Series: War God 2, chapter six
Date: 17 October 1998
By Athea

Hestia popped into Ares' power storage and breathed a sigh of relief when she checked the two still figures. Good color, unimpeded breathing, warm to the touch. All in all, it appeared they would be out of this coma in no time at all. Starting a fire to bring the temperature up in the cool cavern, she snapped her fingers and produced a nice soft featherbed to cover them. Taking a last look around, she smiled fondly at her favorite nephews and popped back to Olympus.


Harmonia materialized two days later and checked her father and his lover. They slept still but they'd pushed off the featherbed and she recovered them. Pressing a kiss to each warm forehead, she whispered softly, "Sleep well, Daddy. And you too, Joxer. Everything is going really well. Everybody has enough power now to get back to work. Grandfather and Grandmother are back and everything is under control. So, take your time and heal." She smiled down at them. "I love you both."


Ares floated in a sea of gentle warmth. He knew he'd have to wake up soon but for right now, he was just too comfortable to move. A familiar weight on his left arm reminded him that Joxer was with him. His comfortable presence filled him with a tender heat that pulsed deep within his soul. Soon, he'd awaken so he'd have the pleasure of watching his lover sleep but not right this moment.


Joxer stretched a little and wiggled his foot. If his eyelids didn't feel so heavy, he'd open them to greet the new day. It felt like he'd been asleep forever but surely it hadn't been that long. He could feel Ares' warmth all along his right side and he smiled in anticipation of waking up his lover for the first kiss of the day. Soon. After a little more snoozing.


Ares opened his eyes and wondered for a moment why he was looking at the stalactites hanging from the ceiling of his power storage. Then his mind flooded with memories and he immediately pulled Joxer closer while he noted the fire and the fluffy cover. His lover murmured something in a husky voice and buried his face deeper in his shoulder.

The god of war replayed the events of the last few days. At least he thought it was only a few days. It didn't feel like the last time when they'd been out for almost three weeks. Some of the feelings were hard to pin down, his memory was hazy in spots. Now, he just felt achy like he'd been in one position too long.

Checking the power levels around him brought his thoughts to a sudden halt. His power storage was full to overflowing, a virtual cauldron of steaming energy. Casting his awareness out into the valley, he found the power everywhere. Chuckling, he felt the earth tingle with fertility and the urge to grow.

He pulled his mind back to the young god in his arms and a sudden urgent need of his own. With a quick flex of power, the feather bed was under them at the same time their clothes vanished. He cast a quick early warning net about the cavern so no one could pop in and interrupt them. Then, he began the touches that would bring Joxer awake.

First, he ran his hands lightly over the glowing body before him. Checking for any damage from the Chaos energy. But the warm skin was intact, a veritable feast for his touch. Soft and hard, satin smooth flowing into clingy curls of ebony black. All the textures that he'd come to recognize as Joxer.

Lowering his head to the broad chest, he inhaled deeply. Even though it had been several days since he'd bathed, he still managed to smell fresh albeit stronger than normal. Scents of skin and sweat, an intoxicating blend of spices that made up the unique combination of Joxer's personal aroma.

Licking one brown nipple gently, a star burst of Joxer-flavor exploded on his tongue. Suckling at the hardening nub, his fingers came up to tweak the other. When he had them both peaked and glistening wet, he moved slowly down the arrow of curls that led to his groin. The meal changed in a dizzying array of different tastes while he nibbled his way down the tempting body of his lover.

The scent was strongest at his groin, the tastes also. Eyeing the hardening cock surrounded by the coarser dark curls, he grinned. Presentation was everything. And his banquet just kept getting bigger and bigger while he blew a hot breath across the crimson head.

"Ares." Joxer sighed, still half asleep while his hands came up to cradle the dark head between his legs.

"Joxer." Ares licked up the large vein from the base to the tip of the flaring treat before him. One hand moved to play with the rounded balls that hung low like a bunch of grapes, while the other moved lower to play with the sensitive skin between the two cheeks that swelled like ripe melons against the featherbed.

"Yes-s-s-s." Joxer moved restlessly against the silk beneath him. His wine dark eyes were open now and they gazed down at Ares with a sultry look that riveted the dark god with need.

Engulfing the tasty organ with one swift movement, Ares swallowed once and felt Joxer thrust up helplessly. Beginning a low hum that he knew would send his lover crazy, he tongued the shaft that filled his mouth and throat. Oiling his hand with a thought, he thrust two fingers inside the tight hot sheath and began an internal massage to go along with his oral manipulation.

When he felt the balls tighten, he pinched hard at the base of Joxer's cock and slowly let it slide free of its moist haven. A lush groan and Joxer's anguished, "Ares!" echoed through the cavern.

Pulling his lover towards him, he positioned his oiled shaft at the puckered entrance and began the long slide home. Joxer's hands slid up his arms and his long legs wrapped tightly around his waist. Pausing a moment to savor the sensation of being surrounded by his young lover, he locked gazes with him.

//I love you, Ares. It looks like we survived after all.// Joxer's cheerful accents laughed quietly in his mind.

//I love you too, Joxer. Can you feel the energy?// Ares started the rhythmic glide in and out that would bring them both the most pleasure.

//Just you, love. I only feel you.// Joxer was restlessly moving in counterpoint to the thrusts while his hands gripped his shoulders tightly. //Yes!//

Ares felt the spark light a fire in his lover as if it were himself. The inner muscles milked him steadily with their tight grip and the dark god moaned along with Joxer. They moved in synchronization towards a common goal of complete fulfillment. Sweat pooled in the hollow of Joxer's throat and Ares lapped it like a giant cat. His thrusts deepened and he felt his nerves begin to tighten.

Joxer rolled his head back and forth and his strong grip pulled Ares down to his chest. Their lips met in a tender kiss while their tongues mated in a mirror of their bodies. Tingles raced through nerve endings like lightning and Ares felt the beginning storm thunder through his veins like wildfire.

Joxer arched towards him and he felt the ripple of his orgasm begin to flood through him. The muscles around him tightened down to the point of pain and Ares felt his own release flash out into Joxer's safe keeping. They lay panting, bodies quivering with the aftershocks and their souls entwined in floating bliss somewhere only known to them.


Hestia sent a tendril of power to Ares power storage only to be stopped cold at the cavern walls. Smiling, she withdrew and began planning a welcome back banquet for her favorite nephews.

End chapter six