These fandoms are experiments in writing that didn't
develope into series, the way so many of my stories did.
So sit back and take a chance on one or two. <g>

This movie could give war a good name.
Lovely men and bountiful action and a mythology open to
some interpetation. After all it's the winners who write
the stories afterwards. I decided to change the myth a
bit. And you know me, I couldn't resist throwing in the
gods I've written about before. So you'll recognize some
of them from War God I and II. Enjoy!
What the Gods Desire, part one
What the Gods Desire, part two
What the Gods Desire, part three

The rapport between Frank Black and Peter Watts
just screamed - write me!
Part one
Part two

A friend introduced me to several episodes of this
wonderful series and I immediately started
writing but never got further than this
one story that was published in
an Australian zine.

I tried a couple of different voices before I
settled on Ares and Joxer. This
story is the one that
started the series
War God I.
The Baths of Eros

Beauty and the Beast
(the TV version)
I adored this show, at least the first three seasons,
but when they killed off Catherine after torturing
her for three or four shows, I pretty much gave
up on it. However, a friend bet me that I
couldn't slash the big guy and I said
'au contraire'. Here's Strength.
Part one
Part two
Part three

Horatio Hornblower
I haven't got a clue where this came from. I was minding my own business when
this show came on the TV and I was sucked willy-nilly into a new fandom.
The Muse is particularly insistent that I start this one.
So, here's: Shore Leave

Part 1, Horatio Part 2, Sir Edward Part 3, Lady Jane
Part 4, Horatio Part 5, Sir Edward Part 6, Horatio

This was an odd little story that I couldn't get out of my mind
until I wrote it. Let's just call it Hopefor now.

It's a death fic and while I don't do them
often, I do occasionally have to
write one. Sorry.