it at that since I was still not sure where my future would take me. I'd never thought of archaeology before but I was fascinated by her story and the beauty around me, that had lain for so many years in the earth.

"Jimmy, Mrs. K is looking for you." Clark's voice came from behind me and I introduced him to Ms. Golden. His reporter's instincts came to the fore and he already knew that she was one of the original archaeologists. "Will you be studying these items here in the Art Institute?"

"I have great hopes that the powers-that-be will grant my request after the first hoopla dies down." Her eyes came back to mine.

"I'll be glad to throw in my two cents on your side, ma'am. If you wouldn't mind giving me a tutorial on the time period and some of the objects here, I'd really appreciate it. I've never been this close to so much history." I suddenly yearned to know more and she slowly nodded.

"Thursday of next week, I shall be here at 10:00. If you wish to accompany me while I make my tour, I shall be delighted to enlighten you about the Druids and their world." She bowed her head and we both bowed back.

As she swept away, she passed my grandmother coming through the narrow entrance into the exhibit and they both appraised the other with gracious nods. They were about the same age and although very different, I thought I saw a resemblance between two matriarchs. I was willing to bet that Rhianna Golden was at the top of her profession, the way that grandmother was of hers.

"Jimmy darling, how very daring of you to actually look at the exhibits." She kissed my cheek affectionately. "That's just not done." She parodied the accents of a few of her friends. "But I just came to tell you that it's safe for the two of you to ... fly off for the weekend."

"Grams," I kissed her cheek, "you're the best and I love you. We'll be back before you know it. Did you know the lady that just left?"

"Rhianna Golden? I know of her and I'm rather looking forward to speaking with her. She looks quite distinguished and from what I hear, she is the expert on Druidic culture." She winked at me. "If you're going to be asking questions, she's the one who can answer, I'm told."

"Cool. Are you ready to leave, Clark?" I asked him, leaning just a little into his arm and looking up at him.

"I believe I am, Jimmy. Back to your place for your things then ... off?" He asked diffidently.

"Yes, please. Goodnight, Grams, make sure that Perry takes you straight home." I kissed her cheek and she chuckled.

"Don't you worry about me, sweet pea. Just have a wonderful time. You deserve it after these last few months." She kissed me back then shooed us out the back door that the security guard was holding open for us.

We made our escape and caught a cab back to Grams' penthouse. I had everything packed in my backpack so we changed clothes and Clark took off from the garden with me cradled in his arms. I was getting used to this flying thing and I made the time go faster by kissing Clark from one side of that handsome face to the other, stopping at his lips every other pass.

He was getting better at keeping his eye on where he was going. We hadn't had any near misses with tall buildings since I'd promised not to start teasing him until after we cleared Metropolis. In no time at all, we were landing outside the Cave of Silence and he'd triggered the lighting so I could see to attack him.

We landed on the bed while rolling this way and that to get our clothes off. Finally, I had him naked every inch of him plastered up against every inch of me. We rocked together silently while we reconnected through touch. My lips wanted to kiss every square inch of him and he seemed to have the same desire.

Eventually, I ended up on top of him with Mr. Super nudging my balls. "Clark, where's the lube?"

He fished it out from under the pillow with a look of dismay. It was half gone.

"Don't worry, Clark. I brought two new tubes for the weekend." I grinned down at him and he blushed. I love it when he does that. He was still my innocent lover with the cock of steel and enough stamina to make me a very happy camper.

"I won't forget again, Jimmy. Is it time for you to come inside of me, yet?" He asked, those dark eyes looking hopefully up into mine.

I thought about it. We'd come a long way from his shy uncertainty and I no longer feared that I was taking advantage of him. But he still hadn't taken me inside of him and we'd been working on loosening him up. He'd taken three fingers and I wasn't as big as he was so it should be all right but I still hesitated to take that last step.

"Are you sure, Clark? We don't have to rush into anything."

"We're not rushing, Jimmy and I really want to know what it's like."

Pleading gets me every time. Those dark eyes looking beseechingly at me and I was a piece of putty. "Then roll over, big guy so I can get that lube where it needs to go."

He grinned all over and I slid off of him so he could go onto his stomach. Straddling his hips, I squirted a couple inches of the cool lubricant directly into that small entrance between the beautifully tight cheeks. He was so beautiful everywhere that I took the time to simply stroke him, delighting in the fact that I could use both hands now.

I slipped in a finger and watched his back ripple. Then he relaxed and I was able to fit in two, scissoring him open for me. The third finger made the skin ripple again and I simply waited him out, flexing them gently until he relaxed again. With my other hand, I coated my steel hard cock and kept a tight rein on my control.

"Coming in now, Clark. If there's any pain at all, then you are to tell me at once. Got it?" I slid my fingers out and nudged that small opening with my cock.

"I'll tell you but there won't be, Jimmy." He was up on all fours for me now.

Then I was through and into the tightest, hottest place I'd ever been. I stopped at his hiss with just the crown inside and felt the channel walls grip me. But I kept stroking his lower back and thinking about the trust that he gave me. It hadn't been that long ago that he'd never even thought about doing this and here he was, stretched around me like a leather glove.

"You feel ... big, Jimmy. Really, really big." He was panting a little but his head was up and peering over his shoulder at me. "I think I need a little more of him."

"Whatever you want, Clark. Just relax and let me slide right into that little gland of yours that feels so good." I gave him the rest of me and watched his back flush with heat when I sparked his prostate. "God, you feel so good." I was panting with him now, resting along his elegant spine and kissing each knob tenderly while he got used to me.

"I can feel your heartbeat through your cock." He said with surprise and flexed around me. "You're right, it does feel good. Now, I need you to move and make me feel your power and strength."

"Oh, Clark, you're an amazing man." I began the slow pullout and the slightly quicker thrust in. He shivered all over and flushed continuously whenever I hit the gland. This time was going to be fast because it felt too good and my control was going to unravel any minute.

He was making little whimpers that went directly to my cock and pushing back to get me in further. That told me more than anything else that he really was enjoying it. So, I gave him faster and harder until he was shaking around me. Then I slid a hand around to Mr. Super and gripped him tightly. And with a groan, he came in my hand while I seized inside of him and climaxed at the internal massage he gave me.

"Jimmy." He sighed and collapsed on the bed, bringing me with him.

His back was a lovely mattress and I sighed into satin skin. "Clark, you are absolutely amazing. That was incredible. Can we just stay like this for a nap?"

He chuckled and turned his head to try and see me. "But I can't kiss you this way. And we're going to get cold if we can't get the blanket up over us."

I pouted briefly but slowly pulled out while he bit his lip. Then he was turning and I was held tightly while he kissed me tenderly. I loved him so much that it seemed I'd always loved him. When we had to break apart to breathe, he gazed into my eyes and shook his head.

"I love you and I want to do that again very soon." He said solemnly before breaking into a big grin. "Now, I know why you want me inside of you."

"And you're not getting out of your duties, Clark. You have to promise to come back inside of me at least half of the time." I reminded him and kissed him gently.

"It's a deal." He snuggled me close and with a long arm, he covered us with the comforter. "Nap time then I'll see what I can do, I promise."

"Love you, Clark. I'll hold you to that." I yawned and fell asleep held by my lover, dreaming of our future.

End of part eleven