Author: Athea (
Series: War God II, chapter 16
Date: 4 June 2000
New Birth

Iphicles felt so relaxed that he wondered why. It had been months since he'd slept more than five hours at a time and he'd never awakened feeling rested. So why, now? He opened his eyes and saw the familiar ceiling above him, heard the familiar sounds of his guards on the walls above him, sniffed the familiar hot bread fresh from the ovens, felt the same old sheets beneath his body ...

Whoa, he thought, bringing his gaze down to the reason he couldn't move his left arm. Not familiar at all, he smiled down at the golden hair spilling over his shoulder. Apollo had been so tired the night before, Iphicles had simply picked him up and carried him to bed before crawling in beside him. And if the kiss they'd shared on his parapet was any indication, this could be the best wake up call he'd ever had.

Apollo had one arm and leg slung over his in unconscious possession. They hadn't bothered to undress before falling asleep but Iphicles could see the long legs stretched out alongside of his and even through their tunics, an early morning erection was drilling into his left hip that had promising dimensions. Suddenly, he wanted to see him naked so he could explore the god's skin.

All over. Everywhere.

"Iphicles, what are you thinking so hard about? Your thoughts are loud enough to wake the dead." A sleepy voice sounded under his ear and he looked into blue eyes that were still blinking open.

"Sorry, I didn't realize they were noisy." Iphicles tried to quiet his thoughts but didn't have a clue how to do that.

"Naked is good." Apollo waved his hand and both sets of clothes vanished. "Oh my, yes. Skin is much, much better."

Iphicles slid to his side, facing the bright god so they could kiss. Apollo still tasted faintly of the wine from the night before and the dark king's tongue entwined with the other that explored his mouth with fervent strokes. Only the need to breathe brought them apart and Iphicles thought he couldn't get more breathless.

Only to find he was wrong. Apollo slid through his arms like quicksilver, leaving a trail of moist kisses down his chest, past his navel and directly to his cock. All the air in the room left in a whoosh when he felt those warm lips slide over his aching organ taking him in right down to the groin. He groaned, stroking the silky hair under his hands and saying Apollo's name in breathy little gasps that he'd never heard from himself before.

"Apollo ... Apollo ... oh my god."

The bright god released him for a moment, using one hand to continue the glove treatment while the other rolled his balls back and forth between strong fingers. "I hope I am, Iphicles. Your god, that is."

"Always." The dark king opened his eyes with an effort and gazed into the uncertain blue eyes of the god who'd changed his life. "Always yours for however long you would like me to love you."

"Always sounds just right." Apollo said with a shy smile. "I'd like always."

"You've got it." Iphicles vowed and wiggled just a bit at the knowing touches. "That's not all you've got."

An urchin grin crossed the handsome face and Apollo went back to trying to suck Iphicles cock straight down his throat. The king had never reacted so quickly to a lover and he would have thrust up if Apollo hadn't kept his hips down with his own body. He felt hot all over and when one of those strong fingers stroked behind his balls between his cheeks, he felt himself boil over with a muffled shout.

Apollo drank him down like his favorite wine, each pull sucking more from him. Iphicles felt all his bones melt into the sheets and his hands fell to the sides because they no longer had the strength to hold on. After a long moment while Apollo made sure that no seed had escaped him, he felt the god slide on up to take him into his arms.

"You didn't finish." He muttered and tried to open his eyes.

"What did I leave undone?"

Iphicles' hand found enough strength to reach up and grasp the long, thick shaft of the bright god. "I've got an excellent place for this."

Silence and the dark king opened his eyes to find a trace of indecision on the god's face. "We don't have to hurry, my king. There will be time later."

"But I'm impatient and I'd really like to know what it feels like to have you inside of me. So deep inside that I'll be able to feel you tomorrow. Stretching me so wide that I won't be able to sit on that throne without a cushion. Riding me so hard that I'll be split open by this great ... big ... thick ... cock." He stretched his words out and watched the deep blue eyes turn almost purple with passion.

"Your wish is my command. But not here." Apollo clicked his fingers.

Iphicles held on and risked a look around the new room. Another snap and candles lit all around the large bed they reclined upon. The room was draped in large tapestries of deep blues, greens and reds, depicting the history of Olympus. But the curtains around the bed were bright yellow gauze that looked light and airy while the bed linens were crisp bright white sheets that felt like silk beneath his skin.

"Where are we?" He asked, gazing into the blue eyes of his god.

"My temple on Olympus. Is that all right?" He sounded too diffident to Iphicles and the dark king cupped the cheek leaning over him.

"I love you, Apollo and where ever you are is fine with me." He pulled him down into a kiss that quickly turned heated. When they pulled apart to breathe, Iphicles smiled. "Beside, I plan on making a lot of noise when you love me and this way I don't have to explain anything to my staff."

Apollo laughed out loud and slid from the bed, holding out his hand to the king. "Good. I look forward to making you ... moan. But I feel grimy and we could both do with a wash. Come with me?"

"Excellent. I hope we don't have to share it with anyone." Iphicles slid across the sheets and onto the cool tiles by the bed.

"Just you and me, Iphicles." The god drew him through another pair of yellow gauze curtains into a white and gold spa of marble. Water was already pouring into a huge tub from a spout shaped like a playful gold dolphin. Even the soap was yellow and the pale golden oil that Apollo poured in immediately tinted the water to gold.

Iphicles felt as if he was surrounded with sunshine and when he stepped down into the pool, he realized that he was under a skylight and the early morning sun made everything glow. When Apollo joined him, he was almost overcome by awe. His hand came up to trace the winged eyebrow that arched above the bright blue eyes.

"Finally, I know what sun-kissed really means."

His answer was a deep kiss while strong hands splashed water over his body. They soaped and cleaned each other with playful touches and cleansing strokes. But when the touches became caresses, Apollo drew him from the pool and dried them with a snap of his fingers. Walking hand in hand, they went back to bed.

Iphicles felt completely relaxed, sliding onto his stomach and stretching his body across the soft sheets. Turning his head, he regarded his lover. "I'm ready for you, Apollo."

"Not yet, but you will be." The bright god knelt by his side and ran a gentle hand down the broad back before him. "You are so beautiful. When I saw you re-roofing that house for one of your subjects, I thought that you were too handsome to be real. I'm so glad that this problem finally brought us together."

Iphicles blushed a little under the admiring gaze and he shivered when the caress slid over his lower back and down his cleft. But the hand was warm and the touch light so he relaxed into it, squirming a little and moving his leg so Apollo had better access. The sound of a cork being removed opened his eyes again in time to see the god pour a golden stream of oil over his hands.

Hands began to massage his back and Apollo moved between his legs to get more pressure against his spine. "Oh, that feels so good. You have a healing touch."

"So, I've been told. I learned this years ago but I rarely get to practice any more. Just relax and let me make you feel wonderful."

"You do that just walking into the room." Iphicles sighed and pillowed his head on his arms. "When I see you arrive, I feel like all the weight has been removed from my shoulders."

"You bare the burdens of ruling well. My father likes that in his kings." Apollo moved lower and now Iphicles felt firm thumbs move down his buttocks into the crease.

All the heat seemed to center in that tingling area. Iphicles was not a virgin to male loving but instead of a fuck-buddy on some war field, this was the god who made him feel young again. When the first finger breached him, it felt like all the air had been removed from the room. He clenched against the intrusion automatically.

"Never any pain, Iphicles. I won't hurt you." The finger began to retreat and the king moaned and clenched harder.

"No, don't leave. Just give me a moment. It's been so long that if feels like the first time." He made himself relax. "It's been such a long time since I shared my body with another. Never doubt that I want this. Want you."

Soft lips brushed against the nape of his neck and he felt the warmth of Apollo's hands go back to caressing the crease. This time when two fingers slid inside, he accepted the fullness and groaned when they slid deep and touched that magic spot inside.

"The spot is actually a gland that all men have. When it's stimulated, it sends pleasure all through out your body." His words accompanied another nudge and Iphicles felt his skin flush with heat.

His cock had hardened to the point of pain and when the third finger was added, he found himself rocking back for more. Apollo's removal was greeted with a moan but strong hands on his hips brought him up to a kneeling posture. The warm blunt intruder that next forged inside made him break out into a sweat. Apollo sank into him like a hot knife through butter. Iphicles' back muscles rippled at the feel of the warm body pressed behind and inside him.

Panting helped to ease the pain and when he finally brought his head up, Apollo kissed him awkwardly before he began to move. This was what he'd remembered about the sex on a battlefield, the long glide out and the thrust back in that tingled throughout his body. But this was better because he could feel the caring and love that Apollo gave him with every caress.

"You are so hot and so tight, love." The bright god was speeding up now, hitting the gland with every ounce of strength he had.

Iphicles was keening now, babbling Apollo's name while asking for harder and deeper strokes. His blood was boiling and when he felt his cock clasped in a hot callused hand, he gave a great shout and began to spurt out his seed into the milking grasp. Behind him, he heard Apollo groan and a flood of hot liquid bathe him internally. Spasms wracked his body and his elbows unlocked and sent him face down into the mattress.

For a long moment, he could only breathe while his muscles stopped quivering and his hands stopped shaking. The welcome weight of Apollo was plastered all along his back and soft lips were kissing a path of fire across his shoulders. The god was still deep inside of him and for a moment, Iphicles wished that they could stay like this forever.

"My dearest love, I've never felt like this before." The soft whisper in his ear brought his head to one side so he could reach those tempting lips. But the angle was all wrong and he whimpered with the need to kiss Apollo. "Sh-h-h-h, Iphicles, hold on."

And Apollo was pulling slowly out and leaving him empty. His need brought him onto his side, arms reaching for his lover who was there instantly to hold him in his arms. Taking his mouth in a searing kiss of passion that seemed to only be smoldering beneath their skin, Iphicles reveled in the feeling of belonging.

They feasted on each other for long moments when they only moved apart to breathe and find a new place to stroke. But Iphicles felt his hands tremble and knew that Apollo had felt it too when he laid the king on his back and snapped his fingers. The warm wet cloth that appeared cleaned him and then Apollo was pulling up the soft warm blanket over them both.

"Sleep, my king. We'll talk later. I've got you now and I'm not letting go."

"Love you, 'Pollo." Iphicles heard his voice slur the words and the god's chuckle by his ear.

"I love you too, Iphicles. Sleep now." The soft words sent him asleep instantly.


A clap of what sounded like thunder blew through the room like an explosion.

"Apollo, get your ass out of bed and get over to Aphrodite's. Oh hello, Iphicles, sorry about that." Ares was looking rather wild eyed and only half dressed. "She's gone into labor and she wants both you and Asclepius."

"What time is it, brother?" Apollo yawned and slid out of bed to walk naked to the wardrobe. "How far apart are her contractions?"

'Um, I don't know. She just yelled in my ear and ripped my shirt in two." Ares was looking a little calmer but Iphicles didn't like the appreciative look he was giving Apollo's shapely backside.

It was a delectable sight but Iphicles was suddenly sure that he was the only one who had the right to ogle it. Sliding out of bed, he made sure his body obscured his lover's from the god of war's sight. Apollo turned with a questioning look and handed him a shirt.

"Ares, stop ogling Iphicles' ass and get back to Dite. She's going to need your strength. Where's Joxer?" He handed Iphicles a pair of pants before sliding into his own.

"She had a death grip on his arm that may take an army to unlock. We sent Harmonia to Hestia's temple for the duration. I vaguely remember that Dite's language degenerates the longer the labor goes on." Ares ran a shaky hand through his dark hair. "Hurry, please."

"We'll be there in a moment, Ares. Go back and let her get a death grip on your arm. Remember that you're equal partners in this one."

A thunderclap was the only answer and Iphicles finished dressing in a pair of boots that Apollo materialized for him. "Why are he and Joxer equal partners?"

"Somehow the little minx got both of them into bed and managed to conceive twins. One belongs to Ares and one to Joxer. It's a first for Olympus, that's for sure. I didn't ask if you wanted to go?" Apollo paused.

"Would I be of some help? I don't know much about the birth process." Iphicles felt uncomfortable but determined to help if he could.

"She'll be drawing energy from everyone there, including the mortals. Some of the gods and goddesses will be popping in and out during the delivery to give her an energy boost."

"Then I'll come and help." Iphicles hoped he'd kept the quaver out of his voice.

Apollo kissed him hard and snapped his fingers before the king was ready. They appeared in a room swathed in pink. The harsh panting from the bed brought his eyes to an Aphrodite that he'd never seen before. The blond laughing goddess had been replaced with a woman in agony. Her sweat soaked hair was pulled away from a face contorted in pain. She had Joxer at her back holding her in his arms with Ares gripping her hands in his.

Finally, the spasm ceased and she fell back against her human backrest. "Damn, I'd forgotten how much I hated this part. Apollo, it's about time you got here. Iphicles?"

"Dite, how far apart are the contractions? Ares didn't seem to know."

"Ten minutes apart." Joxer said quietly while he passed a cool cloth over her forehead.

"Are you and Iphicles a couple? Did it finally work?" She ignored the questions about the labor and concentrated on Iphicles.

"Yes, Ma'am, it did work if the eleven War Lords were your doing."

"Well, of course they were. I worked really hard on those. Not to mention while one of them was traveling to Corinth, she fell in love with someone on the way. I've got to check on them after I have these ... oh." A look of pain tightened her mouth.

"They're getting closer. I think they're as impatient as their father."

"Hey, I'm not impatient. Much." Joxer was holding her again and Iphicles could almost see the energy pouring from him into her.

"Sure," Apollo was checking between Aphrodite's legs. "I meant one of their fathers. You're coming along quite nicely, Dite. I'd say that if Asclepius doesn't get here soon, I'm going to get to deliver this little pair of hellions."

"No typecasting, 'Pollo." Ares growled half-heartedly, his eyes never leaving the goddess's contorted face.

"Of course not." The bright god materialized a basin of steaming water and a stack of white towels. Motioning to Iphicles to hold onto the basin, he checked again. "Almost there, love. These little ones are in a hurry to be born."

"Just like their fathers." Aphrodite panted and relaxed from the grip of the contraction. "Do they feel all right, Apollo?"

He placed his hands on the swollen flesh of her abdomen and Iphicles could see a pulsing light beneath his fingers. "They feel fine. They're moving to get into position and I think that ... yes, it appears that Ares' daughter is demanding to go first."

"Really?" Ares perked right up and beamed at Aphrodite. "You keep giving me the most beautiful daughters, love."

But she was in the grip on another contraction and Iphicles saw Apollo's hands move lower. "Push, Dite. Push really hard, right now. I can see her head. Push for me."

Iphicles could see her face contort with effort as her body obeyed the ancient command. He saw a dark head crown at the impossibly small opening and felt the energy pulse around the tiny new goddess. Aphrodite fell back with a cry of relief and Apollo cradled the baby in his hands.

The king shook out a cloth and soaked it in the basin of water. Wringing it out, he wiped the birth blood from the small scrunched up face. Apollo tied off the cord and handed the newest goddess to her father. She seemed so tiny in Ares' large hands but the tenderness on the dark god's face was one that Iphicles doubted many had ever seen.

"Oh, Dite, you do good work, love. See how beautiful she is." Ares crooned the words to the baby whose little hands were flailing against the cooler air of the room.

Aphrodite beamed at her new daughter. "She is indeed, love. We do good work, I have to admit. Oh, I think her brother is in a hurry to come out too. Oh-h-h-h."

Ares quickly handed the small goddess to Iphicles who had a towel in his hands and thus found himself cradling a small goddess with an extremely healthy pair of lungs. She resented being handed off so abruptly and decided to tell everyone so. He was so busy juggling her and trying to quiet her down that he almost missed the crowning of a second dark head and the delivery of Joxer's son.

The young god cried lustily while Apollo cleaned him and cut the cord. Iphicles saw that Joxer was crying quietly with his arms around the exhausted goddess of love. Apollo laid the little boy on her stomach and Joxer reached out a hesitant finger to stroke his cheek.

"I'd have to say that the three of you all do excellent work. These are the prettiest babies I've delivered in a long time." Apollo was tidying away the afterbirth and Iphicles saw that golden glow again which he'd come to understand meant that energy was being transferred from one god to another.

In fact, all five of them were glowing faintly and he hastily brought the fussing goddess to her father. Ares smiled his thanks and laid his daughter next to her brother. And when Apollo stepped back from the bed, Iphicles was waiting for him, drawing him into his arms and trying to send his own energy into his lover.

Apollo murmured his thanks and held his hands to his chest to keep them there. A flash of golden light and Iphicles saw Zeus and a small woman appear by the bed. Zeus cast a quick smile to the pair of them but then his full attention went to his new grandchildren.

"Ares, Joxer, they're both beautiful." The woman crooned gently to the babies.

"They are indeed, Mother. Perhaps you and Father would be willing to take them for a moment while we get Aphrodite comfortable." Ares smiled into her eyes and Iphicles realized with a start that the small woman must be Hera, Queen of the Gods.

Apollo reassured him with a look and Iphicles tried to hide behind his lover, hoping that she wouldn't notice them. Ares picked up the goddess of love while Joxer scrambled off the bed so they could change the sheets. Zeus was cooing to the small child in his arms and Iphicles had a sudden picture of the most powerful god on Olympus playing 'coochy-coo' with his granddaughter.

Once the bed was changed and Aphrodite settled back in against the pillows, Joxer sat on one side while Ares sat on the other and they both accepted their child from the doting grandparents. The tired goddess could hardly keep her eyes open but she sent a smile to the foot of the bed.

"Thanks, Apollo. I don't know where Asclepius got to but I'm glad I didn't have to do it on my own."

"Oh dear, I forgot to tell you. Chloris decided to give birth tonight too. We have two new little zephyrs on Olympus now. I expect he'll check on you later." Hera clucked and hovered over Ares' shoulder.

"And Iphicles, I appreciate your help, too. Now, take Apollo back for a nap. He gave me most of his energy."

"Yes, Ma'am." Iphicles managed to smile before Apollo snapped them out.

"Take me to bed so we can go to sleep and wake up to make love again."

Iphicles hugged him close and followed him to bed. He was looking forward to tomorrow for the first time in a very long time indeed.

End chapter 16