War God I
The original series

As some of you may know, Kevin Smith died today. There will never be another Ares quite like him. He was a great actor, loving husband and father of three. He'll live on in reruns and fics like these. I miss him all ready. 2/16/02
Blame it on the mistletoe(1) Solstice Dance(2) Belonging(3)
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow(4) A Day of Strife(5) Prelude to War(6)
Journey to war(7) Sex, lies and alibis(8) Musing of a Rogue God(9)
Elements of War(10) Musing of a Rogue God II (11) Consequenses of War(12)
Musings of a Rogue God III (13) Guises of War (14) Allies (15)
Battle Stations (16) Gathering of Allies (17) Interlude (18)
Musings of a Rogue God IV (19) Opening Gambit (20) Pawns (21)
Challenging a King (22) Queen Besieged (23) Checkmate (24)
Aftermath (25)