Author: Athea (
Fandom: Lois and Clark, chapter 3
Date: 21 March 1999
New Beginnings

Well, it has been a piss poor day and I stood before Clark's door, an extremely frustrated man. With my luck, Lois was on the other side of that door and I'd be odd man out again. Oh well, no way to find out but to knock. Clark must have been right on the other side because the door opened wide and his long arm pulled me inside in one continuous movement.

Then, his lips were on mine and my body was plastered to his. My brain was in danger of shutting down completely, when that warm mouth finally trailed a caress across my cheek and down my throat. "I've been wanting to do that all day. Perry thinks I'm coming down with the flu. I kept spacing out when I thought about this morning."

My hands were kneading his shoulders while I rolled my head back so he could have better access to that spot at the hollow of my throat. "Bliss outs. They're called bliss outs." I managed to stammer.

"Oh my, yes." Then those lips were back on mine and we were tearing at each other's clothes. "Need you, right now."

"Yes." Words of one syllable were all I could manage once my fingers touched his warm skin. He only had on one layer so I had him stripped while he was still struggling with my suit pants. His back rippled beneath my hands and I slid all the way down to those tempting buttocks, palming them together and apart without going anywhere near where I wanted to go.

He tensed just the same and I felt my zipper give way finally. I'd already kicked off my shoes so the pants came right off and we were finally naked. I slid down for another taste of his addictive cock but he followed me right down so we ended up tangled together on his carpet.

"Jimmy." His hands were on my hips and mine were on his nipples. "Could I ... taste you?"

I pulled back a little and looked into those dark eyes so close to mine. "Please."

He lit up and kissed me briefly before sliding down to my groin. It was all I could do to stay quiet while I watched him eye my cock. Reaching out, he gently touched the flared head and ran his finger down the hardening shaft. It swayed towards him and he bent his head and lightly touched it with his lips.

Oh ... my ... god. I was back to praying again while he gently mouthed down one side and then back up the other. His warm wet tongue lapped at the vein just under the head and I shivered. He darted a quick look up at me and I gave him a shaky grin. Smiling up at me, he went back to mapping my cock with his tongue.

I always knew he was a tenacious reporter but his single minded exploration of my cock gave new meaning to the phrase 'leaving no stone unturned'. I was already leaking and he hesitated after licking the clear fluid from my slit. He seemed to be processing it and I wondered if this would be too much for him.

"Clark, you don't have to. It's not something that everybody likes."

"You seemed to like it when you ..." he searched for the right word.

"Sweet. You tasted sweet. I know I taste bitter." I stroked his cheek and ran my thumb over his lips.

"Not really. Salty like green olives." He licked me again and I twitched beneath that rough tongue. "I like it." Grinning at me, he moved his entire mouth over my crimson head and sucked gently.

I felt my hips try to leave the floor but his strong hands held me down while his eager tongue wiggled around my spasming flesh. Sucking a little more strongly, he coaxed me into a quick release and never once let go. I came until I was limp and felt the tension of the day flow out along with my semen.

He was calmly licking up any stray drops from my groin while I tried to get my brain back online. "What kind of research did you do today?"

He chuckled and kissed his way back up to my lips. "I found a very interesting site with pictures and extremely explicit text. Thank goodness for our privacy screens."

I laughed and hugged him close, my hand sliding around to his cock. "There's a couple of sites, I enjoy. I can give you their URL's. But for right now, it's my turn, big guy."

He let me flip him onto his back and slide down to his groin. Settling between his legs, I rubbed my hands over the satin skin of his inner thighs while I breathed over his bobbing cock. He twitched at the gust of warm air and I felt his eyes on me. I knew he'd be comparing what I did with what he'd read and seen today on the Internet.

So, I settled in to show him how it could be done. Fingers gently rolled his balls within their protective sac while I nipped the skin of his thighs. Sometimes it's what you don't touch that really gets a guy going. Half of sex goes on in your mind. This time I blew cool air across the purpling head and watched him shiver.

Grasping the base of his shaft with my right hand, I flicked the ridge with my thumb right before I swirled my tongue around the rim and over his slit. He shuddered and let slip a moan. Grinning, I relaxed the back of my throat and slowly inched down his cock until my nose was tickled by the wiry dark curls at his groin.

Swallowing once before slipping back up to the head, I listened to his strangled groans. When I looked up at him, his head was rolling back and forth on the dark green carpet with his eyes squeezed shut. So, I did it again. He tried not to thrust up into my mouth but that was an automatic reflex he really couldn't control. It took all my strength to hold him down and I briefly wished that he would fuck me again later with all that wonderful strength.

But for right now, I simply swallowed again and pressed that little spot on the major vein that either makes your cock feel red hot or ice cold. He squeaked. I almost didn't believe my ears. But it was a definite squeak and I grinned around my mouthful. He was leaking big time now so I took pity on him and began a series of swallows guaranteed to make him lose control.

That honey taste filled my mouth when he finally let go and I sucked hard to make sure I got it all. I felt his hand on my cheek, stroking me in rhythm to his pulses. He really did taste good and I licked him clean before slithering up his body and resting my head on his chest.

"Wow, Jimmy! I can see that I've still got a lot to learn." He sighed and ran his hand up and down my arm.

"Practice makes perfect. I have to admit to loving it." I kissed his chest before raising up to look him in the eye. "But just because I like it doesn't mean you have to. Hands are fine, too. Especially, if you're kissing me while you stroke me. One of your kisses could probably make me come all by itself."

He blushed and held my hand. "I did like it. The taste and the texture are so different than anything else I've ever known. But don't ever think I'm not enjoying it. There is something I'm not sure about."

I smiled and brought our linked hands to my lips, licking the tips of his fingers until his eyes came to mine. "You may not ever want me to fuck you, Clark. That's okay. Some guys don't like it. But I do. So, would you mind fucking me once in a while."

He hesitated. "I don't see how it can feel good, Jimmy. I'm so, so ... big and ... and ..."

"I'm so small? The muscle is more flexible than you think. And the prostate stimulation is incredible. I felt you for three days after we last made love." I smiled just thinking about it. "Trust me on this, Clark. I'm not into masochism and if it didn't feel fantastic, I wouldn't ask you to fuck me. But it feels really, really good and I have to tell you that I cleaned myself out before I came over in hopes that you might want to do it again."

Now it was my turn to blush but I held his gaze and saw it soften before he flipped me to the carpet and leaned over to kiss me silly. I could feel myself hardening all over again but he broke off to take a deep breath.

"Dinner first. I think I'm going to need my strength."

We put on the bare minimum and sat down to a fantastic meal. The salad was made with fresh romaine and spinach leaves. But the casserole was melt-in-your-mouth good and between the two of us, we finished it. We washed it down with milk and while we were loading the dishes in his dishwasher, I wondered if he ever drank anything stronger.

"I'm so full, I hope you forgot dessert." He admitted before closing the door and spinning the dial.

I just grinned and shook my head. "This particular sweet won't fill you up. Just me."

He looked quizzically at me but I took his hand and kissed it, tugging him into the living room. Now it was my turn to hesitate but he seemed to realize why. "How about we have dessert in bed?"

Nodding, I scooped up my clothes and let him lead me into the next room. It was really nice, all light wood and restful colors lit with wall sconces. His bed was big with a white and green quilt over the top and at least six fluffy pillows in a myriad of colors. He caught my questioning look at the pillows and ducked his head.

"Um, Mom couldn't decide which color was best so I'm supposed to live with them until I decide."

"That's nice. She must be really a good mom." I smiled at him and laid my clothes on a chair, slipping his surprise out of my pants pocket. "Plus, they're perfect for propping yourself up while you watch the news."

"Yes, they are. Do you mind if we watch the nine o'clock? We kind of missed the early broadcast." He asked while pulling back the covers.

"Good idea. Mind if I use the bathroom first?" I waited for his nod and let him have a moment alone. Sometimes, you just need a little breathing space before round two. I did what I had to and washed my hands, checking myself out in the mirror. Aside from tousled hair, I looked okay.

Going back in, I found him already in bed with the remote in his hand and the TV on the dresser on channel eight. I crawled in beside him and settled in to watch the news. Lead story was Senator Gibbs' death. Of course they got most of it wrong. They usually do. The microphones in the faces of the Senator's family really invaded their privacy. You could see they were grieving and in shock. The daughter especially brought a tear to my eye. She was sobbing in her mother's arms while some reporter was trying to question her about her father.

"Damn, why doesn't somebody get them inside?" Clark muttered and clenched his fist.

"Gives reporters a bad name. That's for sure." I sighed and listened to the reporter talk about all the suspects in the bar that had been questioned by police and FBI. Then they flashed the composite pictures that Keith and I had come up with during our sessions with the staff artists. We were 'unnamed sources'.

"Close?" Clark turned enough to look at me.

"As close as we could get it. Keith saw a scar on the shooter's jaw that I didn't but I saw the earring that purple hair was wearing." I shrugged but he just smiled and went back to watching.

The phone ringing startled me but Clark just picked it up. "Hello? Oh, hi, Mom... I'm just watching the news... Yes, I know, Mom... No it really wasn't as dangerous as it looked... Yes, I'm being careful..."

I snuggled down under the covers and watched the news with one eye while trying not to listen to Clark's conversation with his mom. Sighing, I thought wistfully that it must be nice to have somebody that cared for you that much. I didn't have any memories of my mother or father either. Just foster parents who came and went. Mostly went.

If anybody ever tries anything against Perry White, they'll have to go through me first. He'd selected my essay as the winner in the Daily Planet contest six years ago and the newspaper paid for my four years of college. I owed him big time and hopefully, I'd be able to pay him back someday.

The sports scores were on now and I straightened up in time to hear the score of the Colorado Avalanche and Detroit Red Wings game. The Av's had cleaned their clocks in Detroit with a score of 6 to 2. I whooped and remembered too late where I was. Clapping my hand over my mouth, I turned stricken eyes to Clark.

"That was Jimmy, Dad. The hockey scores just came on. . . He was one of the unknown sources quoted in my article... Mom? . . . Oh, you're on the speaker. Jimmy was there wearing a wire while Lois and I were out in the car tape recording the conversations... Yes, Mom, he was inside when the shooting started..."

Then Clark held the phone out to me. I tried refusing it but he just punched the speaker button and moved it between our naked bodies. This was a whole new level of kink. Lying in bed with my lover while we talk on the phone to his parents. Sheesh!


"Yes, ma'am."

"Are you all right? It must have been terrifying when those horrible men started shooting." Her voice was soft but filled with concern.

I cleared my throat. "Yes, Mrs. Kent, I was kind of scared but my friend and I ducked under the pool table so we weren't hurt at all."

"And you helped them create those composite sketches, didn't you, Jimmy?" His dad's voice was gruff, kind of like Perry's.

"Yes, sir. Of course, I was looking for something to happen because of Lois' tip."

"Nonsense. Clark says you've got a keen eye and good instincts. One of these days, you'll be a reporter with a by-line just like our boy." You could hear the pride in his voice when he spoke of his son.

"Thanks, sir." I had to get the subject changed. "Mrs. Kent, we had your favorite casserole tonight for dinner. It was great. I really enjoyed it."

"The ham and potato, Clark?"

"Yes, Mom. Jimmy was with the police and FBI most of the day so I invited him over for dinner. I knew he probably hadn't had a chance to eat much of anything."

"That was a good thought, son. Send the leftovers home with him." She sounded so concerned.

"There weren't any, ma'am. I was really hungry." I admitted over the open line. "And it was really good."

"Oh, you growing boys!" She chuckled. "Well, the next time we come up to Metropolis, Jimmy, I'll make it and you can see if there's any difference."

"Yes, ma'am. I look forward to meeting you and Mr. Kent. Good night." And I firmly punched the button that left Clark the only one who could hear them. Sliding under the covers, I buried myself under a couple of pillows. That was almost surreal. Thank god no one had yet invented a view-phone.

The conversation was still going on and I prepared for a lengthy wait. Coming out from under the covers, I grabbed the tube I'd brought for dessert and idly squeezed out an inch of yellow colored lubricant. Pushing the covers back on my side of the bed, I stroked it on my cock. Then licking my fingers, I squeezed out a little more and painted my nipples with the slick stuff.

Again I sucked the residue off my forefinger and smacked my lips. I was a pushover for banana. My other hand was still stroking my cock to hardness and this time, I bent my legs up and slipped the slick fingers over my balls and down past my perineum. Just thinking of where they were going next was getting me hard.

This time, I squeezed out almost two inches of ribbon lube and made sure my two forefingers were well slicked before heading south. I heard Clark hiccup once and his voice had a catch in it.

"Um, Mom, the movie just started. How about I call you tomorrow?" He pushed off the covers on his side of the bed as well and I saw that my little show was a definite turn-on. "Love you both. Bye."

He hung up and carefully put the phone back on the bedside table. "That was evil. Really and truly evil."

"I prefer to call it inspired. Got you off the phone, didn't it?" I was pushing both fingers in and out of the tight muscle that was slowly loosening in anticipation of what was to come.

And what was to come was growing very nicely at my side. Reaching over, I ran my slickened right hand up and down over his rising shaft. Oh yes. My memory had not played me false, he was big and getting bigger. His eyes were glued on my other hand and the way my fingers kept appearing and disappearing inside my body.

Reaching for the tube, I squeezed some onto his fingers. "Like to try it?"

He only hesitated for a moment before gingerly leaning up and over me. I pulled my fingers out and he slid his in, his eyes going wide as he felt how hot and tight my inner channel was. I was in bliss at the feel of those long elegant fingers moving in and out of my ass. Soon, I told myself, soon it will be Mr. Super in there and that will feel even better.

Moving a little deeper, he brushed across my prostate and I moaned. Clamping onto his fingers, I held him in place. "That was a good sound, Clark. You just hit my prostate and it felt wonderful. Warm and tingly. Try for it again... Oh yeah, that's it."

I was in heaven. Now he was between my legs and I had him hard as steel. "Okay, Clark. Fingers out and Mr. Super in. Trust me. He will fit."

"But won't this position be hard on you?" His worried voice and anxious eyes brought my attention back to him.

"Pull that pillow under my lower back... That's right. Okay, my back is supported. Get inside of me. Now!" I was panting and when I first felt that warm blunt pressure against me, I almost lost it right then.

But he was through the tight ring of muscle and waiting for me to tell him to go on. The pressure and fullness was almost too much but I worked at relaxing and reminding myself that this was Clark. My Clark. Even if he was only mine for a little while. And relaxing completely, he slid all the way in.

"Oh!" He choked.

"Yes!" I flexed my inner muscles and felt him gasp. Moving my legs up to his waist and clasping them behind his back, changed the angle and I felt a flash of warmth run through me like wildfire. "Okay, time to move, big guy. Slow and sure. Make me feel how much Mr. Super is enjoying himself."

He snorted in laughter. "Mr. Super? You are seriously insane, Jimmy."

Laughter works for me. A happy lover is one who will pound you until you scream with joy. He was a little tentative in his movements but I helped him with a little flexing and a lot of moaning until he sped up and improved his target hits to my prostate.

I was writhing on the bed and Clark's name was my mantra. My cock was caught between our stomachs and our sweat slicked skin was torturing it to overload. Electric shocks were zapping me like a high tension wire and I felt myself begin to tingle right into a power surge of giant proportions.

When I came to again, Clark was saying my name over and over. "Jimmy. Jimmy. Come on, Jimmy. Wake up."

My eyelids were like lead but my whole body thrummed with pleasure and I forced them open to reassure my frantic lover. "Clark. It's okay."

My hoarse voice got through to him. "You passed out. Did I hurt you?"

Of course, that's what he would think. "No, Clark. You didn't hurt me at all. I just overloaded on the pleasure. It's a compliment, love. Nobody has ever made me feel like that."

"Really?" He perked up.

If it had been anybody else, I'd be afraid of an ego burst but not my Clark. He was too unassuming to realize just how very special he was. He was softening and I knew I'd have to let him go. "Clark, we're going to seriously mess up one of these pillows when you pull out. Unless you've got some Kleenex near by?"

"Um, yeah. Hold on." He reached over my head to the bedside table nearest me and I felt him slip totally out, even though my grasping muscle tried to keep him in place. "Oh."

"Oh is right. Kleenex, Clark." The trickles were everywhere and I mentally consigned this pillow to the dumpster. I'd have to find another one to replace it so his mother wouldn't find out. He was running the Kleenex over my tender skin and it felt really rough to me.

"Oh, thank goodness, there's no blood." Clark sighed and I felt his hand shake ever so little.

"Clark, look at me." I waited until those shy eyes came up to mine. "You didn't hurt me. You gave me more pleasure than I've ever felt in my life. Trust me on this. Loving me will never hurt me."

When you decide this experiment isn't going to work and you go back to Lois, now that's going to hurt. Big time. I never was very good at protecting my heart. And Clark was going to rip it out and crush it with his super-strength without ever realizing it. But until then I was going to store up as many memories as I could.

"What if I lose control and use too much strength while I'm inside you?" He wanted to be convinced and I smiled up at him.

"Did you come when I did?" I waited for his nod. "That's the moment when you could have hurt me. Lost control. But you didn't. We both enjoyed it and neither of us got hurt."

He thought about it, while I carded my hands through his silky black hair. He was still between my legs, his arms bracing himself on either side of my chest. I noticed his nose twitching and realized that the banana lube I'd rubbed into my nipples was releasing its aroma between us.

"What is that?" He gazed down and tentatively licked my right nipple. "Bananas!"

"Dessert. I told you it wouldn't fill you up." I grinned at the delighted look on his face before relaxing under the moist assault of his tongue. I was beyond getting it up again in the immediate future but it was nice being tongue washed by a lover with a definite oral fixation.

We played for a while before he pulled me off the bed and into his giant bathroom. He had a great shower and lots of hot water so we took our time and played. Clark looks like a sleek seal when he's wet. I washed his hair for him and had him purring before I was done. He returned the favor and for a moment, I felt cherished and wanted.

But when we were toweling off, I came back to reality. "Um, Clark. I probably should go home since I didn't bring anything else with me to change into for work tomorrow. And I can't fly home at super speed." Trying to make a joke of a necessity.

He tilted his head to one side and I could see thoughts race through that brain of his. "You could."

I felt my heart sink while my mind whispered those negative little thoughts to me. See. Just a walk on the wild side and now it's back to normal. Probably can't wait to strip the bed and get rid of the evidence.

"Or you could stay the night. And we get up early so I can fly you to your apartment. You change clothes and we still have time for breakfast at the corner restaurant where we went last time. I like that idea better." He spoke calmly and drew me back to the messy bed.

What do you say when a dream comes to life right in front of you? "Okay. Sounds good."

Then you help remake the bed so you can crawl into a warm cocoon and fall asleep on a living breathing pillow. Tomorrow was looking brighter already.

End chapter three