Harry Potter and the Child of Love

I swore that I wouldn't do this. But then I saw the movie
and my fertile brain went berserk. It has everything to do with the actor who portrayed Him.
The Him, of course, is Severus Snape, Potions Master.
His Muse is quite insistent.
Copyright is held by J. K. Rowling (long may she write)
and this small story brings no reward but the joy of writing.
It is slash between two consenting adults.
There are mistakes. I wrote too fast.
If egregious errors pop out at you, let me know.
Nicely, please.
If any of this squicks you, then hit the back button immediately.
You have been warned.
Chapter one, Harry Chapter two, Severus Chapter three, Harry
Chapter four, Severus Chapter five, Harry Chapter six, Dumbledore
Chapter seven, Severus Chapter eight, Harry Chapter nine, Hermione
Chapter ten, Severus Chapter eleven, Harry Chapter twelve, Severus

I had an inspiration this week and here is a chapter that fits quite nicely between chapters 8 and 9. Third month, Severus

Another Muse bit me hard this month and I found myself writing Severus and Hagrid. I'm still not sure why but here is the Forbidden Forest.
Part 1-4
Part 5-8
Part 9-12
Part 13-16
Part 17-20
Part 21-24
Part 25-28
Part 29-32
Part 33-36
Part 37-40
Part 41-44
Part 45
Part 46

Ahem, I'm not sure where this came from but was it fun to write!
What is it now?
Do I look fat in these pants?
Will you still love me tomorrow?
Is he supposed to look like that?

Heed the warnings, people. This is a roller coaster of epic proportions.
Little Miss Mary, part one
Little Miss Mary, part two
Little Miss Mary, part three
Little Miss Mary, part four