Author: Athea (
Fandom: Lois and Clark, chapter 9
Date: 12 December 1999

I looked out over the city from the balcony wall of my grandmother's penthouse, watching the lights flickering on as darkness fell across the towering skyscrapers.

My grandmother.

Shaking my head in wonder, I thought back over the last week since we'd made the discovery of my parentage. I'd insisted on the blood tests being done more for my own peace of mind than for Mrs. Kenyon's. She was convinced with only the locket to go by but I needed more than that. My world had been shaken to its foundations by the violence and loss of control that came from being targeted for death. And now it was shaken by suddenly finding out that I might have family.

I needed to be certain about something in my life. The results had come back this morning. A 93% match between our DNA. Amazing in its own way. Usually the results would be in the 80's when looking for paternity and Mrs. K. was a generation removed from me. But she just laughed and said the O'Neill blood always came through.

So now it appeared I had a whole family to learn about and a ton of questions to answer both to them and to myself. But one of the biggest was my name. My license said I was James Harris Olson and that's who I'd been for the last 23 years. Okay, so I was named for the orphanage director's favorite baseball player. It was still the name I answered to when bellowed by Perry. Or called by SARA.

Or sighed by Clark.

So, I couldn't *not* be James but I'd never had any love for Harris and wouldn't mind losing that name. That just left Olson. I really didn't want to lose the Olson completely. But Kenyon was my mom's name and it would be kind of satisfying to have something of her and my grandmother to show the world where and who I came from. James Olson Kenyon. It had a nice ring to it. It's not like I'd ever be changing it again.

Since I couldn't take my lover's name or he mine.

Back onto the roller coaster ride that was my life, I sighed and pondered some seriously overloading. Shifting away from the stone wall that kept me from plunging 46 stories to concrete, I rubbed my aching shoulder. The stitches had been removed three days before but the sling was still an ever-present reminder that I needed to rest it more and stop pushing my exercises.

Had I always been this impatient?

Maybe. I just wanted my mobility back. And fresh air that wasn't filled with city smells. And Clark stretched out naked on a blanket. And something really rich and creamy spread all over him so I could take my time licking it off. Somewhere quiet where I could hear every moan and whimper. Someplace I could take him inside of me and ride him hard, shouting out his name when I came. I shivered in sudden need.

Was there anything more earthshaking than falling in love?

Quick, staccato footsteps interrupted my fevered imaginings and brought my head around to smile at my grandmother. "Hi, Grams. You're early."

She laughed and reached up to kiss my cheek, her lips petal soft. "I couldn't wait to get home to you, Jimmy. You're getting better which means you're getting restless at all this enforced leisure. So, after tea, I have a surprise for you."

I grinned and teased her. "What have you planned now? I bet I'm going to just hate it."

"Not telling." She shook her finger at me and chortled a little, taking my good hand and leading me inside for one of Cook's wonderful teas. She told me about my former neighbor, Mrs. Lambert, who'd been displaced when my blown up apartment had rendered the whole building inhabitable. Mrs. K. had found another ground floor apartment about two blocks away from her old neighborhood and settled her in with all her furniture and memorabilia.

If I ever got out of home protection, I vowed to go and see how she was. She was one of my very favorite seniors and it had been weeks since I'd been able to check up on her. My eyes watched the clock a bit since by now, Clark should have appeared. But the moments ticked by and no lover. My spirits took a little dive but I just reminded myself that he couldn't just stop working on a lead because it was time for tea.

Or me.

So, I rallied and answered her questions about my physical therapy session with Mike Flannery, AKA the Torturer. She probed for what he thought of my progress, smiling triumphantly when I admitted that he thought I was pushing ahead too quickly for the healing tissues. He'd forbidden me to do any more than squeeze my little red rubber ball.

"Well then, my little surprise should be just what the doctor ordered. I had a ... friend suggest that a little trip to the country would get your mind off your glacially slow progress." She exaggerated the slowness with a long drawn out gesture of her hands. "Ah, right on time."

A whisper of sound was the only hint I got, turning to see Superman land softly behind me just outside of the french doors. His blue eyes gleamed brightly and his lips curved upwards in a gentle smile. I had to catch my breath at the achingly beautiful man before me. Then, all of a sudden I caught myself sharply. *Damn, he's just a friend. Not Clark. Just Superman.*

"Now, dearest, be careful and don't overdo." She reached up and continued in a whisper. "Clark promised to take good care of you."

Pulling back to gaze into her wise eyes, I smiled in relief. "Thanks, Grams." She knew what I was really thanking her for. "Superman will see that I get back in one piece."

"Yes, Ma'am, Jimmy will be back before you know it. He has a session scheduled with SARA but I'll be sure he gets to exercise in the fresh air." Superman's deep voice promised all kinds of hedonistic delights and I was ready for all of them.

Kissing my grandmother goodbye, I fitted myself into Superman's embrace and held on with my good arm. And we were off to what he soon informed me would be the Cave of Silence. He told me that my grandmother had come to him and informed him in no uncertain terms that she knew he was Superman. He'd caved in immediately since he'd been struggling with the need to be open with her after we'd discovered she was my grandmother.

I just hugged him closer and whispered my thanks in his ear. He blushed and kissed me gently. Which suited my mood just fine. As long as we made love, I would take it long, slow and tender. I closed my eyes and snuggled closer, taking deep breaths of Clark-scented air. The trip seemed to take only an instant before we were landing on a stone ledge with the sun a giant ball of red setting to the west, just beyond the range of mountains that stood tall all around us.

Leaning back against his chest, I watched the sunset wrapped in his arms. Breathing deeply, I filled my lungs with fresh unpolluted air so strong I could almost taste it. The oxygen level must be higher here than in the city because after a few breaths I felt giddy, almost drunk. When the sun was completely gone, I turned in Clark's arms and laid my head on his chest.

"Thank you. I needed this. Needed you."

"You're welcome. I needed you too." He rested his chin on my head and breathed me in like I'd been breathing in the fresh air. "The only time I'm not missing you is when I concentrate very hard on what I'm reading. I keep looking up and expecting you to be there, bringing me a file or whistling across the room. The intern, Scott, is a nice kid but he's just so green."

"We were all green once, Clark. As slow as my body is healing, you may be stuck with him for some time." I sighed and rubbed my cheek against the big 'S' on his chest.

"What did Mike say about your session today?" His soft lips at my temple felt so good.

So, I told him and he listened intently while slowly mapping my face with his kisses. Such soft, gentle caresses that soothed and healed. When I finished, he brushed across my lips then settled in to taste me thoroughly. I felt as if I was floating in a sea of warmth and I never wanted it to end.

"Food, Jimmy. Mom packed us a dinner for six. She threatened me if I dared bring back any leftovers." His whisper made me laugh.

"I could eat. It seems to be all I do these days." I brushed a last kiss across his dimple and leaned back.

His look was shyly intense. "I promise you some exercise after we eat."

"Damn straight, lover. I have this fantasy of licking whipped cream off your body."

"Oh." He had that stunned deer-in-the-headlights look that turned me on so badly.

Taking his hand, I led us into the cave, stopping when the darkness overwhelmed me. He left me with a touch and I waited for the lights to bloom. The table was spread with a feast that made my mouth water. Of course, that wasn't all that made me lick my lips. Clark was busy undressing and that sight was enough to make anyone drool.

"Clark, leave those on. Please." He was down to his tights and the way the front was bulging, I could tell that he was ready for me.

He blushed but stopped when my hand touched his naked chest. He was always so warm and his skin felt alive in a way that I'd never felt before with any other lover. If that was the touch of alien otherness than I could live with it. Hell, I would savor it.

"Then you're wearing too much, too." His fingers stripped my vest gently over my bad arm and when he started to unbutton my shirt, I sighed at his heated touch.

"I'll give you an hour to finish that." I felt my knees start to give way only to have him catch me up and carry me over to the bed I remembered from last time.

"That's not enough time. I need a couple of days at least." He laid me gently down and moved to take off my shoes. "Besides, I thought that I'd lick a few things off of you too."

I shivered at the deep note of lust in his voice. My shy Clark was becoming more aware every time we made love. Thank goodness. He removed my pants, pressing light kisses down my legs as they slid slowly off. The ache that never went away was filling my body with the restless urge to mate and mate now. I moaned his name.

"Sh-h-h, Jimmy. I've got you." He drew my boxers off and then his mouth was right where I needed it to be. "I can see a tasty appetizer right here."

And I was laughing and groaning at the same time while he engulfed me in his warm wet mouth. His tongue swirled around the head of my cock and my hips thrust up even though I tried to keep them still. His hands slid over my stomach and up to my nipples where he proceeded to tease them into stiff peaks. I was moaning pretty much nonstop at this point and when he deep throated me, I sighed and let go. He sucked a little harder and I relaxed completely except for little twitches at each spasm.

He let me go slowly, my limp cock lolling against one thigh. "Well, that was a great beginning but now I really do need dinner. And so do you. You're going to need your strength."

I opened my eyes and matched his grin with my own. "I can see that, Clark. Did your mom pack any whipped cream?"

He blushed again. "Yes, she did. For the apple pie."

"Tough choice, big guy. Let's see. Apple pie or Clark?" I pretended to think while my good hand drifted down to brush against that intriguing bulge. "Hm-m-m, maybe both. Maybe I'll just use your body for my plate."

He leaned up and kissed me sweetly. I could taste myself on his tongue. When he pulled back, he was smiling again. "I think that's a great idea. Wait here and I'll bring dinner over."

My stomach growled and he laughed while he got up and walked over to the table. I hitched myself up until I was sitting cross-legged with my bad arm cradled against my stomach and the pillows piled up behind me. I was hungry. No, I was starving and not just for food. I watched every muscle move in synchronized rhythm above his waistband while his buttocks flexed beneath the tights.

It was suddenly very warm in the cave and I shifted slightly, my fingers sliding over my chest. He turned and took a deep breath when he saw me fingering my nipples. His hands shook just a little while he brought our dinner over to the bed. I beckoned him as enticingly as I could manage over the beating of my heart. I needed him so badly, I could taste it. Taste him.

He laid the heavily laden plates down on the bedside table before leaning over me and capturing my lips with his. We both groaned, I think. I wanted him inside of me so badly that I ached with the longing. He was being gentle and that wasn't what I suddenly needed. Moving restlessly beneath him, I jarred my shoulder when I tried to use both of them to move him where I needed him.

"Jimmy, please don't do that. You'll hurt yourself." His eyes were so anxious when they met mine.

"I need you inside of me, Clark. I need that more than I need food or air. Please." I was whispering while my eyes pleaded with him. "I'm so empty, Clark. Fill me up with yourself. Help me feel real again."

His lips caught mine and drank the rest of my plea. My good hand dove beneath the tights to the hard bulk that I craved, caressing him still harder. He pulled away, breathing heavily and pushing the tights completely off.

"Don't move. Don't help. Can you do that?" I'd never heard him so hoarse before and I just nodded while my eyes feasted on the thick cock that lifted towards me.

He fumbled in the drawer in the bedside stand and I could have cheered when he brought out the tube of lubricant. I wiggled just a bit and he admonished me with his hand on my stomach, stroking me softly. I sighed all over and felt him move between my legs. I've always been limber so it was no trouble at all to spread out and let him have access to all of me. His hands ghosted over my skin, tantalizing and teasing my inner thighs.

It was hard not to move but watching him look at his hands moving over me was starting to harden me again. Those warm fingers slick with lubricant made me tingle and when he moved them lower below my balls, I wanted to open myself further. Those long elegant fingers that breached my body with such tenderness were close to what I really needed. And when he slid deep and sparked the gland inside of me, I moaned to let him know he'd found the right spot.

"Jimmy." The hesitant note brought my eyes open. "This really feels all right?"

"It feels like heaven. And when you're inside of me, I feel like I'm ... I'm a part of you. Even if it's just for a little while." My good hand came up to cup his chin. "Trust me on this, it feels wonderful."

"Do you want to make love to me that way?" He could hardly say the words.

"Some day, when you want me to. But not right now, Clark. Now, I want you to slide so deep inside of me that you're all I can feel." I squeezed my inner muscles around his finger and watched his eyes widen.

"You're sure?" He went back to moving his finger in and out, adding another one when he saw me smile.

"Positive. Did you mind it when I put part of myself into you?" I could see he didn't understand so I feathered my fingers across his lips. "You just had my cock in your mouth. A pretty intimate thing to do with someone."

I could see his eyes crinkle like they always did when he'd just come across the trail of a news story. And he was pretty quick on the uptake because he sucked my fingers right into the hot moist mouth that I dreamed about when he wasn't there.

"See. Making love is kind of messy sometimes but it should always be fun." I arched a little when he thrust deeper, my little speech ending in a purr.

There were three fingers now and the unused muscles gave a little twinge that I ignored because it didn't feel that bad and I really needed him to fuck me. He'd let my fingers go and I slid them down his chest to his nipples that peaked for me before I could even touch them. So, I pinched the right one and then moved to the left while he kept on stretching me. But when I slid still lower and grasped his lifting cock in my fist, he gasped and did his own wiggling. "We need to get you flat so there's no pressure on your shoulder."

I had to agree with that so I left him reluctantly and pulled the pillows out from behind me. Some scattered to the floor but he caught one and lifted my hips to slide it under them. It meant he had to come out of me and I frowned at the loss, but then he was slicking himself down and I tried to be patient.

"Now, Clark. Please now." I really had been good for the last few weeks.

"I won't hurt you." His voice was so stern but it didn't matter because he was nudging me and finally I had him where I needed him. He popped through the outer ring of muscle and I felt every muscle go into spasm.
He seemed to know I needed a moment and stayed still for a long moment while I adjusted to his bulk. "Okay, big guy, time to move."

The long slide home felt so good as every inch forged within me. I felt a light sheen of sweat break out all over my body when he finally stilled. His arms were on either side of me and they'd gone rigid with the need to hold up the rest of his body. His gaze was hot on me and I met it with all the love I'd been saving up for him.

"I love you, Clark. Make me forget everything but you." I squeezed gently and felt him finally begin to move.

He was so gentle but it had been as long for him as it had been for me and I could see him lose the battle to prolong this bout of lovemaking. He sped up and lowered himself a bit so he could kiss me at the same time he slid in and out. I tilted my pelvis just enough to change his angle and felt myself begin to glow as the spark became a fire.

"Jimmy." He sighed against my lips and we headed straight into the maelstrom.

I released against his stomach while he flooded me with warmth. The man's a walking furnace and I've never felt so hot both inside and out. I felt myself relax into a puddle of satiated cub reporter. He held himself off my chest but just barely so I nudged him over to my left side. I followed him so I ended up plastered to his front while he stayed deep inside me.

We lay there, sharing our breath and gazing into each other's eyes. I felt connected to him and not just physically. Through all the turmoil and pain of the last few months, I finally felt as if I'd gotten back some of the control that I'd lost. The uncertainty of not knowing if Clark could possibly love me coupled with the knowledge that somebody wanted me dead had made my life hell.

But here was heaven and I could feel happiness spreading through my whole body. I kissed the shoulder beneath my cheek in gratitude. "Thank you, Clark."

"I love you, Jimmy." He kissed my temple. "I like making love with you. It makes me feel ..." he searched for the right words and I stayed silent. "It makes me feel complete."

"I know just what you mean, love."

Our stomachs growled in unison and I started to snicker. Soon we were both shaking with laughter and he slipped from me without even a twinge. We ate on the bed in picnic fashion and the whipped cream tasted even better on him than it did on the apple pie.

But then I knew it would.
End of chapter 9