Athea's Slash

I believe in love and tenderness in all its forms.
I also love kindness, especially to those
who irritate you the most.
And if world peace could be achieved by writing
about it then I would sit down and start.
The Greek myths are in the public domain.
Anyone can write about them and these are my versions.
The idea, original characters and stories are mine.
Please do not contravene my copyright.
My Sherlock Holmes saga is over on my other page.
Should you wish to read them, please write to me.
**Remember that some of these stories have same-sex couplings**
What's New?
Atlantis Rising, missing scenes
updated 17 Sep 2000
Battlestar Galactica
updated 19 Nov 2000
updated 1 Sep 2002
Harry Potter
updated 23 Dec 2006
added 6 Aug 2000
Jonny Quest
updated 26 May 2003
Kung Fu, the Legend Continues
updated 25 Nov 2001
Lois and Clark
updated 31 Dec 2000
Lord of the Rings
updated 18 June 2005
Magnificent Seven
Modern Day - ATF updated 28 Oct 2006
Magnificent Seven
Old West updated 28 April 2007
Man from Uncle
updated 18 Aug 2001
Miscellaneous fandoms
updated 28 Feb 2006
The Nancy Drew Universe
updated 21 Feb 2007
Phantom Menace
added 10 Jun 2001
created 24 Oct 2003
Stargate SG1
updated 16 Aug 2007
Star Trek, Voyager
updated 4 Nov 2000
War God I
added 18 Mar 2001
War God II
updated 1 Oct 2000
Wild Wild West
updated 6 May 2001

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