Author: Athea (
Series: War God I, part eight
Sex, lies and alibis

Joxer got up quietly and puttered around the cottage. He didn't bother to dress. Ares was still exhausted from all the earth moving that he and his father had done the day before. During one awake period, he'd eaten some lamb and cheese and drunk a pitcher of water. He'd explained to Joxer that he'd taken two sides of the valley and Zeus had taken the other two while Gaea had gone down and opened up the fault in the earth. He and Zeus had acted to keep the quake contained within the specified limits, using their will to stop acres of earth from moving.

He admitted that it had used more energy than he'd thought it would. Kissing him senseless, Joxer had watched him go right back to sleep. More hot food had arrived in the last hour and he hoped the smell of the fresh baked bread would wake up the sleeping god. He was curious as to where they went from here in their search for the rogue god.

Turning to the fire, Joxer knelt to check the plant he'd brought back from Thessilonika. Adding a little water, he turned it and spoke softly. "I need you to grow big and strong, little one. You're my first addition to the valley. I hope you like it here. As soon as the ground's unfrozen, I'll find you a nice home outside and put you in the earth so your roots have lots of room to grow. You'll like the sunlight and the rain, too."

"I'll have to introduce you to Chloris, Zephyrus' wife. She's the best gardener I know on Olympus." The beloved voice sounded right by his ear while a familiar body blanketed his. Joxer felt his stomach clench in anticipation at the hands that ran lightly down his back and buttocks. The feel of Ares' legs between his made him shiver and the warm cock that nestled in the cheeks of his ass made him moan.

"She talks to her flowers as well. You've got the right instincts, Joxer." The sleep roughened voice poured over him and the raspy tongue that licked his neck made him arch into the body that covered him. "I wonder how they respond to moaning?" The thrust of oiled fingers within his puckered muscle drew a wail of need from the panting warrior.

Ares' other hand was pulling gently on Joxer's quickly hardening cock and it was all the tormented warrior could do to keep from beating his hands against the hearth stone before him. All he wanted was Ares inside of him and he wanted it now.

He didn't even realize that he'd said it out loud until Ares' husky laughter rang in his ears. "Your wish is my command, love." With one long thrust, he impaled Joxer and waited, pulsing within the heated sheath. Joxer could feel every inch of the iron hard cock that possessed him so completely. Almost, he could sense the veins that corded on either side of the shaft and the blood that flowed through them.

Flinging back his head and turning, he met Ares' lips with his own. His tongue mimicking the motion he wanted from the dark god, he pushed back and wriggled. Ares choked on his chuckle and with a slow slide out, surprised Joxer with a hard pounding rhythm that seemed to hit that mysterious pleasure spot inside him at every thrust.

It seemed more intense than ever before. Had Ares ever taken him so hard? The pleasure kept peaking higher until Joxer felt his consciousness begin to blur around the edges. But Ares was attuned to his every move, feeling him waver, he grabbed Joxer's cock with an oily hand and tightened his grip in a quick glide that had him exploding in pleasure.

One more thrust and Ares joined him, biting down hard on his shoulder and pouring his seed deep within the tender depths. Joxer would have collapsed on the stone hearth but Ares pulled him back and to the side, down onto the bear rug. Joxer waited for his heart to stop racing. Ares smeared Joxer's seed in teasing patterns on his stomach until Joxer caught his hand and stilled it over his heart.

"I love the feel of you inside me. Sometimes I wish you could stay in there forever." Joxer said dreamily, turning his head to try and see his lover.

"It would make working difficult but I'm willing to give it a try." Ares smiled down at him and rocked back and forth gently.

Joxer felt a familiar spark relight, deep with him. Eyes widening, he clenched his ass muscles and felt Ares swell within.

The dark god spooned behind him, tugging him impossibly closer and whispering in his ear. "We have great recuperative powers, you know. Stick with me and I'll show you pleasures undreamed of."

"Always." Joxer rocked with him and they climbed slowly, gently to another peak of pleasure then slid into drowsy contentment on the velvet soft rug before the warming fire.

Finally, they separated and Ares tugged him up and back into the spa. "It seems I was just here." He joked.

"It's been a full day and night, Arry. Do you remember waking up and eating?" Joxer scrubbed his stomach free of his drying seed.

Ares stopped soaping long enough to think a moment. "I remember kissing you and explaining about the earthquake. Even if I ate then, I'm starving now."

They finished bathing, dried off and went back to eat, wearing only their towels. Joxer loved the informality of being so at home that they didn't have to wear clothes. Ares ate a huge meal and lay back down on the rug to rest, tugging Joxer down with him. They cuddled and Ares sighed.

"I wish we didn't have to go back to Olympus. I wish this was a simple war instead of some rogue god's idea of a good time." His voice was wistful.

Joxer wondered if he'd heard correctly. "A simple war?"

Ares propped himself on one elbow and gazed down at Joxer. "Wars are releasers of great amounts of energy. Energy that the gods need to survive and keep on doing the feats that mortals expect from us. And that we expect from each other. It would be nice if the same amount of energy was released from making love. Unfortunately, death and destruction release ten times the power. Otherwise, I could be the god of love instead of the god of war."

Joxer traced the features that hung above him with a gentle hand. "I can't imagine more energy than what we just created a few moments ago."

"Ah, but we're special, Joxer. I don't think anyone in the history of the world has ever created this much energy." Ares caught his hand and pressed a series of quick, teasing kisses into the palm.

Joxer thought a moment. "In the whole history of the world?"

"Yep. The whole history." Ares smiled down at him.

"Well, that's all right then. So long as we keep on generating all this energy by making love, we'll never need to fight." Joxer reasoned.

"Never." Ares kissed him again and they lazily lounged before the fire.


So why was it, Joxer asked himself, remembering the conversation of the afternoon, we're fighting now? Well, not really fighting, just disagreeing rather loudly. While Zeus looked on judiciously, Ares was pacing back and forth, gesturing with both hands.

"There has to be another way. It's demeaning!" Ares' anger was palpable.

"Enough. We've been over this already." Zeus motioned Ares to a chair by Joxer. "Whoever the rogue is, he's moving very quickly. Whether or not he's ready to act, we don't know. We also don't know what his other element is."

He stopped to peer intently at the pair of them. Joxer nodded politely while trying to drag a thought out that refused to come to the surface. Something to do with the four elements. Earth, air, fire, water.

"We do know when the village was obliterated and within a two day period, when the farm was attacked. So, it's obvious that we need to check on alibis without alarming the rogue. But there are too many of them for Ares and I alone to check. Even adding Hera to the team won't allow us to cover all the ground we'll need to cover before he goes berserk again."

"So, we need to find at least two more gods who can not be the rogue to help us." Ares sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.

"And Apollo is one. I know exactly where he was when the village was destroyed. With me." Zeus shrugged.

"He's fire and air, anyway." Ares said gruffly.

"That's it." Joxer exclaimed as the errant thought that had teased him earlier finally surfaced. He blushed at the surprised look on Zeus' face. "Sorry, sir. But a while back Ares told me that everyone has two elements except for you who can handle all four."

"That's right." Zeus shook his head in perplexity.

"Did you always have control of all four?" Joxer asked.

"Gods! Of course! Joxer that's brilliant." Ares hit his forehead with one hand. "You added yours over the course of a millennia, Father. If it happened once ..."

"Someone has added a third element." Zeus looked shocked.

"By accident or a sudden explosion of power that awakened his third element. He played with it but kept it hidden from others. Now, he's trying to recreate or cause another explosion of energy to bring forth his fourth element." Joxer went carefully through his thinking.

Zeus looked angry. "So, he can challenge me for control of the gods."

Joxer nodded silently. Watching the others share an appraising look, he wondered what they would do now. There hadn't been a battle between the gods for generations. Ares could be in real danger. They'll have to come through me to get to you, love. He vowed silently, already planning to stick to Ares like glue. Coming out of his thoughts, he found they'd gone back to talking about which god to choose for the team.

"Your mother and I can handle the Asking. Are we agreed to check on Hephaestus?" Zeus patiently continued.

"Yes. I can't believe that my brother would be the one. He creates, not destroys." Ares shook his head.

"Ah, but the power to create something bigger and better is an urge that comes to us all." Zeus mused, his eyes looking into an unforeseen distance. "Just to see if we can."

Joxer wondered what urges the king of the gods had indulged and which ones he's decided against.

"So, it will be up to you and Joxer to ferret out alibis on a full time basis. The best way to do that is for the two of you to put on personas that the others will find non-threatening. Joxer has offered the perfect solution." Zeus paused but Ares remained stubbornly silent, his arms crossed over his chest and his face dark and still.

"Joxer will play the amiable clown that Ares has selected for a temporary paramour. And both of you will listen intently and steer the conversations to the days that matter. Simple and elegant."

"Joxer is not a clown." Ares said through gritted teeth with a glower on his face that might have scared his lover at one time.

"I've played a clown all my life. You're the first person who wanted to see what's underneath." Joxer placed a gentle hand on Ares' arm. "We'll know it's a ruse. When this is all over, they'll know it too. Being laughed at isn't going to hurt me."

"You know I love you and I would never ask this of you?" Ares relaxed a little, his hands coming down to the arms of the chair.

"I know. I'm volunteering for a good cause." Joxer smiled.

"And if anyone insults you, I'm going to pound them into mincemeat." Ares added calmly.

"Can I watch?" Joxer deliberately widened his eyes.

Ares and Zeus both burst out laughing. The tension in the room lowered and Joxer was finally able to relax. Even though the idea was his, he felt a little nervous about actually trying to interact with other gods, knowing what he did about one of them. What if he screwed up and the rogue god found out because of him?

"Won't happen, Joxer." Ares whispered, leaning across the arm of Joxer's chair. "You get a little worry line between your eyes when you are imagining the worst case scenario." He caressed the spot. "Aphrodite, herself, said you are smarter than most people give you credit for. The gods are not so different from mortals. They love, hate, fear, desire, all the same feelings that humans indulge in. This god wants to believe that he's getting away with it. He won't find out we're looking from you."

Joxer blushed at the compliment but his mind caught on something Ares had said. "Why don't we have Aphrodite help us? Especially at parties, she'd have the perfect cover. No one would suspect her because they're too busy looking at her ... um, beauty."

Zeus laughed and Ares coughed behind his hand but Joxer saw the smile in his eyes. "Once Hephaestus is cleared, we will invite her to join the team as Hep's partner. Hopefully, we will have time to cover all of Olympus before the next bout of trouble. Now, the two of you will need to stay here on Olympus until further notice." He quelled Ares' protest with a shushing hand. "I happen to know you have a perfectly good temple here that hasn't seen you for months, now. Your mother goes over there once a week and airs it out for you. I think she took over some new curtains, you might want to thank her."

Ares sighed and nodded. "Yes, Father. I know it makes sense but I don't like being so exposed right now. At least, I've got Joxer to watch my back."

And I've got you to watch mine. Joxer smiled and somehow knew that Ares understood exactly why he was grinning. Relaxing in his chair, he waited for them to finish fleshing out the plan, content to wait. I wonder what our new home away from home looks like.

Our home. It had a nice ring to it.


Ares watched the young man besieged by Muses. Sipping from his cup of nectar, he glumly contemplated the original plan, the altered plan and the plan unfolding before him. Who'd have guessed that Joxer would be such a hit with the goddesses? You'd think they'd never had a young, naive, sexy, shy, muscular, gentle ...

... Oh, Tartarus, who was he trying to kid, they were just responding to his sweet nature and his ability to listen to their blandishments with an unbelieving look of shyness that just spurred them to new heights of innuendo. He hoped Joxer didn't understand half of what they were saying.

Oh well, back to checking out Asclepius. His elements were earth and water and Ares knew him as a healer. But he still had to prove where he was at the time the village was destroyed. While chatting up the healer god, he kept a careful eye on Joxer, surrounded by adoring women. What if he wanted to experiment with women now? Can I let him go? Was I an aberration? Did I push him into a relationship that isn't really him?

It was extremely hard to concentrate on Asclepius' tale of an Oracle with a drinking problem who had started having seizures. But during the relevant time period, he'd been treating the drinker with a temple priest as chaperone. He made a note to check it out with Apollo and terminated the conversation as gracefully as he could. Getting more nectar, he picked a corner where he could watch the entire room. He was going to have a drinking problem of his own if he didn't get Joxer out of here with all body parts still attached.

Polyhymnia, the Muse of geometry, had her arms entwined in Joxer's and the rest of her body pressed tightly against his. Ares felt his blood grow hot and the vein in his forehead begin to throb. He wanted to go over there, rip her apart with his bare hands and heave the parts to the four winds.

"Arry, honey, you've got to get a grip." Aphrodite's sweet tones came from beside him.

Turning to her, he narrowed his eyes and hissed, "I know exactly what I'd like to get a grip on."

"You mean who, don't you? She hasn't got a chance, handsome. Joxer is yours, body, mind and soul. From what I could hear of their conversation, he's picking up love making tips guaranteed to make this a night you won't forget in a hurry." She giggled. "For supposed virgins, those girls sure know an awful lot of kinky stuff."

"What?" Ares was having a hard time comprehending her words.

"You haven't been standing here worrying about him leaving you for one of them, have you?" Her eyes widened at his sheepish look. "Oh, Arry, you must be in love. You're nuts if you think he's going to go after second best when he has you."

"He's so young. I feel like a cradle snatcher." Ares muttered. "He hasn't really had a chance to be with women before."

"Hel-l-lo. Earth to Ares. He's 28, lover. While not the most experienced guy, he did have one very brief affair with a good time gal named Meg. But it was pretty much of a 'slam-bam, thank's Joxer, don't let the door hit you on the way out' kind of affair. Since he's been with you, he's been romanced, seduced, his other virginity taken care of, cherished, protected, loved ..." She let her voice trail off suggestively.

"Are you sure 'Dite? I don't want to stand in his way. What if he has dreams of a wife and child? I can't give him that." Ares hadn't even realized he'd had all these insecurities inside him.

She grew serious, not something he'd seen much in her. "He may. After all, you have children. In time he may want one of his own. But by then you'll be secure enough to let him take a mistress and have his child. Who you will both proceed to spoil rotten."

"I don't spoil Harmonia." He protested at her rolled eyes. "Not much, anyway. All right, 'Dite, you've made your point. I'm just anticipating the worst again."

"And you do it really well, Arry, but you need to let Joxer have a little fun. He'll come back to you. Just tell him you love him and trust him. Then, remember to actually trust him. I think you've got the love part down pretty well, already." She laughed up at him. "Actually, he's casting a rather jealous look over here right now. Remember, he knows we have a history together."

"Named Harmonia." Ares turned casually and draped an arm over Aphrodite's silken shoulder. "She's the one who picked out his outfit tonight. Where did she find it, 'Dite?"

They both contemplated the skin tight red leather pants, tucked into soft black leather boots. His red silk sleeveless shirt was slashed to the waist, exposing the dark curls on his chest and barely concealing his nipples. The red silk ties on both biceps moved seductively with every gesture, drawing attention to his sleep muscles and gleaming ivory skin.

"Wow!" Aphrodite's eyes widened. "It just screams 'fuck-me-now' doesn't it? She and I are going to have a little talk when I get home. He looks great."

"It was all I could do to keep my hands off of him." Ares admitted. "Why are you here, 'Dite?"

Aphrodite laughed then turned serious. "Hephae and I just had a little talk with Zeus. Who is cleared?"

Ares quickly filled her in on who he'd questioned that evening and who'd been cleared the day before.

She nodded and cocked her head to one side. "You're assuming that the rogue is a 'he' because of the power involved. How sure are you? We have some pretty powerful ladies on Olympus."

"Come on, 'Dite! Slaughtering women and children?" Ares shook his head.

Playfully, she tapped him on the cheek in a mock slap. "Don't ever underestimate the ruthlessness of the female, Arry. We can be extremely devious and quite cold hearted when we need to be. Just something to think about, handsome."

"If we come up empty, then we'll consider it." Ares' eyes narrowed as he caught sight of Erato, the Muse of love poetry, snuggle into Joxer's other side. "That's it!"

Aphrodite giggled continuously in his wake as he charged across the room, scattering the other guests with a scowl. "Sorry ladies, it's time for Joxer's nap."

Detaching the two Muses, more gently than he wanted to, he bent slightly and threw Joxer over his shoulder before winking them both back to his Olympian temple. Joxer sputtered incoherently, his eyes flashing when Ares gently set him back down.

Keeping a light hold on the angry warrior's upper arms, Ares hung his head. "I'm sorry. You were making me insane."

"I was what?" Joxer half-shouted.

"I was so jealous of Poly and Erato, I wanted to rip off their arms and beat them to a pulp." Ares sighed.

"Jealous?" Joxer squeaked.

Ares nodded, keeping a careful eye on Joxer's face. "First it was the, how did 'Dite put it, the 'fuck-me-now' outfit."

"What?" Joxer looked down at himself, flushing a little.

"We almost didn't make it out the door when you came into the room. But Harmonia was there and she's the only thing that saved you from having me tear it off you and burying myself in your sexy body." Ares tried a weak smile while beginning to move his hands slowly up and down the firm biceps.

"You're kidding?" Joxer remained unbelieving.

"Then it was all the women rushing you. While I was clearing three gods, sixteen goddesses propositioned you. Sixteen." Ares sighed heavily.

"Seventeen, actually. If you count Demeter offering to help me with my garden." Joxer's voice was solemn but his eyes were beginning to twinkle.

"Wonderful." Ares narrowed his eyes but rejoiced at the crack in Joxer's facade. "Then when you danced with Terpsichore . . . I know she's the Muse of dance but I thought I was going to have to throw a bucket of cold water on the two of you."

"She is a really good dancer. Inspiring, really." Joxer defended her, a small smile quirking up the corners of his mouth.

"So, were you. Where did you learn that pelvic thrust that made her moan?" Ares was genuinely curious.

Joxer shifted a little closer and initiated a small bump and roll. "Like that?"

"Oh, yeah." Ares felt his whole body tighten in anticipation.

"From you." Joxer leaned closer yet and slid his hands around Ares' waist. "When I'm flat on my back ..." a thrust, "and you're deep inside me ..." a slow slide across Ares' hardening cock, "and I want to get," another minute thrust, "closer."

"So, your ability to dance erotically is really my fault?" Ares murmured against the satin skin of Joxer's throat.

"Completely." Joxer dropped his head back and pressed a little closer. "You don't have to be jealous, Arry. You are all I want. All I need."

Ares nibbled down the long neck, lapping the sweat from the hollow at the base of Joxer's throat. "And you are all I need, Joxer. I love you so much that it scares me."

Joxer pulled back a little and kissed his cheek. "I am not leaving you as long as I live. The women are fun and it's kind of nice to be popular for once but I'm just a novelty because I'm with you."

"No. It's more than that. You're gentle, sexy, warm and every woman there wanted to share that warmth."

"Well, they wouldn't have gotten a chance," Joxer chuckled, "even if you hadn't carried me off. We must have looked pretty silly."

Ares just smiled and went back to following a bead of sweat under the shirt to a small brown nipple. He was pretty sure that silly wasn't the word that was being used at the party right that moment. Sex crazed was more like it.

They undressed each other slowly, leaving a trail of clothes as they made their way to the four poster bed hung with heavy white velvet curtains. Joxer pushed Ares back on the bed and crawled over him, making sure that he rubbed all over the dark god's sensitized flesh.

"Don't worry, Arry. Trust me. I learned a lot tonight." Joxer's smile could have lit the temple with its mischievous radiance.

Ares flashed on what Aphrodite had told him earlier and smiled. "I do trust you, Joxer. Do your worst."

"Oh, no, Arry. Only the best for you." Joxer ran his hands slowly over the body lying spread-eagled before him on the bed. "Close your eyes and hold onto the bars on the head board. I want to touch you without you touching me."

Ares' active imagination ran wild immediately and he hastened to comply. It felt odd to just lay there and let Joxer have control but he was determined to prove his trust. Without his eyesight, all his other senses heightened. He could feel Joxer near by but the other man didn't touch him for long moments. Small rustlings sounded from the side of the wide bed then, at long last, something touched him.

Soft, trailing strands of a wide ... ribbon? It flowed from shoulder to waist, sliding tantalizingly over his nipples and tickling his stomach.

Joxer's voice was almost a whisper, tracing the ribbon's path with his breath. "You have no idea how beautiful you are. All the women may have been hanging around me but every time you moved, their eyes followed you." His tongue reached out and lapped once at the left nipple. "You looked so hot tonight. All brooding and passionate." He moved to the other nipple and his teeth tugged gently.

Ares was going quietly insane wondering where he would go next and what he would say. Joxer's fingers trailed lightly down his sides, raising goosebumps in their wake while his teeth continued to tease at the hardening peaks. Then, the ribbon was back wound loosely around his cock, the ends dangling down to tickle his balls every time his cock jerked.

"You moved like a panther stalking his prey. Only I knew who your targets were. Each woman there was hoping it was her." A silken touch came and went with maddening regularity and Ares finally realized it was Joxer's lengthening hair brushing so tenderly against his skin. His tongue was laving around his ticklish navel and Ares couldn't help wriggling.

"So strong and graceful. I kept remembering what it felt like to be in your arms while we danced. All that power held in my arms. They were all waiting for you to ask one of them to dance but instead you just kept on talking." Joxer's hands were positioning his legs further apart and Ares could feel the heat of his body moving between his thighs, the curls on his legs brushing against the tender flesh.

Those strong hands traced intricate patterns on the skin, reducing Ares to a quivering wreck, aching for those hands to move to his cock. But instead he got a hot gust of air on the sensitive head, making him grip the two bars above his head more tightly.

"Sometimes I'd catch you watching me and those leather pants told me exactly what you were feeling. I caught Erato licking her lips over the bulge I could see growing there. All I could think was 'too bad', I was the one you were going home with." He gently rubbed his cheek over Ares' cock and the rough pre-beard rasped across the delicate skin, making the dark god moan and shiver.

Ares wondered if he'd remember to hold on to the headboard when Joxer pulled the ribbon slowly tighter and the dark god swelled larger in reaction. It was almost painful and it jumped in reaction when Joxer's hands unexpectedly pinched his inner thighs. Ares' hips twitched and his balls tightened.

A warm, moist tongue gently bathed his balls and Joxer sucked the delicate balls into his mouth one at a time, rolling them tenderly with a raspy tongue. Ares moaned pitifully and he felt Joxer chuckle like a miniature earthquake through his body. When the twin sacks pulled tighter, the young man released them and moved away.

"Not just yet, Arry. The girls were very graphic about what they wanted to do to me. I took a lot of mental notes. I figured if they could do it to me, it would feel great to you. So, hang on and enjoy." Joxer's tones were mischievous and Ares chuckled while taking a firmer grip on the wood posts.

Slowly the ribbon unraveled and freed his aching cock but not for long. Joxer's mouth carefully descending over the flaring head, his tongue poking into the slit. Ares couldn't help arching his hips towards that wet heat. Joxer's hands held him down and the mouth stretched around him, slowly inching down the rising flesh. At the spot where he usually had to stop, Ares felt the tongue flatten and the talented mouth continued down until Joxer had deep throated his entire length.

He paused and Ares tensed, unwilling to move and risk gagging his young lover. Then the mouth was moving back up to the head, massaging the cock with little tongue flicks that made Ares moan again.

"Oh, gods, Joxer. Do that again." He begged, moving his head back and forth blindly on the pillow.

He laughed out loud and flicked his tongue just under the now weeping head. Ares gritted his teeth and just hung on. Joxer began the long descent down, moving more quickly now, his tongue darting along the vein that ran along the side of Ares' cock. Each lick turned the heat up in Ares' body, a hum of desire throbbing through him.

With his entire cock lodged deep in Joxer's throat, he felt on the knife-edge of desire, straining for completion. Tender fingers rolled his balls together and apart, while the other hand flattened out over his sensitive stomach muscles. And then Joxer swallowed once, Ares thrusting up with a shout.

Two more swallows and Ares pulsed out his life force into Joxer's keeping. Quivering, Ares lay bonelessly while Joxer gently sucked him dry. The dark god felt every movement as his young lover moved up his body and settled at his side. His arms felt leaden but he managed to bring them down around the solid body and hug him close.

"What about you?" Ares rasped, one hand moving down to Joxer's hip, only to find a spent cock nestled against his hip. Forcing his eyes open, he sent a questioning look at the man in his arms.

"You looked so sexy when you came, I did too." Joxer smiled sheepishly, licking his lips and stroking a hand across his chest.

Ares captured it and kissed the palm lingeringly. "I love you, Joxer. I'll try not to be so jealous next time."

"Oh, I don't know, Arry. It kind of turned me on." Joxer yawned into his shoulder with a sleepy chuckle.

"Sleep now, love. Tomorrow, we'll go hunting again." Ares rubbed his cheek against the silken hair and tugged over the blanket.

"Love you, Arry." Joxer sighed and snuggled closer.

Ares pulled the covers up over them and closed his eyes contentedly. They hadn't found the rogue yet but they would. Tomorrow was another day.

End part eight